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Bajrangi Bhaijaan has a similar deal as Secret Superstar with China distributors. [BOI]

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A $50 million total would be a great result as it would bring back 40-45 crore back to the makers of the film. The film has a similar deal to Secret Superstar which bought back 100 crore to the makers from China.
Source Link: https://www.boxofficeindia.com/report-details.php?articleid=3754
asked Mar 12 in Box Office Related by suhas All Time best! (258,941 points)
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Its very simple calculation.

Secret superstar released in china 20000 screens. Now BOI says that bajrangi bhaijaan released 8000 screens in china and promotion charge 35 cr so according to this secret super star 90 cr approx.

Secret superstar business in china approx 750 cr so share is 25% for distributors

750*25/100 = 187.50 cr
Now promotion charge = 90 cr approx
So profit = 100 cr approx

Same apply for bajrangi bhaijaan.

Ab china ke baare me BOI se jyada knowledge aamir fans ko ho to wo apni site khol le. Lagta hai aamir fans bajrangi ki safalta ko pacha nahi pa rahe hai.

answered Mar 12 by Ajay Casting Director (17,999 points)
selected Mar 14 by suhas

Yes bro aise hi baat karte hai to kuch baat teri bhi samaj aayegi aur meri bhi. Gaali dene aur troll karne se kuch nahi hota bus majak hi banta hai ek dusre ka.

Gaali galoch wo Kya hota hai Koi dish hai Kya nayi..

Thanks bro.

Here is a quote from China BO analyst

I heard it cost Joy Pictures only $300K to get the distribution right. $3M box office is break-even point despite they expect $30M. Also they have the distribution right of Sultan. It's unknow if Sultan can get a release date. But it’s safe to say more Salman films will open here

Ab uss se jyaada knowledge BOI ko hai

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Boi should stop giving wrong figures.

answered Mar 12 by kashyap123 Second Unit Director (75,662 points)
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It may not collect that much. Today collection is low. Looks 35 million finish.

answered Mar 12 by kent Location Scout (4,023 points)

but boi will call it steady

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Lol what a homemade calculation by charsi BOI as from secret Superstar atleast 25% share was given to makers which is easily over 175 Cr but here BOI after reducing 100 Cr apply 40-50% GST on remaining value & add the figure to Bajrangi Bhaijaan...
Wah re chaman charsi.

answered Mar 12 by deepak_bishty Director (131,068 points)


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No it hasn't. The film is sold for $300k and a similar price for Sultan to same distributor.
Only 3 films have release in revenue sharing model, Lagaan, MNIK and SS

answered Mar 13 by Charlie Jatinder Super-star (167,521 points)

Nope. Dangal was more like distributor on his own sharing overflows.

? = ?
Acc to him (Gavin) & Chinaboxoffice, Dangal was Buyout film. (Most Probably Aamir Got Bonus from Chinese counterpart due to overwhelming Perfomance of Dangal at Box office)
Almost All Chinese Media including State-run Media r saying "Dangal was Buyout Film.
1) Global Times (State-Run Newspaper) - March 6, 2018.
"Among the more than 70 films imported on flat-fee (or buyout) terms in 2017 - a regular means to import an Indian film into the mainland in recent years, only one, #Dangal, was from India.
2) TMCPOST (Chinese Entertaiment Magazine) : Jan 26, 2018.
"This Artical Said that SS is 1st Indian film that got Revanue Share Deal means Indian party can also get 25% of the box office split" http://tmtpost.com/3044346.html
3) Pepople.com.cn (Chinese Magazine) : Oct, 26 2017.
- Title "Spend $1 million to import a movie, mad to earn 1.3 billion at the box office!"
-The batch of films, also known as import-buy films, refers to the fact that domestic film makers buy out the rights of film screenings from foreign film makers at a fixed price. Foreign film makers ofsuch films generally do not participate in the distribution of box office in China"
-The Indian movie"Wrestling!"Dadis the biggest winner of this model, withnearly 1.3 billioncumulative box office in China. In addition, the Spanish suspense movie Invisible Guest and the Thai youth fim "The Genius Gunner" also achieved a good performance of 171 million and 217 million box office respectively."
- It is understood that the introduction costs of these three movies are all within one million US dollars, and this is the three batches with the highest investment return rates this year"
4) However, the revenue-sharing agreementthat “Secret Superstar” snagged is “a game-changer for Bollywood,” Papish said. It is the first time that an Indian import has signed such an arrangement — an indicator that more screening slots could now be given to non-Hollywood films - China Film Insider’s Jonathan Papish to Sixtone http://www.sixthtone.com/news/1001575/secret-superstar-blazes-new-trail-for-indian-cinema-in-china

This Artical clearly stats that 70 Batch films (Buyout Films) were Imported in China and Resident Evil: Final Chapter and Wrestling! Daddy's (Dangal) were Most Successful Batch Films. https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s?__biz=MzI0MjM2NTY4Mw==&mid=2247491145&idx=1&sn=d8cdfdadd2ecb7a8a06fb4ccf7a56542&chksm=e97c3bd5de0bb2c330cd64a51f13d486a95ed626cb5cd943c0cd9628f8f4dd635fbdff04e5bc&mpshare=1&scene=1&srcid=1209il1xzTn3kabXB9RR66zG&pass_ticket=jkUDOQHA6VMXsqsaY/vDIURcC7mBiV0arWQJW+q5jnnvtrPe9iCSrh/0EV2MRFVR#rd
But here Resident Evil Got Special Treatment. Producer Sold Distributor right at Price $7m & also got Share from Revenues after Film Surpassed ¥500m mark at BO. [It's seem Dangal also got same Deal] http://chinafilminsider.com/china-box-office-evil-takes-up-residence/

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HaHAHAHA ... aur dikhao bias

Here is a quote from chinese BO analyst

I heard it cost Joy Pictures only $300K to get the distribution right. $3M box office is break-even point despite they expect $30M. Also they have the distribution right of Sultan. It's unknow if Sultan can get a release date. But it’s safe to say more Salman films will open here


answered Mar 13 by bollyranga Production Designer (12,277 points)

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