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Aamir Khan: Never felt like a superstar! In my head, I’m just a creative person

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Actor Aamir Khan, who is currently shooting for his next film, Thugs of Hindostan, gets talking about his films, massive fan following in China, box-office clashes in Bollywood, his birthday plans, and more. Aamir will turn 53 on March 14, 2018.

While we’re still discussing Rs100-200 crore films as benchmarks of success, Dangal and Secret Superstar have already made Rs2,000 crore and Rs750 crore in China. Explain the phenomenon.

My popularity in China happened by accident. Not many people know that it all started with 3 Idiots (2009), which reached Chinese homes through piracy. I guess they really related with the subject of the education system. Then they followed my work, including PK, and even the TV show Satyamev Jayate. When Dangal released in China, they already knew me and my work. Also, the reason why the films did such business in China is the sheer number of screens. In India, we have around 5,000 theatres, while in China there are 45,000. Even though there isn’t as much difference in the population of the two countries (approx 1.35 billion in India and 1.4 billion in China). I play a cameo in Secret Superstar, even then the film was released by the exhibitors in 11,000 theatres in China. Just imagine the scale!

‘Yes, it’s a fact that since India and China have the maximum number of people, if you’re popular in these two countries, you already have close to three billion people liking you, which is half the world’s population’ 

Such crazy following in the two most populous countries makes you a global superstar already…

I’ve never even ever felt like India’s superstar! I’m just someone who is excited about my work, and it thrills me that people all over the world enjoy my work. In my head, I’m just a creative person. Yes, it’s a fact that since India and China have the maximum number of people, if you’re popular in these two countries, you already have close to three billion people liking you, which is half the world’s population. America has around 650 million people, and all of Europe put together has around 750 million people. There’s no comparison when it comes to India and China. On numbers, the West can’t beat us.

What has been your experience with the fans on your visits to China to promote your films?

Unbelievable! They have been so amazing. Also, as I said, my earlier films had reached them through piracy almost a year before they released. When I was promoting the formal release of my film, I asked the audience if anyone had already seen it. They all raised their hand. I was like, ‘What am I promoting, then? Please watch it in the theatres’. Their love has been overwhelming, perhaps because our emotional frequency matches. They react to films exactly like Indians. They have a culture of giving gifts when they meet a celebrity. I got so many. While visiting the Shanghai film school, a young girl gifted me a miniature doll of my character in PK. I asked her where it’s available so I can buy more from, and she said, ‘Nowhere. Because I made it myself.’ It’s the cutest thing ever. I don’t even know her name, but [I] wish I could thank her enough. 

Does the possibility that the release of your next film, Thugs of Hindostan, may clash with Rajinikanth-Akshay starrer 2.0 on Diwali weekend, bother you as an actor-producer?

See, it comes back to the same problem that we have only 5,000 screens in India. Any producer of a big film would want the maximum screens for it. So, a clash definitely affects the films. As far as possible, that should be avoided. But sometimes, it isn’t possible to avoid. Ab main Diwali pe aa raha hoon. Nahi aa paata toh kab aaoon? There are already films lined up for Christmas. Meri bhi majboori hai. Given a choice, no one would want to clash. That said, I am very flexible, when it concerns. There’s no ego that I just have to release on a certain date. Agar mein hatt sakta hoon, toh hatt jaaoonga. Because a clash affects both films equally. Ultimately, we are all friends in the industry. So if we can help each other, we do. When Secret Superstar released, we clashed with Rohit Shetty’s Golmaal Again. When the first day collections came, I realised they were doing much better than us. I called Rohit the same evening and offered him screens that I’m not using. Mujhe screens rakh ke achaar thoda banana hai.

You recently posted a heartwarming tribute to late Sridevi. Tell us more

I’ve been an absolutely huge fan of Sridevi. She was my number 1 favourite. I told Boney [Kapoor] fairly recently that when I was new in the industry, a magazine asked me to do a shoot with Sridevi. I can’t tell you how nervous I was. In my heart, I was so afraid that when I would come in front of her, she would understand in two seconds that this boy is in love with her. I was smitten, totally.

How involved are your children in your craft?

