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In one side- there are content based films like badhaai ho and stree...In other side- there are craps like race 3, TOH etc...Which side will zero join? Or will it open a miraculous club like Joker, Ra.one, RGV ki aag, marigold, love story 2050, Drona etc?
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I answered the same on another post, zero will either be very very big or it shall go bust. Srk has taken a big risk here.... Himself playing a dwarf and the heroine is suffering from cerebral palsy.

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Very unfair to put Ra.1 Here

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Where is jab harry ???.........

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The reviews forced me not to watch the movie...So I don't know how bad it was...


So you've watched joker,ra.one,aag,marigold,LS2050 and from????????????


Yep...I've watched all of them...Because that time reviews were not common things like today...I even liked marigold and vfx of ra.one...But in reality most of them were way below expectations and disaster also...


Oh grand salute!!!

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I'm hoping it joins Stree and Badhai Ho, but I think it'll join the league of JHMS. not in terms of collection but in terms of how the movie itself is.

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Abbey dimag khrab ho gya h kya?

Hv u seen jhms? Its a disease! No future movie of srk will b as bad as that. Agr ALR sote sote v movie bnayi hogi tb v 100 gunna badhiya hogi usse. If it's ur jinx then go onn but ZERO will b at least 10 times more entertaining than jhms


bro, seriously bata if Imtiaz has ever made a movie even 50% as bad as JHMS? He's the same guy who made entertaining movies like JWM and LAK, and introspective movies like Tamasha, Rockstar and Highway, phir bhi banayi na JHMS ussne?

and I think Zero will be on that same path. scenes will not have flow to them, dialogue delivery will not be natural, the movie will have an off feeling from the start.

plus I don't believe in that jinx crap. I say what I feel. I will be more than happy to be proven wrong.


Always trust the director nd most importantly his current form n in the zone touch.

Imti lejhand last 3 films b4 the "disease" - tamasha highway Rockstar (non of them HIT nd neither universal)

ALR - Twm Raanjhanaa Twmr (all of them HITS nd universal in appeal)

So i will go with The DIRECTOR n he z in the form. So expect atleast a good film which z visible from trailer nd first song.

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Bhai, you ask and choose the best answer within one hour so that none other replies you. So that's the reply, no one else will reply you.

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