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+5 votes
Toh 2days collection around 3.7M

Weekend looking at 6M

Lifetime should be something around 10-11M

No SRK movie has ever underperformed like this in overseas this decade despite doing back to back horrendous movie and clash, nonholiday etc etc.

So this should end all the speculation, SRK is by far the biggest in traditional overseas market.

Though Aamir is a superstar in China.

Check Weekends of SRK movies this decade

Jhms 6.3M

Raees 6.9M

Fan 6.1M

Dilwale 8.5M

Hny 8M

CE 7.23M

Jthj 4.7M

Don2 5.2M

Raone 5.1M


According to me in overseas

1-Shahrukh Khan

2-Aamir Khan

3-Salman Khan

Though in India it's the vice versa

SRK is GOAT in overseas
in General by Unit Manager (33.5k points)
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7 Answers

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Man, you've stirred a hornet's nest. Be prepared for some serious fireworks now.

by Star (143k points)
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Downvote for not even taking anyone's name


Be thankful there’s not a generic copy paste comment


Hahahahhahahahahhaa. Yes bro.

+3 votes

Now apply same logic for Salman considering Race 3, Tubelight opening in India.

by Camera Operator (9.7k points)
edited by

Well Race3 opening, weekend, week, lifetime will be well above Toh.
2nd thing it's my thinking you are free to think the other way around
But according to me in overseas
It's SRK, Aamir, Salman


Well, I meant in India

Race 3 opening is not more in India
Tubelight opening not more in India

According to your logic, he is lesser star than Aamir in India then.


Well Race3 real value opening was 32cr according to boi due to preeid effect. Wait you have to believe that because you believed boi for toh.
So on a national holiday it could have opened 48+ (50% boost boi had once said that effect is ~50%)
& that's for a movie with Daisy, Bobby, saquib, worst trailer and most trolled movie.
Quite a achievement no

+2 votes

But first Let srk cross TOH worldwide then we can argue

by Director (123k points)

@Deepak, go through the post I have clearly said
So this should end all the speculation,SRK is by far the biggest in traditional overseas markets
Don't repeat the same thing again and again.


I would like to copy Nolan IIT JEE comment ..


Yes you can. This image is also fine:



+1 vote

Aamir Khan - Bringing shame to Bollywood since ages.......there was a rough patch of 6,7 years.....otherwise it is unmatchable dominance of poor performance

by Unit Manager (33.5k points)

Those So Called 6-7 Years Were Sufficient To Cross Entire Shameful Career Of Srk



hahaha......i like u Rancho....its hard for me to downvote ur answer.....still do for Fan war at times....but no arguments.......n i liked ur style....make one post, use it for few days....instead of writing again n again


hahaha fan wars aside I also like you



0 votes

Nice get ready for minus vote.

And think twice before saying in India Its Vice versa....(all time) .

by Editor (88.5k points)

Bhai Sahab Fan War Ki Duniya Mei Apne Favourite Actor Ki Insult Wali Post Pe Upvote Nahi Diya Jaa Sakta

Par Mere Andar Ka Neutral Itna Kar Sakta Hai Ki Downvote Na De

Abhi Mahaul Theek Nahi Forum Ka Nahi Toh Maine Kai Baar Facts Accept Kiye Hain Aur Honest Opinion Bhi Diya Hai


Thank you

But that was in no way an insult to Aamir, I have only said that SRK is biggest in tradiional overseas markets and Aamir in nontraditional markets.
I believe Praising ones achievement should not be considered as a insult to fav.

Every one faces failure one can't be always successful, we have faced it 4 times this decade.
He's genius, he will never repeat the same mistake again.
So don't worry


Thanks, I Get Your Point


Both aamir and SRK are huge in overseas. China and non traditional markets aamir is unmatched. It took a legend like Victor to break aamir's golden run

0 votes

Just get to know that by overseas you only mean traditional market plus China , who will count Taiwan /turkey /hongkong where Aamir is simply don't have any competition..
2ndly if with just one underperformance you declare your opinion then shame on you to compare srk with Aamir & Salman in domestic market that too after 4 years of chiller performance..

by Director (129k points)

I am saying about thugs failure in traditional market , srk was very consistent performer in overseas & no one can deny about that but his reach was very limited and look where Aamir have taken the business...
China , turkey , hongkong all these market belong to one man Aamir...
If you want to say about srk dominance in overseas then edit your question with traditional market only because if you are saying overseas then he is nowhere near to Aamir.
And by the way I hope you will make special post like this for domestic also.
As after continuous poor performance of srk many srkians converted to other fanbase or pretend that they are like them for example Ajay , tumhari baat Nahi Kar Raha hu.


I have already mentioned in comment that SRK in traditional while it's Aamir in nontraditional.

For example Ajay, tumhari baat nahi kar raha hoon
Too bad sense of humor
SRK fan only due to I said SRK is no1 overseas good
Don't distribute fans certificates so easily,being a fan of certain actor doesn't necessarily mean I have to hate others or degrade other's achievement.

Regarding Ajay, he's fan of none.


No you only mentioned China which is not true because apart from China , hongkong/Taiwan/turkey are the other markets which is consistently earning 4-8m$ for Aamir while for other these markets are not exist.
So srk in overseas (except China) is wrong , right one is srk in traditional market that too very small margin while if you count overseas then he is not even in picture to compete with Aamir


@Deepak, go through the post.

–1 vote

ofcourse with the same wom an srk movie will always earn more than an aamir movie overseas except china ofcourse a disaster like jhms did 10 million on non holiday whereas another torture like dilwale broke records if he had gotten a good wom movie like salman or aamir he would have touched 40 million in the traditional markets

by Location Manager (6k points)