My son Junaid (24) has just started interning with me. Not just in my films, but in everything I do, including my NGO Paani Foundation. My daughter Ira (20) is studying liberal arts at the Utrecht University in Netherlands. She’s a fantastic painter. I keep asking her to pursue it seriously. But, bachchey sunte nahi hain. My youngest, Azaad, is six now. He’s totally mast. He likes spending time with me, but I suspect that he doesn’t miss me much even when I can’t. 

You turn 53 this March 14. What are the birthday plans?

It is going to be [a] working birthday for me. I’d be shooting in Jodhpur for the last schedule of Thugs of Hindostan. I’m very excited about how the film is shaping up, though none of us has seen the bits we’ve shot. Let’s see how it turns out.

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Source Link: https://www.hindustantimes.com/bollywood/aamir-khan-never-felt-like-a-superstar-in-my-head-i-m-just-a-creative-person/story-CYmcNpRvJEbnAD26Pf8ZOI.html
asked Mar 13 in Opinion by Intense Director (127,859 points)
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You have to be one to feel like one, don't you??

Thank you for your comments Tb. Now World war 3 will begin

I'm surprised it hasn't already begun

I know your logic. SRK is a rich guy, he knows a cricket team, hence he is the bigger star. Aamir, Salman etc don’t have enough money

Bijli Chirya Dont provoke Aamir Fans We dont Want To Fight On Aamir's Birthday.
Or else Stats Are There to prove Aamir is More Successful Than Srk.

@Rancho I wonder for you showing stats & fighting are same??

Or are you hinting that you guys cannot show stats without fighting..??

Well Aamir is not like Srk who is known for his show off character in real life like I am the biggest Superstar but but but security guard slaps me , but I am the biggest Superstar ever but but but but I have detained some times in airport because of mistaken identity, but but but I am the biggest megastar but but but struggling for a clean hit from last 3-4 years , I am the biggest Superstar megastar gigastar but but but to earn rozi roti I also known as ready to sell item who is always ready to do dhinchak naach gaana in birthday/wedding/anniversary party.
Lol Srk ki arrogance & Uske 2 rs fans ki self trolling power Kabhi Kam Nahi hone wali.

Let me tell you about SELF TROLLING

Aamir fan 1 - We don't want to fight on Aamir's Birthday

Aamir fan 2 - Blabber nonsense on Aamir's Birthday

This is real SELF TROLL + SELF GOAL as a bonus

And because you are more concerned about stats & facts then just for your knowledge because both of them are from Indian film industry & in India Aamir movies do 300cr + Srk is struggling for 150 Cr..
Coming to overseas two biggest Overseas market are China & USA and in both these market Aamir is way ahead of Srk so if Aamir is not megastar according to you then Srk have to worked really hard to be called as star forget about Superstar/Megastar which is out of his auqat.

Let me tell you something about self trolling, Srk who is struggling to give a clean hit & his fans are fighting with others fanbase who is already crossed 2000cr , 5 times more than their local star highest figure.

Dhan Dhana Dhan, Dhan Dhana Dhan, Dhan, Dhana Dhan karenge SELF GOAL

Kar hi to rahe ho dhan dhana dhan self gol.
Hum to bas Twitter online polls me hi chillayenge
dummy hai hum sab to kaise theater halls me jayenge
dhan dhana dhan self goal

Lines are not good, surely poetry isn't your line, you should do what you and your fandom do best - Crying like a baby on BOI's articles

Lines is good & perfectly matching to a particular fanbase (dummy) who is only good in online tikdham baazi but when it comes to show real power tye tye phhusss phhusss..
Atleast Aamirians in a position that they can fight with Charsi BOI for box office related stuff but what about Srkians poor fanbase they can't cry /fight/begging or anything with BOI for 60cr , 80cr films.

Why should Srkians cry/fight or beg with a Box Office Site lol

That's your job and you guys are doing it magnificently, continue

Job se Yaad aaya tum logo ki job to online pe Panchayati karna hai...
As I said before online dummy fanbase who can only bark/shout in online polls/Twitter/Facebook but when it comes to watch movie in theater then the result is nil battery sannata because you simply can't imagine online dummy warrior to contribute in footfalls for any movie.

Deepak chill bro. Enjoy the day. SRK is a bigger star than Aamir because he owns a cricket team while Aamir is content with movies. Salute Tb for his logic.

Hey Intense, who asked you to bleat in between?

I think Srk owns more than 1 cricket team so as per TB logic Srk is a double star like Vijay malya...

