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I think Hrithik was quite lucky he rejected TOH, else his career would had a complete full stop, the day its trailer was released i recognized this movie is doomed and director saheb tu kio kasaaar nahi choreey, hope so it doesnt crash it needs min 280 plus to be a hit and at the moment its looking difficult . All hopes on Zero  Now can SRK have a HGOY this year time will tell.
asked in General by Assistant Director (41.2k points)
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All eyes on SRK to continue the Khan glory. Now I feel hrithik did the right thing rejecting this movie.

answered by Producer (107k points)

when every one fails you can always count on srk to steady the ship just like he has over so many years specially during the 00s decade


Sadly he hasn't been doing that. It will be miracle of miracles if zero pulls off a hgoty.

+1 vote

Hope zero will be great srk cannot afford a bad wom movie now unlike aamir

answered by Set Designer (2k points)
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Just like with JHMS last year, everyone else failed and now all hoped on SRK. Hope he doesn't fail like last year.

answered by Unit Manager (36.3k points)
+1 vote

just imagine movie has

amitab bachan
katrina kaif
fatima sana sheikh
320cr buget
yrf backing
15% higher ticket rates then highest ones
5000 screens release
imax release
biggest hype in past 5 years
mega all time worldwide blockbuster dangal's goodwill
2 years in the making

and movie might still not cross 150cr.

oh ....one more thing...Race 3 had none of the above...and it did cross 150cr ..hahahhahaha

answered by Star (148k points)