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Watched thugs and my review is added under the review post.

My main complaint is that it does not have those scenes. I don’t know if its the right word but them Hero Elevation scenes I’m talking about!

See for instance Bahubali 1 and 2 had ample scenes where the hero was shown to be a badass. Salman Khan is also shown a savage in Dabangg, Tiger etc. The standout scenes were so rare in the movie.

People have started shitting D3 so much that they forgot that when the movie released, it was received mostly on the positive side. It’s just that the movie hasn’t aged well and for obvious reasons. There are scenes such as Sahir fooling Jai with his retard brother’s mannerisms or the last scene where they both jump off the bridge. Even Dangal starts off with that legendary dialogue “National level champion se hara hai tu!”
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Victor Nei Sab Kharab Kar Diya
Aamir Is Also At Fault For Trusting Hin

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I think the biggest issue is the story. It clearly apes Dhoom 3's opening and sets up revenge for the little girl, but she's not the main character, so the movie focuses on Firangi instead, and the main story is kept waiting until the ending moments.

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I Did not read your review since I plan to watch the movie this week. It's obvious that hiring Victor again was a major misfire. A movie starring aamir and Big B deserves way way better.

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