But I guess it's good that you are trying to support your friend, good, go on both of you, I won't interfere in between this tender moment between two besties, go on.

Tb it’s my post that’s why. . @deepak srk owns more expensive cars than Aamir. Two cricket teams, perhaps more brands of clothes too. Hence he is miles ahead of Aamir.

No no Tb. I’m waiting for SRK’s bday. So what his achievements will you list for him? Kkr has two ipl titles ?

I just wanted someone to ask me about SRK's achievement.

TB chhodh de tujhse na ho payega dummy machine ki bhi limit hoti hai.

TB want someone to ask about Srk's achievement so that he can copy paste all the loaded material form dummy machine..

Don't worry Deepak, Achievements are copy pasted but you can proof check every single one of them

Bijli Chirya Bro I Posted Aamir's Box Office Records And Other Achivements With My Birthday Post.

You Also do the same for Srk on His Birthday

2003 – A rare species of orchid, Ascocenda Shah Rukh Khan, was named after him in Singapore.

2004 – Time magazine selected him as one of 20 "Asian Heroes" under the age of 40 and was featured on the magazine's cover.

2004 – British Asian Guild Award for Best Actor of the Decade

2005 – He was featured on the cover of the Asian edition of the National Geographic magazine twice, February's issue .

2007 – He was awarded the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres (Order of the Arts and Literature) by the French government for his “exceptional career”.

2007 – His lifelike wax statue was installed in London's Madame Tussauds wax museum. Additional versions were installed at Madame Tussauds museums in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and New York in 2010.

2007 – Another lifelike wax statue was displayed in Grévin museum in Paris, along with that of Gandhi, the only other Indian to receive a similar honor.

2008 – He was conferred the Darjah Mulia Seri Melaka, which carries the honorific Datuk, by the Yang di-Pertua Negeri Tun Mohd Khalil Yaakob, head of state of Malacca in Malaysia, for "promoting tourism in Malacca" by filming One 2 Ka 4 there in 2001.

2008 – Newsweek named him one of the 50 most powerful people in the world, ranking him at number 41. He was the only artist and the only movie-star in the list. Newsweek subtitled his article as "The king of Bollywood is opening minds in some closed-off cultures" and noted, "Who is the world's biggest movie star? Brad? Will? Nah. His name is Shahrukh Khan, and he's the king of Bollywood."

2009 – He was invited to present the motion picture Slumdog Millionaire at the 66th Golden Globe Awards. No Indian actor had previously been invited to present at the Golden Globe Awards.

2009 – He was awarded with an honorary doctorate in arts and culture by the University of Bedfordshire

2009 – He was given a Black Belt Honorary in taekwondo by the South Korean government.

2009 – He was declared amongst the 500 most influential Muslims worldwide by Georgetown University.

2010 – Was invited by NASDAQ, the world's biggest stock exchange, to ring their opening bell in New York, along with Kajol, for the promotion of My Name Is Khan, thus become the first Indian actors to open the market, an honour usually reserved for CEOs of major corporations.

2010 – He was recognized as an icon of religious unity by experts from around the world at a conference at Vienna University.

2010 – He became the first Indian actor to be given the rare honour of signing the guest book at Berlin's Town Hall.

2010 – Entertainment Weekly states in their Most Powerful List that Khan is the "megastar" of Bollywood.

2011 – He became the first Bollywood actor to be featured on the cover page of Los Angeles Times Calendar section. Shahrukh's films My Name Is Khan and Ra.One have been noticed and appreciated by the American media outlet.

2011 – He was honored with the Unesco Pyramide con Marni award for his charity engagements and social commitment towards providing education for kids. Shah Rukh is the first Indian to win this accolade.

2011 – He was honored with L’Etoile d’Or by Mohammed VI of Morocco the King of Morocco during Eleventh International Film Festival of Marrakech. Shah Rukh is the first Indian to receive the honor.

2012 – He became the first Bollywood personality to be honoured with the prestigious Chubb fellowship at Yale University.

2012 – He was honoured with the prestigious Brand Laureate Legendary Award for his unmatched contribution to the Indian Cinema and also for being India's foremost brand ambassador in Malaysia

2012 – He was conferred with one of Morocco's highest honours (a rare state honour, Wissame Al Kafaa Al Fikria (award of intellectual merit)) while attending the 12th International Film Festival of Marrakech by Prince Moulay Rachid

2013 - Appointed as goodwill ambassador by the government of South Korea

2014 - He was recognized as World's Second Richest Actor.

