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Name And Rate Movie You Watched (18th Feb - 24th Feb). Also Choose Movie Of The Week. Week 209. RIP Sridevi Week.

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1. Padmaavat (2018): 5/10 An average fair. The storyline is tenuous and the first half is way too loud and dull to digest. There are some moments in the second half but the unauthentic melodrama continues throughout the film which hardly excites me. The performance of actors is fine but then again there's exaggeration in everything because well we don't have acceptance for anything which looks natural to us be it love, anger, hate, sorrow or any other emotions. Well, in an era, where substandard epic daily soaps and mediocre films like Magadheera and Baahubali get unanimous appreciation, Padmaavat is truly a stand-out. The film is a blockbuster, and now nothing really matters. Glad, it released.

2. Behen Hogi Teri (2017): 3/10 The film is pure garbage. If there was no Shruti Hassan, I would have never given it a watch, but, unfortunately even she disappointed me with her bad acting. I never knew that she is an average performer as I've watched only two films of her, Luck and D-Day, both had a supporting role so had nothing much to judge. But, in this film, her inability to act is crystal clear. It may be because of the poor story and bad direction. I should watch her other movie to clear the cache. As of now, this film must not be watched. Even Rajkumar Rao is completely wasted.

3. Black Panther (2018): 7/10 Entertaining all I can say. The film has everything which you expect from a Marvel film. But, yes, get yourself ready to feel pissed off by Sanskari CBFC.

4. Dasvidaniya (2008): 9/10 Here comes the best film I've watched lately. If you are making a watch list of movies, for heaven's sake, mention this film in that list. This film should be there on the list- "Must Watch Movies Before You Die", because then you will die in wholly different ways if the film really inspired you. Dasvidaniya is kind of movies which will make you proud of Bollywood. And, how I saw it has created an emotional bonding for the characters and the film itself. I'm kind of very sensitive person and if the emotions shown on screen feels like natural, my eyes get teary very easily but while watching this film I became emotional way too many times which I guess happened with a handful of films. The film has very substantial and inspiring storyline which compels you to introspect your lifestyle for once and if it needs any positive revise. And, it's not meant to say, but somewhere I do.
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For me this week movies were playing the role of comfort food, only watched 2 older movies that I have seen tons of times and thoroughly enjoyed them.

Duplicate (7/10):

I know for sure that if I hadn't seen this movie as a kid, I wouldn't have given it this score. But the feelings it evokes are great. I am willing to look past the non-sense or illogical parts due to the nostalgia. Overall this is a very funny and entertaining movie with a great lead performance. I was watching this with a cousin, and he has been criticising SRK recently just to get a rise out of me, but while watching this movie he was amazed that while both characters were face to face, you could absolutely see the small things he added to each performance to make it distinctive. The songs were also very good.

A totally bizarre but also funny line is when he asks his boss "Chai thandi peeni hai ya garam".

Home Alone (6.5/10):

Again, got a warm and fuzzy feeling when watching this movie. I love movies that revolve around family and also those that take place in the winter season, so this one is an absolute slam-dunk for me.

Surprisingly the parts that I didn't like as much were when he was torturing the thieves, which I used to enjoy the most as a kid.

Other than these, I continued my binge watch of Fringe and ended it finally. I have to say that after an outstanding season 3 (especially the first half), the show declined in quality. Both the 4th and 5th seasons took off in a direction I didn't like, and so this won't be in my list of all-timers, but it still is an entertaining and fun watch, particularly if you like Sci-Fi.

Now have started by binge of Marvel's Runaways, which is very good so far, done with half the season.

answered Feb 25 by mr.hola Assistant Director (42,127 points)
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Good you watched Dasvidaniya. One of my favorite films.


  1. Kedi [2016 - Turkish] = 9/10 [Well I am a cat person. No chance of me not loving this documentary.]

  2. Sha Po Lang: Taam Long aka Paradox [2017 - Cantonese] = 4/10 [it was just too much.]

  3. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri [2017] = 7/10 [Good watch.]

  4. Operation Alamelamma [2017 - Kannada] = NR [Rewatched it with parents.]

First Time Watches = Except Operation Alamelamma rest of them.

Movie(s) of the Week = All of them.

I might have not liked Paradox much but if you did enjoy the previous 2 parts which had Donnie Yen & Tony Jaa then you may give this one a try.

answered Feb 25 by suhas All Time best! (259,214 points)
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Bombay talkies: 7/10
Black Panther: 7/10

Movie of the week- Black Panther

answered Feb 25 by Intense Director (123,429 points)
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Wild child 6/10
Watched it only for emma roberts
A entertaining teen movie

Rough night 5/10
Even scarleet johanson couldn't save this movie which had lame jokes to be honest
A few scenes aere fun but thats about it

Saw 2 6/10
Nowhere even close to the first part
But still an above average flick for me

Kiss kiss bang bang 5/10
I don't know why but i didn't liked it that much but robert downey jr was very gud

Haseena parkar 4/10
All dialouges and stuff but no proper writing
Sharddha tried but couldn't do justice to the role
Plus i hated the film bcoz it fuc*ing glorified criminals

Valerian and the city of thousand planets 3/10
All show and no go
The film only had gud vfx but the storyline and acting isn't that great

Rang de basanti 8/10
Watched it again and loved it again
I don't need to say anything about this movie everybody already knows

Mission impossible 3 7/10
Liked it more than the first two parts bcoz it was way more fast paced than the first two one

Mother! 3/10
Ohhh the controversial film which had everyone talking about it
It has to me the most uneasy film to watch for me not bcoz of gore and blood
I have watched even more gorier films than this
But just the wtf is happeninh level is too damn high in the movie

Johnny gaddaar 7/10
True thiller that keeps you hooked althrought the end
It was a gud debut for neil nitin mukesh

Confidential assignment 5/10
Average film

Movie of the week:Rang De Basanti

answered Feb 26 by SSk Production Accountant (26,802 points)

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