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No. In this trailer they just used one dialogue spoken by him. i.e. the main punch dialouge where he replies "Aur Tera baap main Hoon".


Thank man. Is KGF releasing with full fledge Hindi version on 21st Dec.


It's Hindi dubbed. Yes, it will be a full fledged release. 80cr budget is too huge for a Kannada film. And with trailer getting unanimous applause, Farhan Akhtar & Anil Thadani will ensure to milk enough out of it by getting it decent release size against Zero. In south, it has got full support anyways.


The film looks huge. Cinematography and raw action is very good. Yash has bright future.

3 Answers

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Wow rocking star yash nailed it completely , hope it will get a good release in hindi belt market..

And now i know some insecure fanbase will ask me accha pehle iska naam bhi kahi suna tha jo aaj aise bol raha hai so just for them , i am a big movie lover for dubbed version specially of telugu & cinema , while for yash i have seen googly which i loved , lucky , Mr & Mrs Ramchari , Masterpiece & Santhu straight forward, Gajakesari which i don't like & left from the middle.

Suhas can you suggest me some good film of Yash which is available in hindi dubbed.

by Director (128k points)
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I guess you have watched all his films dubbed to Hindi considering his movies you listed in your answer.

There is one RNBDJ kinda rip off film of his which hasn't been dubbed to Hindi. Apart from his performance as two characters (I mean he plays a tapori, then to impress a girl, gets a haircut+shave+lens & voila becomes a new guy whom she conveniently doesn't recognize), his chance to romance Ramya (she was number 1 then before retiring to turn full time politician, you may know her with her real name Divya Spandana, congress IT head).

Apart from these, the rest are too Kannada centered which doesn't suit Hindi audience & hopefully they aren't dubbed.

His Rajahuli is dubbed & not officially released on YouTube. That is one more big hit in his career which took stardom several notches higher. I can vouch it isn't as disappointing as Gajakesari. Gajakesari was a big hit, but by now you know the content was all shear hype. Rajahuli is what his fans has extreme craze for..

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This trailer is great. Performances look top notch and direction too. Will be big hit down south. Let's see how it's Hindi version performs. Could've released it on 14th.

by Star (145k points)
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Wow. This looks great. Bollywood wale Ragini MMS hi banate reh jaoge. Regional Industry dhamaka kar raha hain.

by Second Unit Director (75.5k points)

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