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0 votes
1st day 50cr

2nd day 32cr

Bigger drop than Prdp, both opened at same level but drop is bigger in case of TOH so clearly audience response is below Prdp.

Prdp weekend was 97

I expect it to be 115cr

Extended weekend 150cr, after that I'm expecting it to collect same as Prdp (70cr)  because of GST and inflation effect eliminating wom effect.

Lifetime 220cr

Biggest ever Diwali grosser interms of nett as well as gross


Footfalls below 2cr (Prdp~2.28cr)

Share yours
Source Link: Roman
in Predictions by Assistant Director (44.4k points)
92% Accept Rate

Real 165 cr Footfall 1 cr

Daily 10 cr Add 325 cr

8 Answers

+2 votes
Best answer

Actuals ₹150cr Full run.
Inflated God knows

by Super-star (172k points)
selected by

Not get data from where laal mirchi calculator..


Day 2 ₹22cr


Ok laal mirchi deshi ghee.
3rd day 15cr right.


You proved to be right.
150cr looks like the case now.

+1 vote

Somewhere between. I feel it will settle around 245-250cr

by Star (152k points)
+1 vote

It will settle around 250 cr looking at day 2 estimates.

by Location Manager (6.4k points)
+1 vote

230-250 Cr Hit..
I know it is not digestible for some so called pr created actor whos last 2 film lifetime was destroyed within first two days...
Auqat Ka bhi to difference hota hai.

by Director (129k points)
+1 vote

First Day India: 39cr
First Weekend: 94cr
Extended Weekend: 126cr

First Day overseas: 2.9m
First Weekend overseas: 7.9m
First Weekend USA: 2m

that is my prediction in prediction section....

weekend now will be 102cr
extended will be 126cr
overseas opening will be as written...
and lifetime as predicted won't cross ETT for sure....
footfalls will be 1.2cr.
verdict should be disaster.... but the way BOI is favoring them ... they might give it below average

by Star (160k points)

Bro 1st day overseas is below 2M, weekend should be around 6M


yup...thats the closest we have on our forum..... in predictions ....
my point... everyone thought of TOH as something its not.... which is why they over predicted.

0 votes

250 Crs Lifetime
Footfalls 2 Cr
Masses Have Gone Crazy In Single Screens

by Assistant Director (45.9k points)

Prdp -

2015 - 194.305 cr
Adjusted in 2018 - 240 cr


225 cr lifetime.

0 votes

Life Time 165 cr

Twitter Par 5 Number Par Trend #StopManipulationYRF
Kar Rahi Hai

by Location Manager (7.9k points)

Hahahahah 35% Drop

BookMyshow Check Nahi Kya Tha Kya?
Distributor Cry 20 cr
BOI 32 cr

Ab Promotion Ki Kya Zaroorat Hai BOI Ko 1 cr De Do


Distributor crying where do you have any proof like distributor laashein during tubelight.
BOI ko 1 de dekar to itne paid article chhapwaye hai Salman ke liye..



Mai Apka Respect Karta Hoo
Kuch Bhi Bolo Jahil Gwaar Kutta ETC Lekin

insha'Allah maashaalah subaan Allah

Please Na Kahe
Yeh Ek Religion Word Hai


Hello me bhi religion ki utni hi respect karta hu jitni ki tum , but me religion ke word normally aisi Jagah use Nahi karta Jaise ki tune past me Kiya..
jai bajrang bali tubelight 40 Cr opening 130 weekend

Still I have edited my answer.

0 votes

170cr lifetime coz on Monday it will b finished and it will be ultra disaster having budget of 310cr

by Production Accountant (26.4k points)
edited by

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