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+3 votes
335 crs..!!

Strange, it didn't even look like a movie of 135 crs budget, but whatever..!!
in Movies by Mega Star (213k points)
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Undoubtedly biggest disaster of all time.
Almost 200cr difference bw budget nd nett.

9 Answers

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Best answer

Waiting for aamir fans to still comment yrf is in profits

by Assistant Director (45.3k points)
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+3 votes

Thugs of Hindustan ka intezaar to 26 countries ki audience kar rahi hai, but toh ko dekhna mushkil hi nahi, namumkin hai.

by Star (140k points)

Hrithik Roshan fan ka aisa behaviour...???.. Haha.. Hajam nhi Ho rha..


Bro I am joking. In fact toh aur Mohenjo daro dono ko jhelna namumkin hai. Don't take all this seriously. Enjoy.

+2 votes

Cost Of Production - 260 cr
P & A - 20 cr
Aamir Khan Remunaration - 55 cr
Total - 335 cr
Nett - 140 cr (Expected)

Dis. Share - 70 cr Max.

Around 335 - 140 = 195 cr difference

Biggest DISASTER of All Time.

by Production Accountant (28.4k points)

You know reality should be around 120-125, but we follow BOI so 140-145..!!

Disaster in any case.

+2 votes

Budget 335 crs and boxoffice collection=145crs..biggest disaster ever.

by Production Designer (12.5k points)
+1 vote

Budget 335cr
Domestic share 65-70cr
Even China looks to be on commission basis according to latest reports, so yrf is far away from recovery point.
Victor ne honeymoon mein kuch jyada hi paise uda diye, 260cr cop mein Rajamouli 2 baar Bahubali banadeta.

by Unit Manager (32.2k points)

Bro kya ye sach hai ki toh commission basis par hai ya wo $20 mn wali news sach hai?


No 20M MG wali news sach nahi hai, it will be a profit sharing release


Maza aa gaya.

+1 vote

Must be some mistake... 335 shankar ya rajamouli ko dete toh bawaaal macha dete woh....

by Unit Manager (34.6k points)
+1 vote

335 cr budget, 140 cr lifetime. Joins the elite club of Bombay Velvet, Blue, Love Story 2050, Marigold, RGV Ki Aag etc

by Star (148k points)
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+1 vote

Very high budget...

But where it's did not look like 100 cr budget... material..

Big disappointment..

by Assistant Director (48.7k points)
0 votes

Aamir himself in an interview confirmed that it is 200cr...

And why do u belive BOI now?.I mean after day 1 50cr+ u were the one who was shouting it's fake and yrf paid money.
Now again u turn?

by Second Unit Director (77.4k points)

Ha bro 200 cr keval production cost hai aur wo bhi 40 cr alag alag desho main shooting ka rebate aane ke baad. BOI hamesha rebate bhi add karta hai kyunki wo bhi to kharcha hi tha pahle to baad main rebate hua. uske baad amitabh, aamir remunaration bhi add karta hai BOI. So 335 cr right hai.


Aamir takes profit sharing, he said it umpteen times. If the movie doesn't work no profit that's it.
He doesn't load the producer, that was the main reason for Hr's exit.


Hahahahahaha hasi aa rahi hai jab kuch na samaj aaye to defend karo aur BOI ko charsi bolo.