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Bollywood movies highest overseas grosser of all time barriers.

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1. Awaara - 1951 - $7.25 mn
2. Jaagte raho - 1956 - $9.33 mn
3. Love in shimla - 1960 - $9.72 mn
4. Char dil char rahen - 1962 - $11.06 mn
5. Mamta - 1966 - $14.47 mn
6. Raja jani 1972 - $14.85 mn
7. Seeta aur Geeta - 1972 - $18.21 mn
8. Bobby - 1973 - $21.44 mn
9. Disco dancer - 1982 - $75.85 mn
10. Dangal - 2016 - $231.68 mn
Source Link: Boi archieve, Old BOI and wiki
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Global King ki movie kahi najar nahi aa rahi

answered Mar 6 by vinaygharat007 Casting Director (18,314 points)
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What Is The Source For This?
Believing This To Be True, Sholay, Mughal-E-Aazam, HAHK, K3G, Dhoom 2 etc etc Should No Longer Be Considered ALL TIME GROSSERS WORLDWIDE. Hence, The True Blue ATG Came In 2008 With Aamir's Ghajini. And Then, As They Say, Rest Is History.

answered Mar 6 by Rajat Production Accountant (27,851 points)

All time grosser nahi hai all time grosser jin movies ne pechli highest overseas ka barrier break kiya hai wo data hai.

I Didn't Get You.

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Surprised not to see any Srk Movie in the list
I rate him as biggest Overseas tier 1 Superstar till date as it is there have been only 3- Raj Kapoor being 1st then srk and then Aamir being the last. Salman Can very well be the next one to join the list seeing how his performance improved in overseas.

It will be extremly difficult to replace Srk as all time no. 1, His Atg and Atbb record will be broken by Aamir till his career ends but BB records may or may not be broken and hits record out of reach due to less volume Of Aamir's movies.

Talking about Dangal be it adjusted or non adjusted in both ways it is BIGGEST OVERSEAS ATBB AND ATG!


answered Mar 6 by Rancho Production Accountant (27,513 points)
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Raj Kapoor will easily be replaced by Aamir in Few Years and srk Already Replaced Him.

Stats are there for everyone to see.

By the time career ends

It will be



every Raj Kapoor movie doesn't rlsd in OVERSEAS markets... He is part of more than 60+ Movies but only his 4-5 movie rlsd in overseas market.
And his AWARA will remain Most Watched movie in Overseas.

After HAHK /DDLJ all Hindi movie rlsd in OVERSEAS market.

Yes thats why I said Raj Kapoor will be crossed soon Aamir most probably after Thugs which may break all records overseas including footfalls record and Srk already crossed Raj Kapoor
Even Salman will compete with Raj for no. 3 spot.

Without support of box office stats you cant hold on to your position at top.

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Hahahahaha ab Sab RUSSIA ka collection accept krne lage prr jab Maine phli baar kiya tha to sbko FAKE lag rha tha.... Lekin ab BOI bol diya to manna pdga ab Kaha jate Sab.

answered Mar 6 by Vivek Rai Art Director (2,823 points)

Bhai i accepted it

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Very surprised not to see SRK on that list, who was arguably the no 1 star in overseas for more than decade or so.

answered Mar 7 by Intense Director (122,635 points)

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