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Baazigar is one of my favourite movies and I remember watching it several times on VHS in the 90s era when I was a child. It was the first SRK movie that I watched in the 90s but I was very fond of him that time because of his acting and charisma.

There were many great scenes but the one that gave you chills was where SRK tips Shilpa Shetty off the ledge which was brutal. I liked the flashback scenes of how Rakhee Gulzar become a widow and it showed Dilip Tahil as the culprit which justified SRK's action in the film. Also, the revenge angle was superb where SRK kills Dalip Tahil in the end but his laugh was amazing which made his character strong. SRK's death scene excellent because as an actor he made it look as if he was dying for real.


SRK gives a terrific performance in his negative role and those dialogues were mind-blowing especially his face off with Dalip Tahil. Dalip Tahil has never looked convincing in villain roles but he does act very well in Baazigar although I would have preferred Danny Denzongpa.

Rahkee Gulzar was good unlike some of her films where she is irritating. Kajol looks very pretty in this film and she was excellent in her part and Shilpa acts quite well in her debut.

Many actors were offered his role like Salman Khan being an example but at one point Abbas Mustan rejected the mother angle. Anil Kapoor who didn't have dates to do this film so he rejected it. Akshay Kumar was also offered as well but he wasn't comfortable in playing a negative role but ironically he was at the premiere of the film.

For those who want to see the premiere of Baazigar can watch on this tweet where I uploaded the video.



Technically, this film was a remake of A Kiss Before Dying but Baazigar was far better in terms of acting and suspense. Many changes were made for Hindi version mainly the mother angle which also gave Dalip Tahil's father role more character development as he was the culprit. Plus, the heroine part didn't have the double which they were going to include when the film was offered to Sridevi. Also, the climax was changed as well.

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Era of Kingdom began with this one of the finest bollywood thriller of all time.. Since then he is ruling the hearts of millions

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Whatta movie..never bored watching this. And performance is beyond rating. Shah rukh khan......simply mind blowing, awesome.

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Superb movie and what a chilling performance from shahrukh

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This and darr made him an A lister within one month wow which is not possible for any newcomers to achieve right now

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I saw this once and didn't like it much, nor was much impressed by SRK's acting. I find Darr better in every department.

But no doubt this movie gave a huge boost to SRK and established him as the best actor of his generation.

I wish he has worked with Abbas Mustan more often.

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I haven't watched it yet and neither planning to watch it anytime soon

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Well you're missing out on a superb film.

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This movie is blockbuster because of Shahrukh Khan acting. What a great *** acting man. Shahrukh nailed it. My top most favourite movie after KKHH.

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One of my favourite movies of SRK. He simply nailed it. Awesome movie with outstanding album.

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Liked The Film
And The Album Is One Of My Favourite
Tere Chehre Pe Mujhe Pyaar Nazar Aata Hai Is My Favourite Song From This Chartbuster Album

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Srk- 4.75/5
Kajol- 4/5

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"Chupana bhi nai aata
Jatana bhi nai aata
Hamein tum se mahobbat hai
Batana bhi nahi aata" still is in my play list almost for a decade. A huge favourite of mine. Regarding the movie it's really not a regular cup of tea for me but still I somehow liked it.

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