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Day Seven Is Best Day For Bajrangi Bhaijaan In China - BOI

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Bajrangi Bhaijaan had its best day of the week on day seven as it collected the highest amount for the week of $4 million and took its total to around $18 million. The jump on day seven was for International Womens Day in China which is a partial holiday for women in China and the female audience forms a huge chunk of the audience for Hindi films.

The film should do a big number in China but this week sees the release of Black Panther which is looking at huge weekend numbers. This film was always going to be there and the bigger problem for Bajrangi Bhaijaan is Amazing China which is a documentary on the greatness of China. This film had opened  to $6 million compared to the $2.2 million of Bajrangi Bhaijaan but Bajrangi Bhaijaan had caught it up on day seven and edged past showing better trending.

But this film is likely to go far ahead of Bajrangi Bhaijaan again as it has more peak screen times than Bajrangi Bhaijaan and is given preference due to its positive look of the country. On trending Bajrangi Bhaijaan has edged past despite being almost $4 million down on day one so should be going further in the lead but it will be the opposite as Amazing China goes miles ahead of Bajrangi Bhaijaan on day eight.

The opening four day numbers of Bajrangi Bhaijaan in China is as follows.

Collection- $2,220,000
Screenings - 20,130
Footfalls - 459,554

Collection - $3,110,000
Screenings - 19,901
Footfalls - 623,742

Collection - $3,140,000
Screenings - 21,878
Footfalls - 631,749

Collection - $1,740,000
Screenings - 25,000
Footfalls - 3,60,747

Collection - $1,830,000
Screenings - 27,834
Footfalls - 375,313

Collection - $1,920,000
Screnings - 29,528
Footfalls - 395,199

Collection - 4,010,000
Screenings - 31,419
Footfalls - 827,792

Collection - $17,970,000
Screenings - 175,690
Footfalls - 3,674,096
Source Link: https://boxofficeindia.com/report-details.php?articleid=3746
asked Mar 9 in Daily by suhas All Time best! (260,329 points)
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8 Answers

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Best answer

Today it will cross 1.7M,50M+ lifetime is very much on.
BP will collect 25M+ today & will down after weekend,so BB can enjoy a steady run.
So we can expect 300cr+ now.

answered Mar 9 by Roman Production Designer (12,991 points)
selected Mar 12 by suhas
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Even when SS crossed $100 million, they didn't do much reporting. SS was on top in china box office for around 23 days, even then they did not do much reporting.

How much reporting they did for Dangal, which is highest grosser worldwide in sports drama genre >

Anyone can sense bias. Anyway this is good, people will come to know their bias more and more.

answered Mar 9 by bollyranga Production Designer (13,046 points)
edited Mar 9 by bollyranga

My point is

If it is not important, even then why there is difference in reporting achievement of Secret Superstar and Bajrangi Bhaijaan

For secret superstar they hardly made more that 5 posts and lets not talk about Dangal, here for BB they are making daily posts.

If you say that during SS there was Padmavat/TZH release in India, then let me know which movie was there when Dangal released in China ? Bahubali run almost ended and there was no big release after that.

Atleast now they're lenient towards China collections. Not that they're serious even now, just like pity articles posted just for the sake of it as they will have zero impact overall.

Back when Dangal was doing big, one BB got precedence & two, they were firm with their opinion of China market meaning nothing..

What China market is gonna stay open to Indian films for rest of the future? Just like Russia this too is hardly 5-6 years engagement. If it surpasses it then BOI might otherwise it is waste of time for them to make a separate list with all collection combined.

Further, if China market doesn't surpass the 5-6 years validity then the trade will be much quicker to disown it than BOI. Audience would never care & Bollywood itself to date hasn't been interested in China. Simple.

Trade means only boi right? that's the only trade for u and there are biased as we can see!.

Apart from boi everyone including koma &l taran everyone added China's collection praised SS. Infact, Taran posted SS simultaneously with Padmavat.

Now there is sonu ki sweety still boi is adding daily collections of Bajarangi.

Bollyranga is absolutely correct.. If toh opens big there will never use word like annihilation . There words are reserved only for salman starers. Last year for Dangal, they were only reporting normal without any extra commentary if you have noticed...

@Kashyap123 .. trade doesn't mean only BOI. I follow BOI because others don't share the figures which are closer to the actual figures. Film information will give their verdict but will never post the actuals & is still widely followed by bollywood.

Komal & Taran just shared what the PR mailed them to tweet. Do you think Zin doesn't get enough PR material which are circulated amongst all?

Sonu ki Titu is doing well & they even compared it's collections to 300cr grossers in case you missed.

When you bring the fanism part & put out your expectations haven't been matched then I am not the one debate on that.

In case of TOH, it's bringing Amitabh Bachchan & Aamir Khan together for the first time. Do you think trade wants to hold back? This is the only biggie to come from YRF this year & the next biggie which comes nowhere to TOH is the Hrithik-Tiger film. You're clearly mistaken if you think Trade is to hold back on it. That will happen only if marketing goes horribly wrong (which has no chance) & Srk comes back mega strong to prove his might during the pre-release period of Zero. Or if 2.0 confirms the Diwali date (which again is pretty much accepted by Tamil trade). Only 2.0 can take away the limelight from TOH or else it's ZERO again only it TOH falters badly.

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Finally a big success in China apart from Aamir movies

answered Mar 9 by Intense Director (127,859 points)
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BOI is lazy website, daily figures has been upgraded everywhere but this site never check again for final figures.

$ 18 M is 1st Week. Our thread is more upgraded.

answered Mar 9 by -OmKara- Production Designer (15,839 points)
0 votes

With same screens, hindi medium is all set to do more!...........

answered Mar 9 by kashyap123 Second Unit Director (76,998 points)

Hopefully it does. It should. This way the content driven market will let some our films to have some reach before it all goes down.

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Bajrangi Bhaijaan ends first week above expectations

answered Mar 9 by shah Executive Producer (65,446 points)
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Bajrangi bhaijaan movie deserve all the success.

Bhaiyya aisi filme saalo me ek baar banati hai.

answered Mar 9 by Ajay Production Accountant (20,633 points)
–3 votes

O le le le BOI charsi ko rona aa Raha hai amazing china amazing china , lol dard bhare Dil ki dastan boi shabdo me Kya bya karega , aur jab Koi face value hi Nahi Bajrangi me to amazing china Kya ghanta kuch nuksan karega.

answered Mar 9 by deepak_bishty Director (131,558 points)

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