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Only Khan movie I didn't watched in theatre since 2014..!!

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I liked the movie lol. I remember when I posted good review for this film on forum and getting high no of downvotes.

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im so angry at them for ruining the best chance of modern day classic something like a MPK ,HAHK....
everything was in place.... every darn thing....
- salman khan was coming after 7 blockbusters out of his last 8 movies...(BTW 7 friggin blockbusters out of 8 movies are you kidding me....is this a joke.... what the.... )....
- such a great story it was , mahn this story was goldmine ...
- goodwill earned by Bajrangi bhaijaan...was immense...
- budget was provided .... which was the biggest ever....
- barjaatiya was coming after silencing critic hater after his sleeper blockbuster vivaaahhh

but such horrendous screenplay and dragged scenes and pathetic music and lazy editing made it an absolute garbage of a movie.
oh not to forget the weirdest climax ever. which im sure wasn't in the original draft.

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Bro panauti sonam is there. If deepika in the movie than movie going on another level.

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Movie is average. Yes if deepika in the movie opposite salman khan than no one stop this average movie to cross 3 cr footfalls at the box office.

This is the only movie which footfalls is 2.28 cr and its declare hit at the box office. What a high standard set by salman khan even shahrukh khan not touch this type of footfalls since 2001 except chennai express.

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It was a boring movie to be frank in true barjatya style. Salman was the reason why I managed to survive in the theatre.

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I kinda liked that movie but still it could've been much better and even proved to be a classic but as Grand Nova said "but such horrendous screenplay and dragged scenes and pathetic music and lazy editing made it an absolute garbage of a movie. "

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Ohhh how much i wish salman never did this movie
I hate barajatya movies they are just marriage videos stretched into movies
This movie came after bb even a half decent movie with the goodwill of bb on diwali would have done the trick but no it was this pathetic piece of shit from barajatya

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Found This Decent 1 Time Watch
I Love Barjatia Movies, Vivaah Is Among My All Time Favourites (Want A Wife Like Amirita Rao In Vivaah)
Loved Aaj Unse Milna Hai Song

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4 th successful movie out of 4 from Salman-Sooraj combination

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It's not a bad movie as some say. Pretty decent.

Though the story, taken from a book I read during school, can't remember the name, had much more potential.

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another wasted opportunity by salman to get a atg was coming after his best movie in his career

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