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Presenting the official poster of RACE 3 Family.

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266 views asked Mar 25 in Movie Discussions by playboy Production Accountant (28,897 points)
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I disagree.. Race 2 was not third class, it was second class and also mildy watchable with good skin show.

..and also ur inner salman fan is expecting a bhai typical shirtless scene and u hope for a first class product?

@charlie runkle .. so a shirtless action scene will last for what 2-3mins max? That defines the entire product? Don't think so. Fans demand for a shot of him shirtless, just a glimpse of it in TZH proved it & none of it in Tubelight also proved the very opposite.

Race 2 was crass. Pointless objectification of women throughout the film with no character graph whatsoever is anyday "worse" than couple of mins of Salman's shirtless fight which atleast happens to give the film it's "climax".

Race 2 had a ghastly screenplay which made you pull your hair from it's roots throughout. It was that level of worse. That justifies my usage of third class. You can survive a bland screenplay (like those of routine commercial fares) but not like Race 2 where it takes itself way too seriously when clearly it shouldn't.

Agree with Suhas. Race 2 was damn crap, except for Deepika Padukone

7 Answers

+3 votes

its a good poster...salman khan mmovie posters have always exceeded my expectations...
i think they will release the teaser of the movie as well..... may be a month from now.

answered Mar 26 by Grand Nova Star (148,507 points)

Teaser wil come on april 10 or 15 then wont take month gap..

+2 votes

Laajawab! Zabardast, Zindabad

answered Mar 26 by Ajay Casting Director (16,435 points)
0 votes

More like, who needs enemies when you have people who make such posters?

answered Mar 25 by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (203,738 points)

This race looks inter racial.. salman musalman hai , Jacqueline Christian aur baaqi Sab Hindu?

Sikander kahan Musalman hua?

Waise bhi toh Salman half Hindi, half Muslim hai na. A reason for bha-akts to not attack on full force.

Sikandar is mostly a muslim name ..from sikandar lodhi to sikandar shah suri to sikandar asaf jah (the third Nizam of hyderabad ) and it was mostly used by kings and it's Persian/urdu name given to Alexander the great..

0 votes

Looks good. Hope they focus on the backstabbing family, and keep comedy out.

answered Mar 25 by mr.hola Unit Manager (39,769 points)

..after the trailer, if i sense that there is no skin show then I will be skipping this film.

"keep comedy out"

That would scare everyone involved in the film & as well as majority audience coming to watch on EID.

Going by the characters, let's hope for lesser Punjabi jokes that's all. Still wondering whether Sonakshi is there for only "comedy"?!

0 votes

This family must be a muslim family. 6 bhai behenn

answered Mar 25 by Charlie runkle™ Director (121,849 points)
0 votes

The poster is good. But I hope remo and Salman remember yuvraaj also had a family involved who dint like one and another

Make em bad and cunning. I know with Salman on board he has changed things a bit in this franchisee. I hope the essence stays intact.

answered Mar 26 by Intense Producer (117,336 points)
0 votes

Salman looking good and Daisy looking pathetic

answered Mar 26 by Rancho Production Accountant (25,703 points)

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