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watch from 14:35, as Rajeev Massand goes around Siddharth Malhor's new production house and meets and talks with the director of the movie.

Source Link: youtube
asked ago in General by Unit Manager (36.1k points)
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The director seems to b of no nonsense category. Has first got the idea 10yrs ago.. Has been working on the film for last 6 yrs. Content ki khushbu aa rhi h baaton se

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Jst stopped it at 16:23, he said ''Rakesh Sharma is a very quiet person'' ......now we r probably in for a low energy role from SRK like Major Samar Anand after such high energy dose of Bauua Singh in Zero..........Master of overplaying n underplaying will show his versatility in a span of a year.....two good films coming up, feels like.....and i m in love again

answered ago by Unit Manager (32.5k points)
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yes bro I mean a character who is honest and decent, not someone like Bauua Singh fo example who is more o a launde lapade type.

I feel like it's very hard to show those qualities on screen and seem genuine. And I feel like SRK does that very well. He'll be doing that in SJSA and I'm sure it'll be good too.


Ahan.....by the way i'll be surprised to see Ajay failing at that cz he is one hell of an actor for this kinda role......by the way for honest, innocent, decent and most importantly MATURE character (not a launda lapada), Ajay's performance in HDDCS came to my mind right now.....will like to see Raid to see if he failed at that...cz my belief is HE CAN'T
for SJSA, its a good start VIBE wise....with Aamir also recommending SRK this film...director looks like a focused one having a story to tell....lets see how it turns out


Alright bhai let me know if you watch the movie.

Personally I felt that the way the character was portrayed, from dialogues to actions to performance all were trying way too hard to show him as an honorable man, but it didn't come off well.


sure.....i will try ASAP

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This movie will be something which will bring back SRK at the top , i have so much hopes from this project, it seems to me this one will be the first universally accepted movie of SRK and i am eagerly waiting for this one its my most antisapated movie ... its like seeing srk back in swades form

answered ago by Assistant Director (41.2k points)
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who is the director guys? has he made something good before ?

answered ago by Set Designer (2k points)

He's made a low-budget movie many years earlier, I haven't seen it.


well thats scary for such a big project


Kuch to hai iss director main aur iski script main jo pehle Aamir film karne waala tha aur ab SRK kar raha hai.

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Last real hope for Shahrukh, hope he doesn't romance in space this time.....

answered ago by Second Unit Director (73.9k points)

without love the world is nothing better learn to embrace romance

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