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“char aadmiyo ki zaroorat nahi hai, akela Kashi hi kaafi hai mujhe kandha dene ke liye”

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atleast 2 people are required to lift a Coffin/janaaza because of its shape and centre of gravity thing ..so that claim is technically wrong ...even Amrinder Bahubali won't be able to lift it on his shoulders , alone.

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Fact .............

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Ghatak was a delayed movie that actually started before Damini but Santoshi had financial problems. However, it did well at the Box Office as it was declared a Super Hit.

Ghatak is one of the best action-packed movies in Indian Cinema and probably the best film of 1996 after Jeet and Maachis. It's a hard-hitting film with plenty of action and intense drama but what really stands out the most was Sunny's chemistry with Amrish Puri. There were plenty of emotions between these two but also you had Danny Denzongpa who played the nasty villain who provides so much cruelty to his character. I mean just watch this scene below because the way he humiliated Amrish Puri was unforgiving.

There's also a great scene of Sunny Deol. I mean his acting was just up to great standard because he does drama scenes with heart and soul. His dialogue in this scene was fab

''Kanoon aur insaaf taqatwar ke ghar ghulam bankar behte hai''

This action scene was mind-blowing as well especially this dialogue

''Ye majdoor ka haath hai katiyaa...Loha pighlakar uska aaakar badal deta hai...ye taqat khoon pasine ki kamai hui Roti ki hai...Mujhe kisi ke tukdon pe palne ki jarurat nahi''


Sunny Deol gives one of the best performances of his career and it was powerful acting by this versatile actor. He should have won Filmfare Award for Best Actor because his performance was far better than Aamir Khan's Raja Hindustani who was good but his acting wasn't award-worthy.

Amrish Puri was superb and thankfully he won Filmfare Award for Best Actor. His acting was amazing showing plenty of emotional vulnerability as a helpless father. It was refreshing to see him this type of role but he had a villain so many times despite acting well in it.

Danny Denzongpa is a very underrated actor who gives his best performance ever as a villain. That scene I put above just shows how great his character portrayal was in this film playing the nasty villain. There was also one scene where he got really emotional filled with anger.

Meenakshi in her last movie does give a good performance and pairs up very well with Sunny Deol.


Sunny Deol & Rajkumar Santoshi were a deadly combo in the 90s era. They are going to reunite soon for an Action movie but I hope it's on Ghayal & Ghatak level with action and punch dialogues. This reunion will be exciting for the masses because it's been overdue.


This scene was the best in Ghatak. Just powerful with Sunny's dialogues and love how Danny provoked Sunny in the end by mentioning his father.

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Meenakshi left this industry but she's still remembered. She was the pioneer along with Sunny in Santoshi's movies.

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One of my fav films of the 90's. Sunny and Amrish Puri were brilliant. Many dialogues of this film are still remembered. The most famous one being "Ye Majdoor Ka Haat ha Kaatiya"!!!!!

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