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Finally it has come down to the biggest box-office battle in a long long time. Shahrukh Khan’s Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi opened great and continues to do good business, but the Ghajini cyclone is set to storm the country on Wednesday. While Rab ne.. was promoted mainly as a SRK – Adi film after 8 years.. Aamir Khan has almost single handedly managed to create all the hype, as neither his co-star Asin nor the director A R Murugadoss is known to Bollywood buffs.

The industry speaks on both SRK’s Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi and Aamir Khan’s Ghajini

Atul Mohan of Complete Cinemas.

“The film is going to rewrite box office history as far as the openings are concerned. It’s also helping the film to achieve the record number of prints it is releasing with. Ghajini is an action thriller, a genre which generally attracts the masses more than the families but with the hype that Aamir has managed to create and of course the promos, both families as well as the masses desperately want to watch it as soon as they can.”

Senior Trade Jounalist

“At least Rs 55- 60 crore net gross is expected from the eight day first week of Ghajini. Even if the film turns out to be a turkey, with the super strong opening that it is all set to get, the rights holders Studio 18 need not have a single reason for worry. If one decides to compare it with Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, then in the music department, Rab Ne has scored over Ghajini but despite that this masala film is going to do much more business than the King Khan starrer. The collections of this film should probably prove who the real number one is between the two Khans – Aamir or SRK?”

Some Box office Numbers for Ghajini

The advance booking in terms of money generated is 2.5 times more than any other film. What we will witness with the release of Ghajini is a milestone in the hindi film industry as far as opening goes just Gadar is a milestone in terms of all India business and DDLJ is a milestone in terms of its historic long run. The opening weekend of Ghajini may well be 35-40 crore nett while the week could end up with 55-60 crore nett if the film sustains. The film is heading for simply mindboggling figures that nobody could have even thought of before this week.

In South India

“There is extreme craze for the film in both the states of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. As we all know Ghajini was originally a Tamil super hit and that it was also dubbed in Telugu. In both these languages it went on to shatter box office records. The Ghajini fans down South now want to see how Aamir has done justice to the role made famous by Tamil star Surya. Aamir is amongst the few very popular Bollywood actors amongst the youngsters in the South and with South starlet Asin too making her Hindi debut in Ghajini, they are waiting for Ghajini’s release. Bangalore center too is expected to see good collections for the film.”

Aamir Khan has succeeded in creating hype, of the level that has never been witnessed before. While the war of words continue between the two legends.. Lets wait and watch, which way the SRK vs Aamir Khan battle goes!
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The Collection of this film should probably prove who the real no1 is between the two khans
& the collection proved it.
2006-2009 was a dream phase for Aamir
Record opener and Superhit fanna
All time classic Superhit TZP
Record opener BB Ghajini
And 3I Atbb

by Production Accountant (23.9k points)
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I remember that time. How aamir had beat SRK at his own game despite the latter being the no 1 star at that time. Had seen both movies on successive days, enjoyed both of them.

by Director (128k points)
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I personally expected a rape scene on Ghajini, but I was so sad that they didn't have it. Otherwise, it was exactly like those 90s rape revenge stories with 0.01% of Memento...

I didn't like RNBDJ too except the metaphor of love they presented.

Anyways, Ghajini brought Aamir back from nowhere and everyone knows the fact.

by Location Manager (6.8k points)

Wait Mr. RANCHI, records are records when they are. Aamir doesn't have any. Talk your acronyms. No records that he had and no record will he have. Don't force me to tell and don't forge a diamond sword out of mud. MFOHTD 20 Aamir


Have you gone mad?
Aamir has huge list of Box Office records and srk stands no where in comparison To Aamir

Get out of fools paradise!


A demented ignorant like you deserve no more attention

0 votes

I didn't know aamir that time.loved the songs of ghajini.the movie that made aamir familiar to me

by Camera Operator (11.3k points)

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