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Latest article describing Aamir's Huge success and stardom

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Aamir Khan’s last release, Secret Superstar did not just receive love and praise in the superstar’s home country, India, but it has also entered the prestigious Top 5 list of all time grossing films worldwide.

Even though Aamir Khan only had a cameo in the film, yet his loyal fans thronged the theatres to watch the film because of their faith in the content that he brings to the table.

With the entry of Secret Superstar in the top 5 list, 3 of Aamir Khan’s films are now part of it.

It is not an easy feat for any actor to have 3 of his films in the list of Top 5 Indian grossing films worldwide but Aamir Khan has managed to do that.

With Aamir Khan, it’s not just about delivering superior content but it is also about doing that consistently.

While all these above mentioned films did phenomenally well in India, they also received humongous response overseas, especially in China.

In fact, according to Chinese IMDb, Aamir Khan is the top ranked foreign actor there and Dangal is the top ranking film.

The other two films apart from Aamir’s in the list of Top 5 Indian films worldwide are, Bajrangi Bhaijaan (5th rank) and Baahubali 2 (2nd rank)

This only proves that Aamir Khan is the World’s biggest superstar from India.

Komal Nahta on Secret Superstar success “The fact that three of the top five Bollywood films worldwide are Aamir Khan’s films proves that Aamir’s stardom is not restricted by geographical boundaries but transcends them. He is the biggest Bollywood star of India but the last couple of years have also established beyond doubt that he is the biggest in China too.”

Taran Adarsh shares, “Aamir’s choice of films, the way he markets them always is very different from the norm and they stand out. There is a strong element of entertainment, at the same time they are high on content. He not only entertains but also enlightens the audience. Today the world market is ready to listen to and watch good content films. Aamir has opened doors for release in China for the entire Indian film industry. Aamir’s, especially last 2 films which are Dangal and Secret Superstar have hit the ball out of the park, in terms of collections. Aamir not only makes his films with a lot of passion, but also releases them with the same amount of passion which gets reflected at the box office.”
Source Link: https://businessofcinema.com/bollywood_news/aamir-khans-secret-superstar-makes-top-5-time-worldwide-grossing-films/422945?_e_pi_=7%2CPAGE_ID10%2C7184577229
asked Mar 11 in Box Office Related by Rancho Production Accountant (27,513 points)
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Legend. If a cameo role in SS did this, then wait for TOH. Aag lag jaayegi.

answered Mar 11 by Intense Director (122,635 points)
selected Mar 11 by Rancho

Wonder who gave down vote.......

Doesn’t matter Kashyap. I have grown over fan fights. All three khans are living legends ruling since the last 25 years. They deserve what they have

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This Article's timing & authenticity lost when:

  1. BB's Success happens

  2. BB's WW figures including china reported less

Why this article now when SS has been off screens for months? BB's Success made Aamir insecure toh uske PR ne Article chhapwa diya, dekho meri 3 filmein hai

Next time write article with proper values, even PK's WW are inflated shown.... which Dear RANCHO deleted while posting article, you can see figures in article link

RANCHO - Article poora daala kar

answered Mar 11 by -OmKara- Production Designer (14,851 points)

Atg count Salman+ajay+Shahruk last 20 years one and Ace more than 3.......

Actual Hit Count

Aamir 19 out of 40 movies aprox
Ajay 22 out of 100 movies aprox

Still 22 > 16 (19 khud se bana daali )

Bas karo, let Aamir touch 20 Hits (If not BOI gift him some more free hits from upgrade)

19 khud se nahi banayi 19 actual hits hai after update
BOI Aamir ko kabhi kuch gift nahi karta sabko pata hai BOI is anti Aamir.

Purane verdicts footfalls collections sabke films ke update hue hain including salman so dont give this excuse.

19 hits in 40 movies much bigger than 22 hits out of 100 movies moreover.


+1 vote

Biggest Megastar in the eastern part of the world.........

answered Mar 11 by kashyap123 Second Unit Director (75,662 points)
–1 vote

Did not read the article but did they say that he's the number 1?

Did anyone say he's the ultimate number 1? Like they used to say for srk long ago and they do now for Salman Khan?

I don't think so. Superstardom and quality are two different things. Aamir will guarantee you a good product but if that fails, SS happens.

Salman guarantees you openings, so a total dud like tubelight does an SS number in a weekend.

answered Mar 11 by Seinfeld Camera Operator (9,818 points)

So u mean to say one song so people didn't turn up and they knew the length even before the release? wtf logic is that?.... SS is an avg did more than drishyam and baadshaho... Worldwide it is in top 5... Crossing SS worldwide it wll take 5 janams for Ajay sir.

Ya content is the king, SS bad content in India and question Aamir's star power suddenly becomes good content in China, lol. Salman also knows his limitations result tubelight...

King of bollywood yet struggling to break out of his image, so sticking to action masala sequels. Aamir more often than not pushed indian films and opened new markets, didn't stick to same genre. Also box-office followed him.

Dangal released in 2016 and Dhoom 3 in 2013, Dhoom 3 whatever it did, it is great be it India or overseas, for the kind of film it was and talking about dhoom 3's 5M still it was biggest then compared to Salman both India and Overseas.
Kick which came later which was a remake of huge film failed to cross both in India as well as overseas.
Forget kick, Dhoom 3 is still above all Salman films inc bajarangi and Tzh

heights of shifting I'll tell u. Tubelight Kabir's fault and Tzh Salman's starpower lol.........Jaake toonpun ka super hero dekh ya masterpiece disaster called drishyam.

If senfled can compare SS with Tubelight, why can't a compare Ss with welcome to new york?

–3 votes

Waise hamesha se AAMIR, DILIP, RAJ KAPOOR, SRK, MANOJ KUMAR, ka script choice Acha rha hai.

answered Mar 11 by Vivek Rai Art Director (2,823 points)


Maybe 10 years ago, not now.

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