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A legend like her is treatet this was by that fattass SOB Powar.
And what was BCCI doing? Seeing her record, she was omitted from the semis FFS.

Shame on Indian cricket

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Both the men and women team of indian cricket have such bad coach
How can they do something like this to a player like her

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I agree on the men's part. Can't stand shastri. I'd prefer a foreigner like tom moody if not an Indian guy


Not about foreigner or indian but atleast someone who can contribute to the team shastri doesn't do that

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I haven't followed the case, but from the looks of it mithali has every right to express her dissent. It's good of her to come out so strongly unlike a former South African cricketer who used to cry and wail like a kid in tough situations and lacked any sort of guts too.

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How Dare This Ramesh Powar Treat Legendry Mithali Raj Like Him.

Ramesh Powar Has Zero Achievement In International Cricket And He Has The Audacity To Misbehave With A Legend Of Not Just Indian But World Cricket.

Strict Punishment Must Be Given To Him.

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Yes shes a legend and just look at her record and that average. Shes a gem of a player and a nobody like Powar is getting the responsibility of coaching the team that plays international games?

This is surely a big stepback for the women's cricket. What will the world say? They will start to laugh at us just like they about everything else.


Yes Im Very Angry On That Powar He Is Himself A Failed Cricketer And Then He Is Insulting Mithali Who Is Among Greatest Female Cricketers.

He must be banned from coaching any team!

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