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Name And Rate Movie You Watched (25th Feb - 3rd March). Also Choose Movie Of The Week. Week 210.

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Late. I had been trying to open the forum since forever but I was getting some "Unable to determine IP address from host name" error. It's just only I opened it in Internet Explorer and I'm able to access the forum. 

asked Mar 8 in General by Ankit 007 Assistant Director (51,482 points)
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Matilda - 6/10
CoCo . - 8/10
Ferdinand - 7/10
Chori Chori(Raj kapoor) - 7.4/10

answered Mar 8 by bollyranga Production Designer (12,349 points)
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Gabbar is back (2015)

It’s got a silly plot and most of the movie is illogical but pretty enjoyable. It’s a remake of the Tamil ramanaa, I don’t know whether it’s a scene to scene copy or not. Akshay is the highlight of the movie, he brings the right dose of humour, angst, intensity which is needed, apart from him can imagine Salman or Ajay playing this role too. Action is top notch though I found the climax a bit too stretched. Also Chitrangada’s vulgar item song was just not needed. The hospital scene which Ive heard a lot from people in the Tamil version too is clapworthy.

Rating- 3/5. Time pass entertainer

answered Mar 8 by Intense Director (123,429 points)

its not scene to scene remake.............

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I watched 1 film this week and That Was Sangam.

Ioved the movie specially the songs were too good.

Brilliant Acting by 3 Top stars of that Time.

Its one of the best Love triangles of bollywood and what a starcast It had Once in a lifetime type.

Nowadays we dont get to see such powerful multistarrers.

I Had full Sympathy for Rajendra Kumar's Character and Found Raj Kapoor's Character Annoying though not much sympathy for vaijantimala

answered Mar 8 by Rancho Production Accountant (28,042 points)

ITs a classic, and brilliantly directed by raj Kapoor. He is arguably the most talented all rounder, actor director combo

Yes no doubt If we see overall then he is the best combo Actor Director Producer he is fully successful.


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Here are the movies in theaters:

DEATH WISH - 5/10 - Typical Bruce Willis Movie

RED SPARROW - 5/10 - For Jennifer only - otherwise ok movie

GAME NIGHT - 6/10 - Surprisingly I liked this movie......

Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety - 7/10 - Good One time Watch.....liked the songs and Aloknaath's dialogues - "Chut**** ho gaya hain"....


answered Mar 8 by abbie Unit Manager (31,114 points)

Did you get the word "Chu***" censored there too??

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Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety (5.75/10):

It's a decent movie overall, but I disagree with the movie's decision to make the girl the villain for no reason. Sonu manipulated Titu more than any girl ever could, yet he's shown as the hero, the one we should trust. Until the first half ended, I thought I was going to rate it 7, but the second half took my opinion down a lot. The good parts are the first half, the casts chemistry, the music, and the whole family element.

Manhattan Murder Mystery (6/10):

A comedy which is also a murder mystery, that idea was enough to make me want to see it. The movie is not very funny though, and I did not like much of the dialogue, or how the characters were behaving throughout. But it is intriguing enough to watch once.

Coco (7.75/10):

Pixar is one of the staple of my childhood, and I am always rooting for them. But the last Pixar movie I really loved was Inside Out, release 2.5 years before this movie. Finally with this movie they have knocked it out of the park again. It is an entertaining movie with elements of comedy and mystery throughout, and a strong focus of family. I am deducting some points because the songs didn't do much for me, and the ending was a bit drawn out, but it is still a return to form for them. In the battle between Disney Proper and Disney/Pixar, the only recent Disney movies I would rate better than this one are Wreck-It Ralph and Zootopia.

answered Mar 8 by mr.hola Assistant Director (42,127 points)
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  1. Death Wish [2018] = 3/10 [Boring remake. Eli Roth disappointed with no violence of his standards.]

  2. The Shape of Water [2017] = 7/10 [liked it but didn't to the extent of accepting it's Oscar win]

  3. Call Me By Your Name [2017] = 7/10 [Good film.]

  4. Ferdinand [2017] = 6/10 [Time Pass]

First Time Watches = All of them

Movie(s) of the week = except Death wish, rest of them.

answered Mar 8 by suhas All Time best! (259,214 points)

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