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Thugs Of Hindostan (HINDI) has destroyed all box records as it collects in the 50 crore nett range on the first day. It will the first film to hit this mark if it reaches with final collections in the morning. The previous record was 39.32 crore of Prem Ratan Dhan Payo if we count outright Hindi films only and.40.73 crore nett if we include box office legend Bahubali - The Conclusion. It is also the highest single day in history as it beats the Sunday numbers of Sanju.

Thugs Of Hindustan has beaten every single circuit figure of Prem Ratan Dhan Payo that is certain while though it will be ahead of Bahubali - The Conclusion in terms of all India collections some circuits maybe a little less as the major difference between Thugs of Hindustan and Bahubali - The Conclusion is coming from the South (where Bahubali - The Conclusion had a limited release in Hindi), Delhi / UP and Bihar

Delhi / UP and Bihar are extraordinary as Delhi / UP figure may beat the Bahubali - The Conclusion figure by 2 crore nett and Bihar also may come out 50 lakh ahead. The film has run riot in these two circuits with multiplexes collecting earth shattering numbers and single screens running house full across both circuits.


The holiday factor has pushed the film and Bahubali - The Conclusion was not a holiday but still the numbers have to be done. It is easy to say 45 or 50 crore nett but to actually get is a huge achievement today. In the future even a 50 crore nett number will look small as many films do it as ticket prices get higher and higher.

The big benchmarks apart from the all India 50 crore nett day one that are on for the film are a 10 crore nett total in Delhi / UP which no one has even got close to, even 9 crore nett has not been surpassed on any day. It also could get 3 crore nett in Rajasthan and 1.50 crore nett in Bihar.

There is a possibility of the film going over 50 crore nett when the final figures come out in the morning. The range at present is a big one between 48-52 crore as 48 crore it has done for sure and 52 crore nett is a possibilty. This all depends on the where the final figures of Mumbai and Delhi / UP come out at in the morning as these two could be 5-10% higher or lower than present estimates.


Boi bhang pi rakhi hai aaj.


Bro bhaang nahi pee rakhi hai ticket rates bahut haigh hai aur shows bahut jayada hai aur 12 baje se sabhi jagah housefull thi movie. Kal drop aayega. 35 cr ke *** pass aayega.


Thats really great after publicity gain negative reviews.. famous honeki ki ninja technic give negative review on youtube..

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With huge pre release negativity , almost nil promotions and horrible reviews ..thugs of hindostan managed to collect 50crs only due to presence of Janab Aamir Khan saab....those who r still doubtfull about his stardom should be subjected to a brainwash in Gulaal style.

by Director (123k points)
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+4 votes

Extraordinary numbers.if 2nd day figures comes above 40 cr then film is definitely going to be blockbuster.

by Casting Director (18.8k points)
+4 votes

So 50cr has happened. Wow. That's stardom for you.

by Star (148k points)
+3 votes

Aamir Khan proved again that he is a megastar and in out and out commercial movie he will always give record opening.

by Production Accountant (22.2k points)
+2 votes

Way too early to predict opening day nos, many night shows havent started yet and they came with 50 cr opening day , at the moment its looking for 45cr finish ,50 cr is not out of question but still they are over predicting at the moment.

by Assistant Director (43.5k points)
+2 votes

I Pity On Haters Who Are Making Excuses To Somehow Satisfy Themselves When Facts Are In front Of Everyone.

BOI Ke Collection Figures Pe Toh Usko Hate Karne Waley Aamir Fans Bhi Kabhi Ungli Nahi Uthate Bcz Its A Known Fact That Though It Has Poor Commentry Skills Bt Its Collections Data Are Best, Atleast Btr Than The Rest.

Aur Yeh Log Jo BOI Ki Puja Karte They Kaltak Aaj Apna Bhagwan Badal Liya

Reason Is Bcz All Their Predictions Regarding TOH Has Failed They Thought It Won't Do Record Advance, It did

They Thought It Wont Cross 50 Cr Opening Day, It did
They Thought It Wont Set Single Day Record, It Did

Now It Will Also Do Record 1st Weekend And 1st Week Just Like Record 1st Day

That Too When Negetivity Is At Its Peak Against Aamir And TOH.
Poor Reviews From All Critics, Poor Songs, Extremly Mixed Trailer And WOM, No Promotions.

