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India’s touring a depleted Australian side and some people believe that they’re favourites to win this time. But India being India, may find some other reason to lose but thats just a cricket fan in me doubting because they had the best teams to tour SA and England but somehow they didn’t win.

Now even if Indians do manage to beat Aussies at their home, people will say they beat second rate Australian team. And if they lose, well the same thing will be said to humiliate them further! Anyway I want them to thrash Aussies in all the formats!
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If India wins, people will say India beat a 2nd rate team - Exactly

If India loses, people will India lost to a 2nd rate team - Exactly

And If India beats Australia in T20s & ODIs, even then it won't be that big thing because Australia has been trash in Limited overs cricket in recent times.

Every point is clear cut, nothing can be explained further, nor there is any point of explaining further.

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I am confused.....you gave a genuine answer?

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T20's and One days are going to be evenly matched
Any team can win both the series but test series i still believe india will find a way to lose somehow

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yeah eventually they will find a way... they will win some sessions but lose the match

that has been the story


Yup they just find a way to lose even from a winning position

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Is Australia going to play with 9 players only?

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Let me make one thing clear my friend. Australia without Smith and warner is no 2nd rate team. We still have to deal with starc, Hazelwood, Cummins and Lyon. Their quick bowlers have that extra pace which is very handy on surfaces where there is no movement. My take is simple. India can win the t20s and odis. But they are in with a tough time in tests. Except for kohli, all indian batters are walking wickets overseas

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