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its all out ..... aur ye idiots.... wordings bhe change nahe kar rahay ...hahaha nakal k liye bhe akal ki zaroorat hoti hai
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The Salman Fans Who Are Licking Krk Must Also Know According To Him PRDP Is FLOP
And Salman Has Just 1 300 Cr Movie

As Per KRK Salman Manipulates In All His Films!

by Production Accountant (27.4k points)

Bro nolaniitjee returns to the forum.. Did u notice?


Ya Bro

+1 vote

Bajarangi is not even in top 5 films but BOI calls it best of the centure ullu samja hai kya?

One more- BOI used words like "ANNIHILATION" to describe decent opening of TZH which is not the case with thugs...

by Second Unit Director (75.7k points)
0 votes

Ullu ne sun liya to tujh pe maanhaani Ka case thok dega , unki bhi kuch repo hoti hai.

by Director (128k points)
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Khisiyani billi khambha noche

by Camera Operator (9.5k points)
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Do you have any link to support it? I also personally don't like to believe the bumper opening after the reports, but let's see the drop today, then we know if the collections are true.

by Location Manager (5.6k points)
0 votes

Actual figures yet to come in, don't believe yrf will inflate by more than 10cr.

by Director (122k points)
–1 vote

......50 possible hai.....bcz number 1 star on biggest holidayy.......even 55 possible.......but lookingg at occupancy reports of other sites.....a big no.....i follow krkboxoffice n it said 37 onlyy.........10x god hrithik rejected this movie.......

by Production Accountant (27.1k points)

He is bashing since the beginning for some reason esp after his account got suspended.


....krk sir bashes everyone but this time i think he is right.....boi didnt give circuit comparison in the afternoon like every big movie....for eg sanju v dangal v tzh etc etc....direct raat ko 50cr bol diya.......which is completelyy fabricated......imo........


In the article BOI has clearly mentioned that by the time the article was published, TOH had done 48 crore, and it would do additional few crores at night.
And here is the circuit records article.


Le ab to circuit record bhi de Diya , ab kya Chahiye theater wise collection..

Bhai usme time lagega thugs thi Mohenjo-Daro Ka to max to max 10 minute me aa jana tha.

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