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You could state the moments in life compared to moments in the movie too. I am sharing few of those movie moment which I felt happened exactly in my life:

1. Dead Poet's Society: I used to be the studious one in my class, and guys took me to a dance bar where naked girls were dancing. I thought there is next discipline in the world too...

2. DDLJ: It was my first Goa trip, and I along with my classmate missed our bus. We had to spend the night together in a single room because of budget constraints. She fell in love with me the other day, and we had to book flight ticket to Delhi for her too asking my dad. I faced even the "bra situation" then in the hotel room. The girl is still a close friend to me but I never any feelings for her. Whenever I see DDLJ, I remember the same night.

3. Tere Naam and Devdas - I watched the movie when we had a break-up, we because she is my wife now. I cried a lot feeling the world died for me and she died too, but she came back when Devdas released. I was an engineering student and a drunkard then.

4. Baghban - I really felt a lot for my parents, father specially; it got me into tears... I used to be a spoiled brat, I understood what my father has been doing for me only after the movie.

There are so many of them. Movies seem to me like a part of life, similar moments happen in life. A person likes this and the next likes that because of their upbringing and the life that they have experienced.

Why do we still fight for our stars? Why do we get angry with eachother? A good movie is always a good movie, and a bad one can't be turned into good no matter how much we advocate for it... These things aside, let's share our experience...
in Opinion by Camera Operator (8.4k points)
100% Accept Rate

I will be expecting 30 downvotes from some fanbase, but it's ok...

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A bit of tamasha, a bit of jhms too(I know it's a weird one and I am not a tour guide either)

by Star (143k points)
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If TAMASHA had not been the first 45 minutes, it was a good movie. Had Lucky Ali singing too...


how JHMS....??....interested to know if its not a personal story

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My life is part 3 idiots.. part tere naam....

Love and friendship is the most important thing to me

by Unit Manager (35.3k points)

Watch Dead Poet's Society. It's similar and yet far better than 3 idiots. Yeah life sometimes feels like movies...

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for me it is wake up sid except that I have not changed unlike the character in the film

by Location Manager (6k points)

From wake up sid everyone moves on to gadar and damini and ghatak.

+1 vote

I connect somewhat to every character who feels lonely and is misguided in life.

by Assistant Director (49.6k points)
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"rockstar" = girl out of my league, like way too out of my league.... i got infatuated with her.... like totally enamored ....continuously approached her(totally harmless)...only plus for me from rockstar...word got out , they thought im a predator.... i got charged with sexual harassment ...... head of department , management committee sat down, round table, me in middle to decide weather to expel me... HOD told me to let him do the talking... got saved on final warning ...we were not rich so had i been expelled that would have been it for me... totally finished...didn't tell parents... i swore to myself i wont repeat this mistake..... after that, the girl felt empathy for me but i backed off... she got married not long after that to a guy living abroad....

by Star (154k points)

That is a movie script in itself.

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