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BOI is the best and the only worthy source present in India. You have no worthy source at the level of BOI to challenge them.

So calling BOI and YRF fake will cause nothing, Till the date we don't have any better source we have to believe them.

Fanbases are always like this, they will believe good about their idol but not for the rival idol.

So better leave these selective outrages till the date we have a better source believe BOI.

I believe BOI final figures will be closest to the actuals, let's wait for that
in Box Office Related by Production Designer (15.7k points)
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Yes bro i check Bookmyshow tomorrow almost 90% shows sold out after 1 pm so possible 50 cr.

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BOI has it's share of favourites. Their liking for toh is more due to yrf than aamir Khan. Since producers inflate and we have no other reliable source, we have to take boi as the final word. If they say 50cr for day1, it has to be taken as it is.

by Director (121k points)
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+1 vote

Yes. I agree with you. BOI figures are accurate and only trusted source.

by Casting Director (18.3k points)
+1 vote

I have seen some fans of a particular fanbase to spread some **** message , poor kids HNY was still 44.97 cr opener for them..

by Director (128k points)
+1 vote

Not Just BOI Other Trade Analysts Are Also Quoting 50 Cr Opening Day

And Fans Of Actor Whose Last Solo Lead Film Weekend Did In Range Of 40 Are Frustrated That Thugs Did 50 Cr On 1st Day Itself And Will Be Crossing That Film's Lifetime Within Few Hours Today That Too With Negativity At Its Peak

by Production Accountant (27k points)
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It's not BOI, it's YRF, and there's no problem with YRF flouting whatever collections they want, but problem is that BOI was only source of information as others follow producers figures, if BOI starts going other way then we have absolutely nothing to he called as a Box Office tracking system in India.

Point is also that till evening almost everyone who does analysis of trade was having 43-45 range, suddenly within 1 hour, TOH went 6-7 crs up, BOI in rare manner have it's update on 9 pm & suddenly every other trade analyst who were going for 43-45 few hours before started saying 50 within minutes.

You have this message at same time flying all over social media space, and while it's true or false, I can't say obviously, but if it's true it's not a good sign for industry which already has very few geniune tracking for Box Office.

And yes, we have no proof, but to believe BOI, and we'll believe it,, buthings happening since yesterday raise do raise doubts over it.

by Mega Star (207k points)

First of all there is no proof that the above message was ever sent by YRF. Anyone can type the above message and screenshot it. It could be some random troll on twitter.

BOI did not mention 50 crore as exact figure, they mentioned record breaking collections in multiple territories and mentioned that the film had done 48 crore at the time of posting and actual figure could touch 52 crore. The above message did not say anything as such.


India really need something like rentark a source which can be completely trusted

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It's simple. If it's in favour of our star then believe BOI and if it is against our favorite star than BOI is fake.

by Production Accountant (21.6k points)
–1 vote

Yes BOI is most reliable site.

Fans reaction -
Aamir fans - BOI is favourite for Yrf, Salman And Shahrukh
Shahrukh fans - BOI is favourite for Aamir and Salman
Salman fans - BOI is favourite for Shahrukh and Aamir.

But truth is BOI always given real number which he known by his sources. So don't blame BOI and please refresh your mind first.

by Production Designer (15.6k points)