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She is consistently watchable .. congrats to her designer
asked ago in General by Director (120k points)
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2 Answers

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Lol.xupa huwa aarman jagake fuss kardiya charlie

answered ago by Camera Operator (8.2k points)

Kya yeh acha nahin hai..? Iske aage aur karegi kya ? ab kya short t shirt mein no pants karegi kya ? ..priyanka jaaaan legi kya ..?


Misleading title diya matkaro bhai

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look ... im the horniest guy there is.....
i get red hot when i see someone not wearing pants ..... but i would rather prefer to be gaayyy before getting hot for priyanka chopra.....

if she was the last female alive.... and i had to pork her to continue the human specie.... i would just pass...like she would say its about saving the human race

all you have to do is.......cover the face, phhucckkk the bass and close the case.....

and i would be like.... no thanks im good.

answered ago by Star (148k points)

She has got amazing posterior ..how about going from behind , if u got the task to save the humanity ?


what the hecking heck charlie.....no way.... you are the XL you would know..... no compromising on principle.
just hate her..... beyond .... anything.


Hehe....i always feel happy if I see long Para in g.novas answer..... Kind of pervert literature...

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