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As we all know, HR was in negotiations for this movie for a long time before Aamir signed on all of a sudden.

In my opinion, the character himself was fine, but the constant side-changing was irritating, and Aamir did not suit him at all.

Having seen the movie, do you think HR would have been able to do this role better? I personally think so. I consider him a more versatile actor than Aamir, and in action scenes he would have been able to be more convincing. As far as comedy is concerned, I don't think we have seen HR in an outright comic role ever, but the kind of comedy Firangi is supposed to do, I think he could have handled it.

More importantly, with HR, Fatima wouldn't have been cast in that important role. It might have been played by an actress who could do it better, and that would have made the movie better.

Aamir himself said that Fatima had the main role, it is possible that the feedback to her performance would have lead to her role getting cut.
HR would have done it better
Aamir did it the best
Tu charsi hai
Source Link: The Mind of Hola.
in General by Assistant Director (44.4k points)
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How about none of these? BTW I haven't seen the film but IMO Ranveer Singh.


could see him doing well in the role too.

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....nai yaar character depth hi nai hai iski...forgettable character....

by Production Accountant (27.2k points)
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Main prem ki diwani 2....

by Unit Manager (30.9k points)
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With hrithik the role would have been written differently. I don't agree that he would have played it better or worse or whatever. The issue is the direction and the screenplay. That would have stayed the same.

by Director (128k points)

maybe by changing the casting of Zafira, maybe the movie could have been better. I have a feeling her role was bigger than what we saw in the movie.


Her role was the one around which the whole story revolves, the main character.

But as always, mr perfectionist chopped her role, and result is in front of you.