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Have been listening alot that Salman can't pulled up a movie without Masala, actually what's masala?

Masses don't qualifies to called as audience? They made torture like Race3 cross 160cr.

Toh was the biggest masala movie of all time (If all Salman movies this decade  can be masala then toh as well), it's going to end its run somewhere around Race3.

& In overseas far below Race3.

Failures in masala genre in last 5 years (Only big movies)



3-R Rajkumar




7-Bullet Raja


9-jai how

10-Bang Bang


12-Action Jackson


14-Kill Dill


16-Welcome Back

17-Gabbar is back







24-Ghayal once again







31-Thugs Of Hindostan

Only big movies are considered and if all movies after 2010 is masala for Salman then the above should also be qualified as masala, have left so many comedy and drama movies but let go all these things.

Simple fact is that Salman has more blockbusters in masala genre than all the other actors of Bollywood combined and if masala movies guarantees sucess then why the above movies failed?
Source Link: Roman
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honestly, every actor has his strong suit.

with Salman, it is masala/action.

with SRK, it is romance.

with Aamir, social dramas.

now this doesn't mean that these actors cannot fail in these genres or they cannot give huge hits in other genres, but these are their strongest genres.

by Assistant Director (46.6k points)
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its because his audience want to see him in masala roles that is not the case for other actors
same with srk and romance he has way too many blockbusters in this genre than all the other actors combined because the audience wanted to see him in that however that all has changed now and both need to reinvent

by Location Manager (5.3k points)
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+1 vote

Masala is his high point just like romance for SRK. A movie like tubelight had it been made by someone else could have been a winner.

by Director (133k points)
+1 vote

......... ..yess agreeeeee..........

by Production Accountant (27.2k points)
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There was a time for masala genre....started in 2007 with Om shanti Om. Then ghajini , wanted took masala to new level. Then dabaang happened. People enjoyed the taste of masala till 2013. Ends with dhoom3. From 2014 PK started another trend followed by bhajrangi bhaijaan. Now it's bahubaali era and Bollywood is really confused what to make....and in this situation so called god made Huge mistake. Lol.

About SRK... He did daring Ra one, boring jthj , classy don2 in masala era. Which all failed due to being bad product except don2. Thanks god Chennai express happened in masala era. With mixed to good wom Its became highest grosser of all time. That's too With six Open days.

by Editor (88.5k points)
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Voted no to your answer straight away. Salman's body language and physics are quite suitable for masala movies but I don't agree that he is a big zero without masala movies. He is a limited actor. If the role is tailored for his personality he can deliver every role brilliantly. Though I consider him the best in Dabbang he still has thoroughly impressed me in Bajrangi Vai Jan, Tere Naam etc.

by Production Designer (15.9k points)
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Yes totally Agree.......

by Location Scout (4.8k points)

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