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Source Link: https://mobile.twitter.com/taran_adarsh/status/1065850406280953856
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One of my most awaited movies of next year. Hope it turns out good.

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She is beautiful. And I like KA more than some of these new star kids

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Looks great. Karthik is one lucky SOB.

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careful there.. Grandie was banned just yesterday


Lol if I get banned for such silly thing I'll never come back. This forum has become crap coz of these people banning for silly reason.


It's the context. Grand Nova was banned for abusing Aishwarya.. that ban was justified.

Rule clearly says no abusing then no abusing. Don't think that is silly.

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waaahhh suhas sahabb...waaahhh.
callinng an actor a bit.ch will get you banned .... for almost two weeks....
but calling some actor son of a bit.ch will not harm you.....

BTW im talking about this answer of this sanal guy under this very post.... remind me again..how many days did this guy get banned????

and you were the one pushing red button on me.
salman khan fan ho k salman khan fans ko attack karte ho...waahh
apni diplomacy akhir dikha hi di tumne.

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The great Grand Nova is back. I don't understand the block and ban policy in this forum too. I still don't know why I also got banned few days ago.


So u want me to get banned lol. BTW my comment wasn't intended at all, just was sarcastic unlike yours.

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