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Rank the upcoming event movies of this decade interms of it's boxoffice perspective

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There are only 2 years remaining.
We have plethora​ of event movies
Aamir khan is coming with biggest bolly movie ever made Toh.
Bhai is going to entertain us with 3 big franchise movie like Race3, Dabbangg3, Kick2 & A potential career defining movie like Bharat.
Srk will return with one of the biggest director ALR (Zero)
Akki has some big budget extravaganza like Housefull4, Keshari,2.0 & a content movie like gold.
Ranbir has Hirani by his side for Dutt & a superhero movie bramhastra with his favourite ayan.
Ranveer has Simbaa with Rohit Brand
HR has a big event movie of Yrf.
Didn't included movies of Ajay, Varun & Gully boy,s30 because they are not event movies
asked Mar 1 in Predictions by Roman Production Designer (12,088 points)
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4 movies of Salman (Keeping faith on Ali not to make mistakes like Kabir)


Hritik-Tiger Movie

Housefull 4






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TOH : 350-400cr
Race3: 250-300cr
Zero: 150-180cr
Dutt: 120-150cr
HR/YRF: 200-230cr

Amongst the 2019 ones Bharat can be huge ATBB, Kick and D3 will be BB.

answered Mar 1 by Intense Director (122,094 points)
selected Mar 2 by Roman
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I Think Thugs will be Biggest Movie of the decade Provided Victor Masss Makes a good movie.

It has A top Actress like Katrina, For the 1st time Aamir and Amitabh are paired together, It is made under biggest Banner YRF, Public is loving Period Movie Genre And most importantly Here Aamir is in a fully Commercial Film In this entire century Hardly 3 Film of his would come under this category and all were big Hits taking Huge opening.

My prediction THUGS WILL DO ANYTHING BETWEEN 300-500 crs.

Buzz will be sky high for this movie.

answered Mar 1 by Rancho Production Accountant (27,168 points)

If clash of 2.0 then 200 cr is not on.

Ajay Donot Live In Fools Paradise

Yes Roman I also Feel Thugs Will be Grand And if Victor Makes a decent movie it will be an atbb and atg Riding on basis of Huge Buzz of seeing Amitabh and Aamir together.
I also have trust on Brand Aamir
Thugs will be a Magnum Opus!

Bro agar 220 cr production cost hogi to aamir ki fees or advertisement add karke to budget 300 cr paar ho jayega.

Projected budget for cop was 210 then there were reports that it will go over budget as Yrf has given free hand to Victor.
Budget is not a issue now with digital rights coming into picture which itself fetched 110cr, domestic share will be 150+(considering 300 nett at min) at min, overseas rights will be 80+(considering 160+ at min) at min, satellite rights & music rights will fetch another 90cr.
& Above that there's China market for Aamir.
So even if they will spend 300+ still they will gain huge huge sum.

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Thugs and Bharat are upcoming all time Blockbuster movies.
Dabangg 3, Kick 2 and Race 3 will be Blockbusters (Race3 might be Superhit only).
Zero will be a Superhit.

answered Mar 1 by shah Executive Producer (61,522 points)
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won't rate according to BO perspective, but there are 2 movies which can be bigger than all others if the WOM is there.

Zero and Bharat.

these are movies about emotions. when the emotions are genuine and click, the audience goes crazy for the movie.

I know some will say that I put Zero in there because I am an SRK fan, but the reality is that I have consistently had low predictions for this movie precisely because I don't think it'll be good.

but if these 2 movies are good, they will be remembered as classic movies of this decade.

if these movies get excellent WOM and other action movies like TOH, Race 3, etc also get excellent WOM, still Zero and Bharat will be bigger.

now getting those emotions right is very, very tough. whether these movies get that right is something we won't know for several more months, and I wouldn't bet on it.

answered Mar 1 by mr.hola Assistant Director (41,131 points)
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Thugs of hindostan - 280 cr
Race 3 - 250 cr
Dabangg 3 - 250 cr
Kick 2 - 350 cr
Bharat - 200 - 400 cr
Zero - 175 cr (due to christmas)
Housefull 4 - 150 cr
Kesari - 175 cr
2.0 - ye release bhi hogi kya?
Gold - 140 cr
Dutt - 200 cr
Brahmastra - 100 cr
Simbaa - 100 cr
Hr tiger - 200 cr

answered Mar 1 by Ajay Casting Director (17,686 points)
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Avengers Infinity War

Star Wars episode 9

Avengers 4

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom

Incredibles 2

Deadpool 2

answered Mar 1 by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (205,572 points)

Oh, completely forgot about it..!!

other huge movies from 2019 too.

Captain Marvel (could break out like Wonder Woman)
Aladdin remake (not as big as Lion King but still will be big)
Frozen 2 (will be a bigger deal than Incredibles 2)
Toy Story 4 (c'mon, it's Toy Story)

So we got our top 10

But, Incredibles >> Frozen, because Incredibles is gonna come with that extra push of nostalgia besides Frozen is not in league of Incredible as a movie too, don't understand how it made so much money..??,

thats's exactly it, guys cannot understand how Frozen made so much money, but it was a phenomenon for girls of all age. they supported it the way they supported Titanic. even in Japan it went nuts. still the highest grossing animated movie worldwide. even took the HGOTY title from Iron Man 3 somehow!

there will also be some nostalgia for Frozen. it will release 6 years after Frozen, so kids who saw it will be in teens, they will want to see it again and again. for girls there is no animated movie in the league of Frozen.

definitely Incredibles 2 will be massive (can be as big as Finding Dory), but Frozen 2 will take things to a whole other level IMO.

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Kick 2
Race 3

Others dont matter anymore

answered Mar 1 by Seinfeld Camera Operator (9,675 points)
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Race 3- 300-310cr
Dabangg 3-250cr-300cr
Kick 2- 300-370cr
Toh- 300-310cr

answered Mar 2 by being_tanveer Production Accountant (24,530 points)

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