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Both Salman & Aamir failed this year giving even a hit but Sanju & Padmavaat worked well at the box office, I know they worked because of content and director but least credit also goes RK & RS for their incredible performances. Their is a very high chance that Sanju will become this year's hgoty. I really don't want the Khans time to be over for now maybe later it will end eventually, but has the time come for these young guns to shine at Box Office?
asked in General by Location Manager (5.8k points)
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PREFACE :: im gonna go ahead...and bless this post with grand hypothesis..... as best as i can...as well as to facilitate with better understanding given some naive doesn't understand the wulfric language..... or languaaaaaaajzh if you will.

a movie to score big (blockbuster/atbb) business first and foremost thing it needs is hype.... that can be achieved through external factors... > which may or may not be due to the main lead actor

1 - hype due to main lead actor - action star/larger than life star... doing action/larger than life movie with novelty factor e.g.,
1a) - dabangg,ett,bodyguard,sultan,BB,old amitab movies,

2 - hype due to external factors - e.g.,
2a)- ek villain/aashqui 1,2,YJHD - music
2b)- padmavati - protests
2c)- dangal/sanju/ra.one - putting words in others mouth
2d)- baahubali 2/dabangg 2/ dhoom 2/ krrish 3/ LRMB/ Singham returns - immense amount of goodwill earned by prequel
2e)- KA/TOH/HRvTiger/trimurti/KKKG/KANK - deadly combo

now khan or not.... if a project has anything like these two things.... they can set themselves for a blockbuster or above lifetime.... rest is upto content

answered by Star (149k points)
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You are bang on


Great analysis man, you just explained everything perfectly.

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For the young guns to shine they need to do those universally appealing films
Varun was doing that but moved away from it to please the critics
Ranbir is now doing those commercial movies
Ranveer has simbaa
But with the kind of movies they do i don't think they will rule the star system will end with khans and contemt will take over

answered by Production Accountant (26.1k points)

Yeah, I was happy with Varun in 2017 doing commercial movies. Late Indicine said in one their qna's that Varun is ahead of Ranveer and equal to Ranbir in popularity & in mass area it was another story. The star system will be over if actors like Tiger and Varun stopped doing movies for audience and please the critics.

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answered by Mega Star (204k points)


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The Khans time will stay till around 2021-22, after that age will catch up. I don't agree they're over as of now, still a few more years left.

answered by Producer (111k points)

I can imagine that too. We 90s kids know what the Khans have been. It will be sad to see them go down, but then that's the fact of life. It will happen by 2022


how much hurtful it is to see latest crap match of DX Vs Brothers of Destruction......age matters....n it hurts a lot


Badshaah tumhara lalach fulfill hogaya...5cr


hahah.....Sihan...thats what i thought last night......but now after watching film, it's a mixed feeling

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The younger generation can give a tough fight to the khans only if they come with big directors like hirani and slb. Otherwise i doubt they have legs to pull down what khans pull i.e give blockbusters with debut directors and unknown cast.

answered by Editor (81.7k points)

Agree, they need starpower to pull movies. Remove content & director from Sanju and Padmaavat and they would be a outright disaster at the box office.

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Yes No Doubt ....Khans Kii Upcoming Movies kuch khaas nahi dikh rahi hai ...
2020-21 taak aur uske baad khtm 90s Wale Actor

answered by Set Designer (1.8k points)

Same feeling bro.

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Ranveer, Ranbir, Tiger and Varun are making a bug push in that direction.

But Khans should be careful about the type of movies they sign.

Why the hell are they signing movies with directors like Remo and Victor?

answered by Unit Manager (38k points)


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