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Either in opening or in a single day, which of these movies can repeat toh’s feat?
Hrithik vs tiger (4 votes, 33%)
Bharat (8 votes, 67%)
Dabangg 3 (0 votes)
in Opinion by Director (132k points)
83% Accept Rate

5 Answers

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Both Hr Vs Tiger And Bharat Can Do 50 Cr If They Come On Holiday

by Unit Manager (32.7k points)
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Kaash Salman Bhi Amitabh Ke Contribution Se Aise Hi Record Opening Deta



Because Salman and Amitabh not doing this type budget and grand movie together till now. When its comes than result is same.

Bade miyan chote miyan
Hinndustan ki kasam

Same like that.


With that logic Dangal opening was better than TZH

TZH had Katrina, chrtbuster musix plus grand action movie.
Dhoom 3 was anyhow better than TZH
Sultan got opening because of EID weekend.

All if-buts come only when Aamir give opening.


If we want co compare grand movie with Amitabh

Ghajini in 2008 had better opening than what Veer had in 2010. That was last period movie on Salman.

Even before ToH, last period movie of Aamir, Mangal pandey broke opening record, while SRK with Asoka and Salman with Veer failed to do so.

So Aamir could've done it even without Amitabh. If wom would be good, TOH may have crossed even 55 Crore.

Amitabh factor has be negated by director Victor, on opposite PRDP had Barjatya, so big director also contributed to collections

+1 vote

Any movie release in diwali Next day....starring one of srk, salman, hrithik. Even ajay with golmal or singham, ranbir with hirani.

by Editor (88.5k points)
0 votes

None of these will top 50cr. Neither did ToH.

by Assistant Director (46.5k points)


These Srk Fans Chanted About 45 Crs Manipulated Figure Of HNY Opening For Years When Trade Rejected It

And Now When Each And Every Authentic Tradr Site And Trade Analyst Has Confirmed Day 1 Figures They Are Calling It Manipulation


@rancho: bro I'm not against Aamir. I've never supported the HNY figure either. But I hate that ToH has gone ahead and ruined the one authentic site we seemed to have. There are many trade analysts that are calling bullshit on ToH's opening day numbers. If it was only Charlie then I still would've believed BOI, but not after other analysts have gone against it as well. You've read my answers/comments before, you know I'm not an Aamir hater.


Its Ok Bro Your Opinion

But All Trade Sites And Trade Analyst Confirmed 50cr Figure
Be It Komal Nahta Taran Adarsh BOI Bolly Hungama Koimoi Joginder Girish Himesh And Many More And They Is No Proof Also Which Says Manipulation Was Done
It anyways doesnt makes sense that yrf will buy all trade sites and trade analysts I mean why would they spend so much money just for a 50 cr mark its a loss and these trade sites and analysts are not yrf slaves to work for free
Btw Let Me Know Which Authetic Trade Analyst Said It Didn't Do 50 Crs Opening I would Like To See Their Credentials.

Thats All I Had To Say On This,
I rest my case here itself!


Himesh is now expressing doubts on Day 2 figures, which are being provided by BOI and YRF.

0 votes

Bharat has every chance for the record as well as highest grosser of the decade.

by Assistant Director (59.8k points)
–1 vote


by Second Unit Director (76.5k points)

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