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Thugs Of Hindostan took an earth shattering opening today across the country and is the eighth bumper opening in the career of Aamir Khan. There is a different definition of bumper between a Dil (1990) and Thugs Of Hindustan (2018) as the days of 95-100% occupancy are long gone unless restricted release. But today even restricted release fails to get occupancy on day one.

Thugs of Hindustan is the 45th release of Aamir Khan and eight of these films have taken a bumper opening. Rang De Basanti had a healthy number which as a number can be called bumper but the capaity potential had really grown in the six months prior to the release of this film which led to occupancy which was not bumper for Rang De Basanti

Amitabh Bachchan also has a bumper opening to his name after a long time with Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham being the last one in 2001. In total there could be 30 bumper openings for Amitabh Bachchan as in the eighties and early nineties it was bumper for nearly every film be it that film eventually turned out to be a HIT or FLOP.

The eight films of Aamir Khan to take a bumper opening are as follows.


1. Dil (1990)

2. Ishq (1997)

3. Mela (2000)

4. Fanaa (2006)

5. Ghajini (2008) - Holiday

6. 3 idiots (2009) - Holiday

7. Dhoom 3 (2013)

8. Thugs Of Hindustan (2018) - Holiday

There are a few holiday releases with 3 idiots, Ghajini and Thugs Of Hindostan but both Ghajini and Thugs Of Hindostan would probably be bumper even if non holiday. 

Ye BOI admin kitna masoom tha dekho kya se kya ho gaya dekhte dekhte..

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in Box Office Related by Director (129k points)
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Damn Raja Hindustani And Rang De Basanti Narrowly Missed Bumper Opening Tag

Btw In 2000 Decade 5 Out Of 9 Movies Of Aamir Were Bumper Openers


UPDATED - It is nine films and not eight as Mangal Pandey did not show up in our internal database due to some error.

8 Answers

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Karan Arjun
Dil To Pagal Hai
KKHH (Only film since Mard to have 100% occupancy in Mumbai for 3 Weeks)
Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham
Main Hoon Naa
Veer Zara
Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna
Om Shanti Om
Chennai Express
Happy New Year

Isse Kehte hain Star. Not some aira gaira nathu khaira
Not sure about Baazigar, that could be Bumper as well.

by Super-star (172k points)

Charlie we are not going to tolerate any bullshit from any ghar baithe baithaya natthu khera trade pundit.


Absolutely..u should not tolerate ..but mahn no personal attacks.


All jatinder movies combined domestic is less than Dangal worldwide.....


LMAO This Guy Just Keeps Talking In Air Without Any Proofs What A 3rd Class Self Proclaimed Trade Analyst He Is
Cant Even Make Correct Predictions

+2 votes

See there 30 bumper opener. My god amitabh bachchan is a really Big B. And star of the Millinum of bollywood.

by Unit Manager (31.4k points)

How many films he did? And earlier in 80, 90 films used to Had big opening. Boi also said that.

+2 votes

Congrats to the fans of Aamir Khan's a proud day as far as box-office is concerned..

by Director (123k points)

Kuch din main BOI ka data bhi aa jayega tak pata chal jayega.


Kuch din baad boi ka love bhi khatam ho jayega jaise chhote mote actor aamir salman ke liye hua , dhokha swabhav hai iska.


400 cr predict karne walo ki fati padi hai aaj to so gussa other actors par nikal rahe hai.


400 predict Kiya tha may be na ho but me phir bhi palti Nahi marunga , Teri Tarah Nahi ki har fans ke 2 pehlu hote hai two pehlus..

+2 votes

BOI Missed Mangal Pandey
Its 9th Bumper Openings For Aamir

by Assistant Director (43.7k points)
edited by

That's record opener but not bumper due to capacity and hiked ATP. So Boi not missed.


Ofcourse Not Had It Been So BOI Would Have Mentioned About It Like RDB
Its An Omission And BOI Is Used To That


Because mention movies just missed bumper tag but mangal pandey just got excellent opening. Feel the difference man.

0 votes

I guess aamir only did toh to also have the opening day and weekend records since he has all lifetime records already

by Location Manager (6.4k points)

if zero fails now too then it will be a big setback for the khans since all of them had solo releases on edx


Going by the limited promos promotions and response to the trailer, still great opening


bro today is the best day for collections so bumper opening was never in doubt but this film will not sustain like his previous films the negativity is on par with race 3 and jhms. Audience were expecting something else and they got something totally different


Won't deny that man... i'm aware of that.

0 votes

Amitabh Bachchan

by Camera Operator (8.5k points)
0 votes

Sad day this!.... Aamir khan has selected worst script after Mela(acc to reviews).... Although his acting is praised...

by Second Unit Director (77.8k points)

Dude every one calling me on phone and bashing it left and right.. I'll watch it man... Sorry if my post hurted you....


Morning we had family get together so i couldn't go fdfs, 9:30pm going and very excited.


Kashyap let's stay hopeful. Real trend will be known on Monday.


Yes but paid negativity Kuch jyada ho gayi hai , intense I am not saying you to watch it now but whenever you will watch this then you agree with my words that there is some agenda , yes may be you didn't like the movie but it was not bad by any means.

0 votes

So after amitabh there will be Salman and srk only 2nd to him in Bumper openings list

by Production Accountant (26k points)

Wait for Dharmendra and Dilip Movies data

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