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+2 votes
In This Era Aamir Holds Record For Most Number Of All Time Grossers

And Now He Jointly Has Record For Most Number Of All Time Openings In This Era As Well (3 Out Of 6 Have Come On Non Holiday)

This Is Huge Achievement

Aamir Khan Was The Man Who Started 100 Cr Lifetime Club Now He Has Chance To Start 50 Cr Opening Day/Single Day Club

Record Advance Done, Record Opening Day Will Be Done, Record Single Day, Record Opening Weekend, Record Opening Week Most Likely To Be Done

From There With 3 Weeks Free Run It Can Get Close To 300 crs Mark

All This With Extremly Mixed Trailer, Below Average Songs, No Promotions, Poor Reviews, Extremely Mixed WOM

This Time Aamir's Movie Is Below Our Expectations Which Are Always Huge But Silver Lining Is That People Will See How Aamir Pulls Even A Film Like Thugs Of Hindostan To Good Box Office Numbers!
in Box Office Related by Unit Manager (32.7k points)
95% Accept Rate

Worst Part Is That It Will End Glorious Domination Of Aamir And Salman In Hgoty Since Last 10 Years

5 Answers

0 votes
Best answer

It was always destined to do that despite all those shitty promotion, bad music, mixed response to trailer due to Aamir Brand.
But problem here is what was the need to take Victor as a director in unarguably the biggest movie of this decade.
Wasn't Tashan, Dhoom3 enough for them to understand his standard.
It was a sure shot ATG if it was entertaining, it didn't need to be a excellent movie, but Victor failed even in delivering that.
Public has unbreakable trust in Aamir, he's among the biggest name in both India and China just imagine its affect on his brand value.
It's Aamir's race3, sad part he gave a superb performance in this as well.
Victor should left direction, it's not his cup of tea.
With a good director, the kind of buzz it had it was easy peasy ATG.
Shame on Victor i don't expect it to cross 300cr sorry

by Production Accountant (26.8k points)
selected by

No Need To Be Sorry To Share Your Honest Opninion


Feeling Sorry for Aamir, he gave a honest performance in this as well Victor let him down
2nd half is complete disaster
I'm expecting around 250
2nd worst experience in theater after Race3


Hmm Bro I Will Be Watching Tonight
Had So Much Expectations From This One
Victor Nei Sab Kharab Kar Diya

+1 vote

Aamir Khan stardom is at par with the other 2 Khans. No questions asked on it. The reviews are very poor though. Reviews padh kar 200cr big tough lag raha hai. Don't know what is true.

by Director (132k points)

A downvote for saying aamir stardom is at par with Salman and SRK. Waah. Don't know what some people want


Comparing Salman then its ok because Srk is was not in a position to compare.


Matlab Deepak babu ne down vote diya


Na abhi tak to nahi..

+1 vote

Ab toh Sach bol de =))

by Location Manager (7.4k points)

Ismei Jhoot Kya Laga Batao? I Actually Want To Know!


Come on brother, i can see the desperation. For years Aamir fans are ridiculing Salman for just giving bigger openings & not biggest lifetime, today you using same OPENING CARD to save some face.

Admit it that today AAMIR has proven that he ain't diff from others, even he also do commit blunders, TOH will be his career's biggest disgrace coz it is highest costing hindi film & he couldn't make it biggest ATG.

260 Cr Buget without Aamir's Fees - Yet 65-70% Opening on a BIGGEST NATIONAL HOLIDAY (bigger than any holiday) with Masala Action Film - Biggest STARCAST - BIG Production - Everything BIG......... now REVIEWS - DISASTER - NEGATIVE

And you are rooting for OPENING RECORDS =)) LMAO, you are now having the taste of same medicine which you aamir fans are serving others for years.


But Aamir Already Has Most Lifetime Records In History Not Just This Era

No Doubt Aamir Failed To Live Upto Expectations I Admit And Im Also Sad For That But Atleast I Can Celebrate Its Opening Records

You And Others Are Free To Troll I Understand Its Part And Parcel Of Fan Wars Im Not Complaining Or Trying To Defend Aamir Just Finding Few Positives Thats It.

0 votes

Movie is good & will score good at box office.
I know many users here are desperately want it to finish under 100 -150 cr but sorry that is not going to happen at all.

by Director (129k points)

Ha dekhte hai sabse jayada footfalls to prdp ka hi rahega. Aur prdp adjusted nett according to today prices 260 cr hai to wo to cross nahi hoga.


Hmm Lets See
I Think 2 Cr Footfalls Will Easily Be Crossed

But Thing Is This Wasnt Suppose To Be A 2 cr footfall Hit Material It Was Suppose To Be A 3.5 Cr Atbb Material.

Huge Blunder Done Here Victor Se Acha Aamir Khud Hi Direct Kar Leta


FFs ka murabba banake roti ya chawal ke saath bhi le sakte ho , swad anusar..


I Think Footfalls Of All Films Which I Mentioned Will Also Be Crossed For Sure
But It May Not Be Among Top 10 Diwali Hits

But Its Ok It Happens At Times!

0 votes

Dear rancho now give it up yourself it will be 230-250 max

by Production Accountant (24.9k points)

I think 250-300 Crs Lets See

Anyways Dissapointed;

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