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As BOI said, for an actor to become a superstar, he needs to do something that makes the audience go crazy, and then he has to solidify it.

Both Tiger and John took by far their biggest openings and now they can potentially have big things coming in the future. Both made strides in the BOI ranking. 

Take a look at their upcoming movies:


Romeo Akber Walter, Batla House, a movie with Anees Bazmee.


SoTY 2, HRvTiger, Baaghi 3, Rambo.

Tiger's next will be a rom-com type movie, followed by HRvTiger, so it might be too much of a gap between proper action movies for him, while John is quickly moving on SMJ's success and has one movie in March and one in August, both of which will have action.

I personally think that John will be able to consolidate better and gain some sort of following. Maybe not the sort of openings that SMJ got, but enough for the budget at which he makes movies.

Source Link: The Mind of Hola.
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Next few years?

Forget about John Abraham. He's a good actor but he's not BO material. Not even a solo Hit of his own apart from Satyameva Jayate and Jism. How is he even a star to compete with Tiger?

As much as he's a better actor than Tiger ''Non-Actor'' Shroff, he has no credibility at the BO. Just that one masala movie Satyameva Jayte which beat Gold and now everyone thinks he's some star. If his former competitor Arjun Rampal had got that success then people would worship him. Strangely some Ajay fans on Twitter were kissing John a$$ on when he clashed with Akki's film although I wasn't one of them. I don't know what went wrong with Gold at the BO but Akki is still bigger than John.


John has an interesting lineup but his BO record is poor even similar to Arjun Rampal. So there's nothing to expect from his at the BO so I wouldn't be surprised if his upcoming film gets an Average or Semi-Hit.

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I am putting my money on tiger. I won't be surprised if he pulls ahead of varun, ranbir, ranveer etc. Does massy commercial movies and he's made a name in the B and C centres.

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Baaghi 2 and Satyameva Jayate took opening not stars.
Not to forget Munna Michael had opening of ₹6cr only and that's level of Tiger. If film look good it will open if not same ₹6cr.
Now that's where Superstar or stardom come. SRK is Superstar because he made JHMS open to ₹15cr. Good looking films has other factors in favour too.

by Super-star (168k points)
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Without Doubt Tiger Will Be Bigger Star

by Production Accountant (26.7k points)
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Both bigger than Shahrukh today.......

by Second Unit Director (75.7k points)

Tere bi paise thug life Na....TOH ka asar lol.....

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