2014 - He was awarded with Legion of Honour, France's highest civilian award, on July 1.

2014 - Appointed as an ambassador for Interpol's Turn Back Crime campaign.

2014 – He was honoured with the Global Diversity Award at the State Room of Britain’s House of Commons

2015 - He won the Award for Outstanding Contribution to Cinema at The Asian Awards

2015 – He was awarded with an honorary doctorate by the University of Edinburgh for his outstanding record of philanthropy, altruism and humanitarianism and his global reach as an actor.

TB you can also check the BO record which is accessible to everyone instead of living in mannat puri or maratha nagar where the time is struck from last 10 years for all dummy fans...

TB Give List Of MAJOR Box Office Records!


and besides this list is only till 2015, and recently while you guys were enjoying because an Aamir movie earned some money, we were feeling proud because SRK was getting awarded for his work among huge personalities in a global stage.

Lol TB whatever you have posted is nothing to do with stardom even sunny leone wins many of these awards with some charity...
Box office position is determined by the BO numbers where are the numbers now don't say because srk film is doing 300k$ in germany (highest among indian actors) thats why he is global megastars..

Hahhahahahahaha Rancho i am trying to get some BO figures from long article lets see whether i am succeed or not , you may also try to get some BO figure from dummy TB copy paste stuff..]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

Woh Sab Theek Hai Bijli Chirya Bro But what About Box office Records.

And Not talking abt recent time but entire career here.

This is masterlink for Aamir you will find 4 Most Imp Posts On His Achievements Here.


Aur bhi Bahut Posts hain including Comparisions btwn Srk and Aamir made them When Baazigar was Alive in the forum.

If needed will share those links as well.

See I am not much interested in Box Office, it's good for fighting with fans but in real world when someone asks why you love SRK, I give this list. And I absolutely agree that SRK is lagging behind currently in terms of BO.

Yes so finally dummy machine accept that because office numbers are out of auqat for srk so we only consider copy paste list..
Isko laga daala to life jhinga lala
Aur Srk tune to apni machino ka haal bura kal daala

Slight Correction TB srk is not just lagging behind currently but even in terms of entire career stats plus major box office record wise Aamir edges Past Him.

And Till the time Aamir retires He will be Well Ahead Of Srk!

Anyways but on a side note I would say Srk achievements both box office wise and non box office wise cant be ignored He is very successful.

With this I would rest My Case here itself!

Nope, what the machine says is that


Gap between Aamir and SRK is huge at the moment. Impossible for SRK to bridge it by retirement too

No i am not convincing anyone to believe aamir is bigger because numbers are there for speak for aamir but because you are not in a position to say the same for srk thats why trying really really hard to convince yourself nahi bhai apna srk aaj bhi kuch hai because for other abe pagla gaya hai to kuch bhi bak raha hai.

Apna SRK kuch bhi nahi hai, that's why he was getting honored in global forums while you were crying on BOI articles related to Secret Superstar.

That right there is what money can't buy, whether it's 60 crs or 1800 crs

Tb won’t work. SRK did well till 2010. Since then he is on a downward spiral with each passing year both in terms of numbers as well as content.

I remember very well SRK making fun of Aamir at Filmfare award functions. Slow and steady wins the race. Today Aamir is miles ahead. It’s the movies, acting, which will be remembered, not the cricket teams and wealth.

TB , Aamir is movies doing excellent business thats why we are discussing/fighting/crying whatever you say on his BO numbers but Srk movies is continuously failing one after another thats why dummy machine shift their focus to awars etc which have nothing to do with stardom..

No Intense, SRK won't be remembered for his wealth or Team, go through the list there, that's what SRK will be remembered for and all this are of SRK the actor/star + SRK the person. And that's what he will be remembered for.

Lol pehle srkians ka domestic gaya to overseas ke sahare chala rahe they ab overseas bhi chala gaya to award ka naya taqia qalaam start kar diya..

Arey Tb wo sab theek hai. Tell me what is Dilip Saab or raj Kapoor Saab remembered for?what is Dev saab’s Legacy? Their wealth? Nope. The classics they created.