And Best Part Is That There Is Absolutely Nothing That They Can Do About It Except Making Multiple Posts With Excuses


by Assistant Director (43.7k points)
+1 vote

Good, expect HNY was 40 crs & Golmaal Again was 34 crs, we'll see tomorrow if it remains 48 or not.

by Mega Star (216k points)

Bhai 45 to Jayega na , paid negativity dekhke mera mood off ho Gaya tha.


It's not paid negativity, it's just that you guys are so habitual to get great response that negative response is like alien concept to you.

Ask us, last time we got positive response for any SRK movie was before I joined this forum lol, hopefully this time we get that.


TB... no brother it's definitely a paid negativity again repeating yes thugs is not a classic movie but it is definitely not that bad what trade analyst portraying in their review.
If you go by content movie then it was a average movie but if you are looking for Bollywood masala commercial entertainer then it was definitely a very good film.


I don't think it is paid negativity. Although lots of haters were waiting for this moment ... check retweets on Taran Adarsh's review .... it is way more than Any review of Salman/SRK movie reviews.

Lots of SRK/Salman fans were desperately waiting for bad movie from Aamir and ToH gives them that opportunity.

No doubt movie is bad, even few of my friends who are Aamir fans have completely disliked 2n half, according to them 1st half is fine but 2nd half is very bad.

+1 vote

Khans still rule the place!

Its just that they need to choose good movies.

by Unit Manager (35.6k points)
+1 vote

by Assistant Director (42.2k points)

Wow Good To See Nolan Back


Thanks buddy


@kashyap and @rancho
Check PM


Done Bro

+1 vote

Woah!! This is huge maynn! All eyes on today's collection.

by Location Manager (6.3k points)
0 votes

Feeling relaxed now as opening day numbers are good enough to break previous highest by a margin & hoping film to not drop more & ensure highest weekend figure also...

by Director (129k points)

I think it will drop bcoz today was the best day for buisness anyways i think it will score huge over the weekend after that lets see


Drop to confirmed hai but I am expecting drop to be less than 25% from day 1.
If that happen thugs will score approx 160-180 Cr extended weekend itself which will be a very good result.


Bishty Saab..subah mein meine kya predict Kiya tha


Haa Bhai ab thodha relax hu , but Apne aamirian hi dhokha de Gaye paid negativity me behkar Kisi ne movie hi Nahi dekhi.

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YRF fuckingg own Bollywood. We have BOI giving early estimate at 9:30 PM

And this is the reason for early post

by Super-star (172k points)
edited by

Yrf given sui dhaaga final numbers - 78.94 cr

BOI final fig. 75.58 cr

So BOI not copying Yrf. BOI always given original collection. That's early estimated fig. Final number may be in the range of 45-52 cr nett range. So wait for tomorrow morning.


Sui Dhaaga actual is 68cr only. Lol.


You say BOI given same as Yrf see there difference BOI and Yrf fig 3 cr difference. And your fake fig. Don't consider by me.


The message just says forwarded, it can be even jatinder who knows?. No proof of who the sender is.

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Good for Bollywood, once again Aamir proved me wrong.

by Camera Operator (8.7k points)
–1 vote

Bhai, Happy new year wali vibes aa rahi hai

₹40cr bolke ₹36.5cr pe aaya tha

by Assistant Director (42.7k points)

46 pe bhi Gaya tab bhi happy hu Bhai , negativity bahut hui hai film ki.
But Good thing ki neutral audience are liking it.

–1 vote

Wow ... What a Twist ....
Best Twist since wanted ...
Boi charsi hahahaha

by Star (157k points)
–2 votes

BOI has been paid by YRF to inflate collections . Seeing this negative response and knowing stardom of Aamir who can't carry negative wom to respectable collection , YRF team has panicked and paid BOI for inflate !!
As an Aamir admirer ,I am feeling shameful .never expected such thing from him . Gracefully accept movies failure

by Producer (103k points)

Salman also influenced BOI to rank him no 1 shame shame.... I mean same salman with a masala movie like race 3 with gst less than Dangal opening lol


I am totally shameful of Race-3 but atleast he didn't manipulate collection like YRG is doing for Thugs


How do you know if he didn't manipulate ?

What if Race 3 opening was only 15 Crore and it was inflated by BOI ?


Exactly Puneeth talks like He knows everything that is happening inside. Now every trade except krk(joker) is saying it would cross 50cr.... So all are lying or what?

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