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Hits Blockbusters Atbbs and Major records Prediction- Overseas

+1 vote
Most Hits- Srk

Most Blockbusters- Srk

Most Atbb- Aamir

Most Atg- Aamir

Most Hgoty bhoty mwfoty- Srk

Most Hgotd bhotd mwfotd- Aamir

Biggest overseas and Most Footfalls- Aamir (Be it Including or excluding Dubbed Versions.
However if re runs considered which BOI doesnt considers then Its Raj Kapoor)

Tier 1 Superstars- Raj Kapoor, Srk, Aamir

Domestic Prediction-

asked Mar 10 in Box Office Related by Rancho Production Accountant (27,513 points)
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edited Mar 10 by Rancho

6 Answers

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All due respect Sallu should not be in this list.

He only started getting respectable numbers in 2011/2012, and hit top league in 2015 with BB.

SRK is there because be was the only one getting good numbers for more than a decade.

Raj sir is there because of Russia etc.

Aamir is there because he has been good in overseas since 2006, and because of China.

Sallu can't be counted among them.

answered Mar 10 by mr.hola Assistant Director (41,467 points)
selected Mar 10 by Rancho

@Rancho: agree with you about Raj Kapoor sir's overseas achievements.

Mr hola bcoz other big khans didnt give fcuk abt term n condition of yrf... aamir rejected daar.. salman rejected chak de... after 1 2 films there always a bonding just like salman barjatiya aamir hirani.. same was a case of srk yrf dharma bonding.. but still after 2 decade bonding they preferd other 2 khans bigger for movies like ett fanaa d3 sultan n pulled thier banner to next level business ...

@playgirl: stop daydreaming. what terms and conditions?

Sallu and Aamir bonded with directors but SRK bonded with entire production houses? they preferred him, simple as that.

bigger movies ki baat to kar hi mat. K3G is one of the most expensive movies ever when you consider inflation. YRF made FAN with SRK, a movie that should never have been given that budget, but that's how much they trust SRK.

and next level? these production houses EXIST today because of SRK.

don't let your irrational hatred blind you.

Playgirl??? I can sense that ur fcuked up...
Enrite production house?? Yash n adiyta is father son due... sadly barjatiya hirani dont have sons to say that...
I didnt talk abt budget here m talkin abt collection to next level... ett D3 opening collection were so huge that yash chopra himself said to katrina that beta i never seen such opening before... thats the thing m talkin..

+1 vote

answered Mar 10 by -OmKara- Production Designer (14,851 points)



The film was also the film which gave the career of Salman Khan a major lift as although he had much bigger Hits than Judwaa before they were either two hero films like Saajan, Karan Arjun and Jeet or ensemble cast ones like Hum Aapke Hain Kaun and Sanam Bewafa where the supporting artistes have major roles.


Saajan had Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan while Beta had Anil Kapoor but generally it was Madhuri Dixit leading the way in these films.


Aamir became Huge Star Just After His debut Film QSQT whereas Salman after his 2nd movie MPK was jobless




Salman Superstardom Days Began From 2010- Box office India


B Grade Film Producer THREW Salman Khan Out Of OFFICE...


+1 vote

All due to respect u should write Srk with thier yash daddy n dharma daddy...

answered Mar 10 by playboy Unit Manager (30,048 points)

I included Both Salman and Srk thinking both deserve to be here in the list Srk Domination overseas is known to all and Salman also doesnt have bad record He had Big blockbusters like MPK HAHK and Since 2010 he has Started Performing good Overseas on consistent Basis infact he has 2nd best no.s after Aamir and has Best Command In Mass Dominated Places Like Pakistan and Gulf.
He will remain a force for another Decade and will more good collections Overseas Hence I thought It would be wise to Include him.
You are a Good Salman Fan hence I gave an Honest Answer to You.

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@Rancho Bhai sahi me phli baar Apka POST Acha nhi laga...

SALMAN BHOI yaha prr Kaha se aa gye???
Domestic kii baat smjh me bhi aata hai.

answered Mar 10 by Vivek Rai Art Director (2,823 points)

Nhi re GAWAR se baat krte krte Mai bhi unhi ke category me chla gya hu... Islie bol rha hu BHOI fan se baat nhi krni...

Tu pagal hai Kya BHAI Kaun hai pata hai SANJAY DUTT... munna Bhai MBBS, VAASTAV, KHALNAYAK????
Aur BHOI apne Salman BHOI hai...

Wah mere chikne idhar se udhar pisal jata hai.. zara sambal aapne apko thoda strong ban..

Vivek bhai I edited the post maybe now you can find it better included Salman because he had big blockbusters like Maine Pyar Kiya Hain Hum Aapke Hain Kaun and from 2010 onwards he has second best Overseas performance of after Amir he has best fan following in some Overseas markets like Gulf and Pakistan his performance in in overseas has improved a lot and with him being in Peak Form Till Next Decade He Might Continue to perform well Overseas.

This Post prediction was till All senior actors retire.

0 votes

Raj Kapoor is an older generation, from this current list SRK will end as no 1 in overseas, especially considering aamir is going off to make Mahabharata. Salman overseas record is improving with each outing so it will be ultimately SRK and aamir on no1 and Salman as no 2

answered Mar 10 by Intense Director (122,635 points)
–1 vote

You have add the local star Salman to this tier 1 list of overseas means your post is wrong from the start , while for others can't say anything about Raj Kapoor as I haven't witness his Dominance so going by records yes he is equally big likes of Srk (for more than two decades of consistency) & Aamir khan who is so big at the moment that no one from the Indian film industry is in condition to challenge him in overseas.

answered Mar 10 by deepak_bishty Director (131,068 points)

Raj Kapoor Was 1st Tier 1 Superstar and Biggest Overseas Superstar Of His time but If we only see stats then Even Salman Will edge Past Him.
His volume of Success is less Cant Be Compared with Aamir and definietly not Srk who is biggest Overseas Superstar Till date.
Nothing can be taken away From Showman Raj Kapoor bcz in those Days overseas Market was not as open as nowadays and In Real Terms He is in League Of Srk And Aamir!

yes Salman is not as big superstar like the three names which I mentioned above but he doesnt has bad record overseas, He had Huge BBs like Hum Aapke Hain Koun and Maine Pyar Kiya. He dominates mass Overseas markets like Pakistan and Gulf and from 2010 onwards If we see Stats then he is second most successful actor Overseas after Aamir Though Stardom Wise Even at Present Srk Comes after Aamir inspite of his bad Phase
and with Salman being in peak form he might continue performing well Overseas till next decade at as well.

But anyways Removed his name!

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