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Saket Chaudhary director of Hindi Medium thanks Aamir khan for opening new markets & given plateform for smaller release to reach bigger audience....

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Good Luck With Hindi Medium. May Aamir, Yet Again, Bless An Indian Film's Run In China.

answered Mar 19 by Rajat Production Accountant (28,320 points)
selected Mar 21 by deepak_bishty
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We are privileged to witness a rare gem like Aamir Khan. Bas he needs to keep doing one big movie every year and fans will stay happy.

answered Mar 19 by Intense Director (127,859 points)
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aamir khan never opened a damn thing... both dangal and SS worked in china only because of woman empowerment.... the whole wave of woman empowerment that came in the last 3-4 years... with the weinstein scandal only fueling this thing...
i mean the guy was trying for 15 years .... why it didn't happen for him before!?!??!
he is unknown in china.... TOH won't even get a release date in china.... and even if it did due to dangal girl (same happened with SS) ... it will be a total washout there. unless again its about women empowerment .... !!

in comparison to all that... just look how Bajrangi performed there....

1st movie of salman khan ... opened bigger than each and every aamir khan movie.....
3 years old...and why would people be watching that movie when they have the Bluray print available....
because before that.... only mediocre stars were being present in china.... but not anymore ..

answered Mar 20 by Grand Nova Star (154,224 points)

Ya just like Bajrangi Bhaijaan team use Aamir name & video to promote Bajrangi Bhaijaan in China , reason we all know in China Bhai was is & will remain unknown star because developed country hai people prefer their own cars instead of autos & rickshaw..
Bring a bhaifans you knows very well all the fundas of self trolling so keep continue your phutiyapa..

damn ... you just can't stop copying me.... ok answer this.... a question.... more of a fill in the blank thing...

   ___   bishty doesn't have his own stuff to come up with thats why he copies wulfic.  

your options are

1) - Yes
2) - No

Grand (r is no use for you) , well I expected such nonsense from you as I believe you don't have anything now for arguement so Mr bhagodhe loser do some bakc...I under my comment and I am always here to slap your ...
Is Grand nova like slaps on his dirty face.
your options are
3.He is habbitual

there is nothing to be ashamed about the face that ur fav actor is a criminal..... it's a fact bro

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Since lagaan, Aamir is the only Indian star who has taken Indian cinema forward and gained respect globally.
Biggest megastar of East.........

answered Mar 18 by kashyap123 Second Unit Director (76,998 points)

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