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Agar yeh best answer nahi huwa toh, dekhlena...

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That's only the following for Salman, movie wise it had nothing that can be seen on tv again and again.

by Director (127k points)
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Sooraj- Salman combination,why not?

by Assistant Director (55.7k points)
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Yeah, great, now we need another Salman-Sooraj combo movie

At worst should atleast cross "Cancelled Shows Of Hindostan" at Box Office

by Mega Star (208k points)

Look Who Is Talking About Show Cancellations

Its 1st Time Such Thing Happened To Aamir In Multiplex Era

Srk Films Shows Have Been Cancelled So Many Times That Its Tough To Even Remember All Of Them




Yeah but SRK is human and he makes mistakes.

How come God Of Bollywood is getting his movie's shows cancelled, afterall BB2 was supposed to be history after TOH.


Well srk fans Also Call Srk God And According To Them He Has 3.6 Billion Fans He Is Biggest Superstar Best Actor His Films Are All Time Classic With Best VFX Still He Has To Face All This



@Rancho atleast use pics which you can troll with.
Fan - Its photoshopped version of that Dilwale pic. Look at man reflection
Raees - This was BMS mistake showing Raees show on 22nd Jan 2017 when film released on 25th Jan. People booked and those shows were never there.
Dilwale - The show in that centre were cancelled due to protest for full week. Not in shortage of audience.

–1 vote

and yet some people say it had negative WOM.

by Assistant Director (44.3k points)