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Which movie will open better between Singham3 & Housefull4 considering both will be holiday(1st day) release? [poll]

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As we already know Rohit & Ajay are going to collaborate​ again for Singham3, whose 1st 2 parts were very well appreciated (though S2 was underwhelming for many due to the standard set by S1). They have brought up the rights of a Malayalam movie as well for remake

While Akki is going back to his biggest franchise & they are planning to make it huge with 200cr budget & in 3D & by bringing back most actors from first 3 part.
So if both movies releases on a national holiday (1st day), then which movie will open more according to you?
& Could this battle Clear our doubts about who is bigger between Ajay & Akki in a right movie?
For Ajay it's Rohit
For Akki it's a big commercial movie
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asked Mar 3 in Predictions by Roman Production Designer (12,088 points)
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Already knew the poll would be in favour of singham3 but it's astounding to see not a single vote for Housefull4.

Its because singham is a way bigger brand than housefull

7 Answers

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Best answer

Singham3 by a good distance. Ajay with Rohit has a much bigger pull than Akshay

answered Mar 3 by Intense Director (122,094 points)
selected Mar 3 by Roman
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Singham is a bigger brand than housefull anyday with housefull3 almost ruimed the goodwill of first two films, the most imp thing is directors here on one hand u have rohit shetty who is a brand in himself and on other hand u have sajid khan who is also a brand in a different way,still with huge budget housefull 4 can challange singham 3,as far as starpower is concern u can compare the opening of any akshay Kumar film with an ajay devgn starrer outside rohit shetty and brand singham and golmal

answered Mar 3 by Sss d Assistant Director (42,140 points)
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Singham 3 by double figure

answered Mar 3 by shah Executive Producer (61,522 points)
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Singham 3, Housefull is a big franchise whose 3rd part collected lesser than it's 2nd part and opening too wasn't that big, which means general appreciation is not there, whereas while Singham Returns didn't had great trending, it's opening was huge which puts it much ahead in terms of general appreciation compared to Housefull franchise..!!

answered Mar 3 by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (205,572 points)
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Singham 3 will be huge, bigger as it is bigger brand.

answered Mar 3 by -OmKara- Production Designer (14,815 points)

Yes both Singham & Golmaal>>>Housefull

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Singham is a brand name in the way Housefull isn't.

What's surprising is that despite Housefull 2 having great WOM, part 3 still had a low opening.

answered Mar 3 by mr.hola Assistant Director (41,131 points)

Actually the trailer of hf3 was the reason I think and the songs were also nowhere close to first two parts

Actually apart from mixed response to the trailer another factor is Singham was appreciated by large chunk of audience (Mass, youth, family audience) while appreciation for Housefull franchise more tilts towards urban youth audience with very limited to offer for family audience compared to Singham.

Hmmm yeah that's why I said Singham is bigger than Housefull.

Mass audiences would drive it to a bigger level than HF4.

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If singham 3 release holiday then may be 35 cr+ opening and if Housefull 4 release holiday then may be 20 cr opening.

Singham >>>>>>>>>>>>Housefull 4

answered Mar 4 by Ajay Casting Director (17,686 points)