Similarly a Sachin is remembered for his runs and tons. Not the fact that he drove a Ferrari

@Intense if you can't read then please join English classes cause apparently you can't read, I am talking about honours, but you can't think beyond wealth and teams.

@Deepak Honours, not Awards, there is a difference.

Honours or awards both of these not related to stardom , the only parameter for megastardom is box office number.

ONLY PARAMETER..?? Then Prabhas is the biggest star of India and Ranveer Singh is already a megastar..!!

Lol Prabhas & Ranveer singh are not achieving big numbers on regular basis like Aamir is doing in worldwide , coming to honour or awards Aamir sir also gets many awards for satyamev jayate or even likes of Amitabh bachchan gets some awards/honour time to time for his contribution for indian cinema but how that connected to his stardom.

But how is box office ONLY PARAMETER of Stardom, speaking of consistent basis, it depends upon movies.

Now you'll ask me a question - It's not your mistake that SRK is not doing good Movie.

And I'll answer will be - Choice of movie is not also dependent on stardom.

And on and on and on our argument will go on.....!!!!!

Instead let's just finish the argument. Because it's clearly going nowhere.

Argument is baseless from the start as you are trying to prove something which is not digestible for any person with little IQ.
Yes choice of movie is also not dependent on stardom but this content thing alone not going to get you such high level what aamir is doing at the moment , to reach that height you need stardom + content and currently srk is falling in both these account.

Look at my comments, never did for once I tried to prove that Aamir is not a superstar, I just said that once because I wanted to have some fun, other than that why would I say that Aamir is not a superstar

You have to be one to feel like one, don't you??

Then what was this , why this post affected you so much then.

TB wanted to have fun I think he had enough fun by now so we must close the conversation

It’s a day to celebrate Aamir Khan, better do that instead of this useless Aamir vs srk debate.

@Deepak wrote it already, I said it once because I wanted to start a conversation, but now I'm bored, I'm now busy somewhere else arguing with someone on why Rabada didn't deserved 2 match ban.

Rofl. The South African in Tb has rose and how. This time I agree with you. Not rabada. Ban the whole Australian team for 2 matches. Bunch of arrogant people

Well not south African, mostly it depends upon teams, as if this was England, I don't see myself supporting them, I was supporting Aus over Eng whole Ashes.

6 Answers

+3 votes
Best answer

And Bcos of this creativity/creative mind only.....
Ask any normal movie goer in US.....
Which Khan;s movie you will prefer to watch?
Which Khan;s movie you believe you will not be disappointed?
Which Khan;s movie - you think will be good/different?
Which Khan;s movie - will be performance oriented?
and I am pretty sure it will be mostly Aamir's name!!!!..kind of trust he has built in last decade or so.....in NRI audience here..... its exceptional/excellent/praiseworthy.....

answered Mar 13 by abbie Unit Manager (31,319 points)
selected Mar 14 by Intense
+4 votes

Very humble guy. Check out this article which says why is no 1 in the world.

answered Mar 13 by kashyap123 Second Unit Director (76,998 points)
+3 votes

He is one of those Superstar who is exceptional​ in acting as well as exceptional at boxoffice as well. He is among those rare gems of Bollywood who will be remembered for many many years to come. He has everything which anyone can only dream of. He has biggest hits,he has huge number of classic,he has many movies in which he acted exceptionally. He is among the best marketing mind of Bollywood.
In short there won't be a superstar like Aamir Khan again.

answered Mar 13 by Vikram Singh Production Accountant (21,642 points)
+2 votes

Hes right. He's a sheer genius at work!

I just wish he invests his time in something grand. Like an epic LOTR trilogy.

answered Mar 13 by Seinfeld Camera Operator (11,157 points)

He is planning now. Mahabharata. Let’s see how it goes

+2 votes

There is a reason why Naseeruddin Shah said that Aamir's work will be remembered for next 100 years.

There is a reason why he is biggest superstar in the world ... being most popular movie actor in half the population of the World ... 2 biggest market by population in the World.

answered Mar 13 by bollyranga Production Designer (13,049 points)
–1 vote

India's second biggest superstar after salman khan.

Your film TOH break all the records. My good wishes with you.

answered Mar 14 by Ajay Production Accountant (20,654 points)

Lagta hai ki koi nahi chahata ki TOH records break kare tabhi to -vote diya hai.

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