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Name And Rate Movie You Watched (4th March - 11th March). Also Choose Movie Of The Week. Week 211.

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1. Sonu Ki Titu Ki Sweety (2018): 6/10 Okay. It's entertaining, you get some good laugh and the film serves its ground purpose quite well. There is a problem though. I'm no feminist but, the film has surely failed on moral values depicting women money mongers. Had it been just for a character, it would have been fair but, generalization is surely bad, especially, when the female lead character in the film only admits that she is canny. It's weakness of the writing when you ain't able to justify the one character and showing other superior without any valid points. The film has tried to show Titu as a hero and Sweety as a villain but it feels quite opposite to the end. Being canny doesn't make your character bad. Not a single sign Sweety passes which proves she has really evil plans and will ruin unity of the family, in fact, Titu behaves like a desperate insecure brat. But, at the end, it's India, we love misogyny jokes. You are definitely going to enjoy. Overall, Not up to its previous installments but it's good considering nature of the film.

2. Pari (2018): 4/10 The film is so confused with what it wants to say. With the European style of storytelling and strange script, the film confuses you on many levels. Especially, when the film ends you feel what a pointless film it was as it doesn't make sense and you feel like watching some episode of Fear Files. Anushka Sharma is good in the character Pari but, eventually, it's so idle. There are some scary moments in the first half, later on as story evolves even their smart tricks start failing to scare you. Overall, a poor effort. But, it gains points for cinematography and performance.

3. Annie Hall: 8/10 This film is so relatable. Specially, in his monologue when he quotes Groucho Marx, "I would never want to belong to any club that would have someone like me for a member." And then makes a statement on his life, "That's the key joke of my adult life, in terms of my relationships with women." I feel like same. He is so perplexed, baffled, insecure when it comes to romantic relationship and feels fucked up everytime he gets into one, still never learns and things keep going on on loop. It's justifying for one who believes love itself is absurd and here why I think why I'm much like him. The personality traits are very much similar. Moreover, the film has quirky wits and quite fascinating screenplays which keeps going back and forth, still don't confuse it. It's my second film of Woody Allen, and I kinda found him an amazing storyteller. Gonna explore more of him.
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Secret Superstar
One word Too good(4.25/5)
3 Idiots
Best movie in the world (5/5)

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I watched DIL CHAHTA HAI This week and Once again loved watching it.

Friendship of 3 Friends depicted so well.
Its 1st of its kind and a trendsetter.

Aamir Looked very Handsome in This movie and His beard was very stylish.

This year itself Aamir Played a villager in Cult Classic Lagaan and In Same year itself He Transformed To a cool Urban Guy in Dil Chahta hai.
Perfectionalist for a Reason.

Saif and Akshaye Also Played Their Part Brilliantly.
And Priety Zinta Looked Very Beautiful.

Farhan made a wonderful debut as a director.

Ratings 4.5/5

answered Mar 11 by Rancho Production Accountant (27,513 points)
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Milan (1967)
* ing Sunil Dutt and Nutan

answered Mar 12 by shah Executive Producer (61,703 points)
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  1. Onde Guri [1983 - Kannada] = 7/10 [Hated the print, complained too but in vain. Was an exeprience indeed to watch this re-release. My parents saved me from watching the violent scenes and finally I witnessed the leg cutting scene which I was never allowed to watch on tv. Straight up thrillers like these are badly needed.]

  2. Lamhe [1991] = 8/10 [This one's for Sridevi. Awesome performance by Anupam Kher. This was reviewed as "ahead of it's time" in 1991, it is still ahead of it's time.]

  3. I, Tonya [2017] = 8/10 [Surprisingly liked it more than I thought.]

  4. Darkest Hour [2017] = 7/10 [May be I wasn't prepared for an all out drama just like how I was not prepared for The King's Speech. Kudos to the performance though.]

  5. Nelyubov aka Loveless [2017 - Russian] = 8/10 [Loved it.]

First Time Watches = I, Tonya , Darket Hour & Nelyubov.

Movie(s) of the week = All of them. But I strongly recommend Nelyubov AKA Loveless. Do Not Miss It.

answered Mar 12 by suhas All Time best! (258,941 points)
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Bajrangi Bhaijaan (8/10):

Don't think I need to say anything about this movie that hasn't been said yet.

Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle (7.25/10):

This was the first R-Rated comedy I ever saw, back when I was 14. I have loved it ever since. Every few years I revisit it. Seeing this movie again was a lot of fun, this time around I also understood some of the stuff I didn't understand before. The plus points of the movie have to be the chemistry of the two leads, and the craziness of the events that they go through.

Horrible Bosses (6.5/10):

Again, a rewatch. In this movies you get to see popular/prestigious actors play foul-mouthed villains, while our heroes try to do anything they can to get out from under their thumb. It's light and fun.

Paddington 2 (6.5/10):

Apparently this is the best reviewed movie on RT! Well, I didn't find it THAT great, but it is still pretty good. The first one had more charm, but this one holds its own too, and expands the world quite well. This time around the plot is related to a very entertaining villain, and a jail plot which you probably have seen before in other movies.

Kick (6/10):

If you understand what type of movie this is, then you will enjoy it. I personally was enjoying is a lot, but the second half really screwed things up, and then the movie just introduces the part about the kids and then ends. Overall it is not a masterclass in acting, storytelling, character work, etc. But it mixed all of those things with enough action and music to make it worthwhile.

answered Mar 12 by mr.hola Assistant Director (41,467 points)

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