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asked in General by Director (120k points)
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Ok Bro


Congrats to all those who are now experts on here. I was offered a chance but I turned it down since I'm living in peace. Thank you, Charlie, for offering this opportunity which was my loss and I accept it. I'm open to gives some ideas on this forum regarding old movies and certain actors esp Ajay Devgn.

Over the past years since 2014, many have supported Khans and have done a fantastic job of doing this with dedication. However, Ajay, Akki & Hrithik deserves some appreciation but mainly Devgn who is my favourite and underrated on this forum.

We have tried our very best to bring back Baazigar but he won't be coming back nor I can keep in contact with Gaurav Handa because I don't have his email. However, this post I made for Baazigar will be kept as a memory dedicated him.



Damn u nikeel ..u r talking as if Baazigar died ..u r a peaceful user since 2014 ..I had to approach u ..


Nobody wants him back meaning we can't get any Sunny Deol posts anymore or BO analysis from Gaurav Handa. There are no contact details from him. If he was here, I just wonder what he would do on this forum now that TOH is getting negative reviews despite BO bumper. He hates Aamir and even made anti-post on him out of mockery.

I'm trying to think of some ideas on this forum. Will make a post on Raageshwari in future and some Ajay Devgn related stuff as well.

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Best answer

....10x for d honor....i ll be more responsible now.....

answered by Production Accountant (26.8k points)
selected ago by

good spirit spotted ...and also little friendly with all fan groups..

+3 votes

Woah hello there responsibilities

Thanka for the honor Charles

answered by Location Manager (6.5k points)

@Seinfeld CONGRATZ bro ....


It's cool Seinfeld..


Thanks Help bro..


@Seinfeld there is tab called Chat if you click on that button then you can entre the chat room..

+1 vote

They Are Good Choices

answered by Casting Director (20k points)
+1 vote

I spend enough time at the forum that I thought it would be nice to contribute more

I hope we're able to make it more popular.

And congrats to all other new experts

answered ago by Unit Manager (36.1k points)
+1 vote

First four are good & congratulations to them..
And for last two Kisi ko bhi bana dete ho yaar.

answered ago by Director (128k points)

Thnxx bro

+1 vote

Congrats to the new experts. It's good to see so much activity on the forum again.

answered ago by Producer (106k points)

Thnxx bro


Who the hell has given downvotes on this ?


I have a secret admirer who downvotes each and everything related to me
Actually makes me happy that someone is investing so much time on me

+1 vote

Congrats to all new experts.

answered ago by Production Accountant (20.3k points)

Thnxx bro

0 votes

Thnx for the opportunity looking forward to contributing more towards the forum

answered ago by Production Accountant (24.3k points)

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