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+8 votes

For 10 consecutive years, we have seen Salman & Aamir giving HGOTY, this year this chain will be broken & we have 3 very strong contenders for this year's HGOTY, 3 guesses for this year are:

1. Sanju - 334 Cr
2. Zero - Expected
3. Simmba - Expected

Here is to this incredible 10 Years innings by Amar Aamir Khan - Prem Salman Khan yes

in General by Location Manager (7.4k points)
89% Accept Rate

Talk Only About Bollywood
Prabhas Does Not Belongs To This Industry!


Srk se kuch bhi ukhada nhi jaa raha toh kbhi prabhas toh kbhi Ranbir ke pichhe chhupna aam baat hai inke liye.


Speaking of SRK se kuch bhi ukhada nhi jata
SRK has $900mn plus worth fortune.
As far as I know that's pretty much big and going by your comments, you would have $901mn otherwise you are just an internet keyboard warrior.

Speaking of box office, the guy ruled industry since 1994 to 2014, and pretty much certain that its THE END for him, but you 2010 born peoples don't have much to say in it.


Acc to this logic Mukesh Ambani is the biggest star as he's the richest person of the

Even Tushar Kapur/Uday Chopra fans can claim the same, but unfortunately neither Tushar/Uday fans can prove it nor Srk fans can. Statistics clearly says that Salman>>>Rest till 2000 and from 2010 onwards it's Salman's show only.

15 Answers

+6 votes
Best answer

Kasam Se Bolta Hun Thugs Ke Atbb And Atg Na Hone Se Jyada Dukh Mujhe Iss Streak Ke Break Hone Pe Ho Raha Hai

Mahn Such Kind Of Streak Was Neither Seen In Past Nor Would Be Seen In Future

Salmir Are Undoubtedly Most Successful Actors Of Multiplex Era

by Assistant Director (41.5k points)
selected by

Taking support of salman fans...


LMAO Such Tactics Are Done By Srk Fans On Twitter Dont Talk In Air

We Dont Need Support Of Anyone

We Are Not Shameless Like Srk Fans To Take Support From Rival Fan Base At Peak Of Negativity

And In Fan Wars No One Supports Anyone In Reality They Just Fulfill Their Own Interests!

+6 votes

This is really insane man. This truly show that they are the baap of Bollywood. Streak started with Aamir Khan's Ghajini & ended with Bhai's TZH.

by Location Manager (6.3k points)
+4 votes

I thought aamir will save the streak but bad luck
Still one of the greatest streaks ever in bollywood pure dominance from Aamir and Salman

by Assistant Director (45.8k points)
+4 votes

Speaking of Dominance, while reading this post. HGOTY (Worldwide) during 2000 to 2004 (5 years) was with SRK. In fact from 1995 to 2004, he only missed 1996 and 1999.

by Super-star (172k points)
reshown by
+3 votes

I see it as a glitch.. nothing else..

by Unit Manager (35.3k points)
+2 votes

If it was Srk then also acceptable but ranbir no way...

by Location Scout (3.5k points)
+2 votes

Man! What a dominance this is. No words to describe this achievement.

by Production Accountant (22.1k points)
+2 votes

This is what you call real dominance and ruling over boxoffice.
All these were huge hits and all have 2 and 3cr footfalls. These are called huge hits, not the films which had 1.7-1.9cr footfalls.
But this year it will be sanju

by Location Scout (3.5k points)
0 votes

very impressive feat shows the dominance of these 2 guys in the last 10 years but if sanju does manage to be hgoty then it will be a big achievement too as I cant remember when a hgoty came on non holiday last

by Location Manager (6k points)

Dhoom 2 in YEAR : 2006


thanks that was the magic of hrithik in his peak plus dhoom brand


In Year : 2003 and 2000 HR has also given HGOTY...
Dhoom was not Big Franchise at that time when D2 was rlsd


yes I think 2003 was his most spectacular year people had written him off after some flops and he came and delivered a hgoty over kal ho na ho

0 votes

Now I hope the third Khan finally gives a hgoty after a decade. It's been a long time overdue

by Star (143k points)
0 votes

Congratulations to Aamir and Salmam for this outstanding achievement. Here's hoping SRK achieves HGOTY this year.

by Assistant Director (50.6k points)
0 votes

Come on yaar don't be disheartened Next year Everything will be in place This Record will be back to KHANS (Salman khan ) so Khans dominance will continue for 5-7 more years for sure

by Production Accountant (25.8k points)
–1 vote

Useless post.....have a look at saransh’s answer..srk on top

by Camera Operator (9.7k points)
–2 votes

Its Already Broken in YEAR : 2017 by BAHUBALI_2 ..tmhe kahi bhi TZH nahi dikhga HGOTY koi bhi Site prr....tmne Bollywood bhi nahi likha...
ZERO may be ho skti hai...Prr SIMMBA prr depend hai waiting for the Trailer...

by Location Manager (7.6k points)

Baahubali 2 isn't HINDI Film, it was dubbed, get over it.


I know but there Collection came in Hindi Language ....
So it will be added As HGOTY ...
BOI ,,KOIMOI,,etc...
Sabhi Site prr B2 he rhga...
Yaha Tumhe BOLLYWOOD likha dena Chahiye apne post me

–2 votes

Dominance shud be achieved solo, not in pair, aamir-salman are not "2 jism ek jaan"......or are they??? want 2 know real dominance???? SRK delivered highest grosser of the year(worldwide) 8 times in 10 years i.e from 1995 to 2004......missing in 1996 n 1999 only
That's real dominance....
And talking about the dominance u mentioned, it was broken last year by bb2, check the boi database to know the biggest hit of last year.....

by Unit Manager (30.9k points)

That's I am saying Bro...
It was already Broken in YEAR : 2017 ....kahi bhi TZH hgoty nahi dikhga koi bhi SITES prr jaakr dekh lo...
Ab yr khud BOLLYWOOD bolkr jabardasti krr skte hai TZH....Prr B2 credit le gya..
Baaki rahi baat khans Dominance kii to Ye pura Decade KHANS ka he hai koi nahi chinn skta....aisa Dominance bas 1950s me tha DILIP-DEV-RAJ

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