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Predict which star will make the most cumulative bussiness on opening day this year? [poll]

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Ranveer has Simbaa a massy Action movie with Rohit Brand ,Padmaavat (17.5cr) (though major credit for padmaavat opening goes to controversy)
Varun has tried something different (out of his comfort zone) this time with suidhaga & October can he pull it up?
Tiger Baaghi2 it's his biggest movie till date ,part1 opened to huge 12cr while he has also a popular franchise movie like SOTY2 releasing this year
Akshay- Padman (9.81cr), Gold which is a national holiday release
Ajay has a content thriller like Raid while a franchise movie like Total Dhamal
PS-Apart from Gold all other movies are releasing on nonholiday
So according to you which Star will make most cumulative bussiness on opening day this year
Akshay (Padman+Gold) (1 vote, 13%)
Ajay (Raid+Total Dhamal) (1 vote, 13%)
Ranveer (Padmaavat+Simbaa) (5 votes, 63%)
Varun (Suidhaga+October) (1 vote, 13%)
Tiger (Baaghi2+SOTY2) (0 votes)
asked Mar 4 in Predictions by Roman Production Designer (12,088 points)
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Didn't included Salman Aamir as then it will become obvious.

Surprisingly no vote for Tiger.
But now most probably he is going to make the most cumulative bussiness on opening day this year.

3 Answers

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From your list It has to be Ranveer.

Overall If Salman has 2 movies then Salman for sure

If Salman has 1 movie-
If TOH releases a day after Diwali Puja and Race 3 On Eid Day Then Thugs will Top.

If Both Release on pre eid and Diwali Puja Day respectively Then Race 3 will Top

answered Mar 4 by Rancho Production Accountant (27,168 points)
selected Mar 5 by Roman

+1, Agree with your answer

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If Sallu has Dabangg 3 then he will obviously.

Otherwise Aamir's ToH will have higher total than all these by itself.

Among the ones listed I voted for Ranveer.

answered Mar 4 by mr.hola Assistant Director (41,131 points)
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From your list, Ranveer followed by Varun perhaps

answered Mar 4 by Intense Director (122,094 points)

Didn't included Salman & Aamir as then it will become obvious,as Race3 & Thugs are certain to cross 40cr on opening day (holiday)
Hence more than All.
Both movies of varun are unconventional or not the type of movie which gets big opening.
So let's see agree with Ranveer

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