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I am talking about big blockbusters which are coming every year on either Christmas or eid but big films failed on diwali.
in Box Office Related by Casting Director (18.3k points)
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You need to have a good movie which works well according to the script to connect with audiences. Many people criticise Dhoom 3 for being bad but it was an ATBB because there was a selection of audiences who liked it which contributed to its success. Film like Dhoom 3 had action but also you had Aamir Khan in a macho look as the baddie. This brings the audience into cinemas to generate some curiosity. Obviously, the franchise itself and Aamir's stardom helped the film but there were some people who like the movie even I liked it myself.


Dhoom 3 didn't release on Christmas


Dhoom 3 is a Christmas release.

4 Answers

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Simple ....
It's just that good films aren't coming on Diwali as cmpared to X.mass & Eid ...

by Editor (82.3k points)
+1 vote

My be movie makers are going hyper, trying to give best entertainer. Producer think that first weekend in major holiday period so rather than focusing on content they are focusing on eye catching things like item number, action sequence etc

While during christmas they think that movie will have run for atleast 7-10 days so content should be good. Even then on Xmas it's mainly Aamir movies which were better.

by Camera Operator (9.5k points)
0 votes

diwali needs srk again just look at this list
kal ho na ho
veer zaara
ra one
except for 1 or 2 films all are classics here

by Location Scout (4.6k points)
–1 vote

What were golmaal and k3 then ? Both were blockbusters. Yes if you mean Diwali doesn't produce good content movies like xmas then you are right.

by Director (122k points)

I am talking about big blockbusters like bb, pk dhoom 3 and dangal


Both movies generate same footfalls around 2 cr due to low budget they both blockbusters but not the case in other stars. But diwali footfalls in recent time prdp 2.28 cr and its a hit. So 2 -2.25 cr very limited scope of footfalls in theatre on fiwali festival. Because after holidays public busy on work so movie crushed after holidays in current time.

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