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8 Answers

+3 votes

Disclaimer: It is not a review, but a personal memoir

Film opens up with Ronit Roy's baritone voice......then actor playing Clive acts really well....killings happen, Amitabh arrives having a good entry scene......Aamir Khan arrives, having a decently funny entry.....didn't guess his flute trick until my friend said ''yeh signal bhej rha apnay saathion ko??'' and i started asking ''tu ny dekhi yeh film pehlay''......then those guys come knowing flute signal, Aamir betrays them also wearing those glasses in style n here is how Aamir's character starts looking like ''(audience) you need to be alert to guess my next trick''

Here somewhere there is one scene when GORA guy doesn't allow Aamir to take much as a reward and Aamir claims to have a dead lets discuss his acting here......if u look at it in a comic way, it is passable........if u look at it by the standards set by Aamir regarding Firangi Mallah in his interview where he said ''i can't play him too much for the gallery cz then other character will see it through me and i will not look convincing'' Aamir, here you didn't look convincing at all, overacted for the gallery n made that other character look like dumbest of all time

Attack by Amitabh-Fatima on a ship acting as statues at first, reminds you of TROY straightaway.....Action is okay here but not really good, it's like Victor didn't shoot so well, so they edited it like 'we are not even trying to showcase close ups, not bothering about details of killings/sword movements', here i think editing is better than the work being done n shot.......VFX work is good in this scene if i remember correctly

Katrina Kaif did not get a good item song but danced well as usual, has some really good n difficult moves except that JUMPING IN THE AIR, didn't look good....Aamir Khan then tries to run away like Charlie Chaplin or in a funny fast forward way which didn't look that good but it's okay as he ends up being caught (thankfully they didn't drag that fast forward thing much)

Aamir Khan sits down in buggy with that GORA, agreeing to find AZAD, but his long English dialogue GOODY GOODY GOODNIGHT isn't funny or attractive at all, it is cringeworthy.....though his effort as an actor is there especially in terms of memorizing n also it's a 20-30sec long scene with heavy dialogues, he delivers well but issue with the writing is there......did they really think that dialogue is funny? Why i m focusing so much on that dialogue is because it was in the trailer, didn't like it then but big thing is that somebody during trailer launch did ask Aamir to deliver that dialogue, Aamir recited that dialogue n audience hoots, then Aamir acted like this dialogue is really something in his career as a memorable thing.....this is what happens as a creative person, sometimes u jst don't know what is working n what isn't

Aamir goes to convince Zeeshan, his old friend....Zeeshan starts talking normally, but after 2,3 dialogues his lisp issue starts, maybe i noticed it later.......for whole film, Zeeshan's character has nothing to do in this film, no help to anybody

Fight sequence arrives after Aamir Khan gets caught where Fatima did show some potential as an action girl, well shot (still not much focus on details, maybe they wanted to keep it family friendly which i didn't like).....Good work in terms of showing two giants onscreen for the first time.....Aamir tries to runaway seeing pointed gun but gets shot by's a very good n funny becomes a good point to make Amitabh's character believe in Aamir

In between, Amitabh comes to give Lori to Fatima, that became one of the highlights as it appeared to be one hell of a funny scene, making my mind think weird things abt their relationship as it is not shot properly, not much feel of father-daughter, dialogues not helping much.....that strange sound from Amitabh as a Lori n Fatima goes to is funny

Amitabh is trying to cultivate, Aamir comes up n the dialogues written are really good to showcase two great talents......whole conversation is really really good with one dialogue that stands out ''AZADI SAPNA NHN YAKEEN HAI.......MERA SAPNA TO YEH HAI K YAHAN K LOAG SAPNA DEKHNA SHURU KAREIN''

Making Amitabh dance was really a bad idea, he appears like a focused character, too focused on his mission......making him drink n dance, n that too in a comic way was too bad....they could hv made him dance in a serious zone, agr inhay zyada dance aya hoa tha.....Victor mahn, agr 2 icons ghalati sy teray haath lag he gaye thy to zabardasti nachwana zarori tha kya? Victor here appeared desperate to create iconic frames n in turn killing Amitabh's serious character upto an extent

Now they go together as 'Azad gang' to get ammunition, Aamir meets that GORA, goes away trying to avoid GORA's ques n then takes a pause, turns around n shares the details of Azad gang....liked this scene n pause of Aamir....whole scene makes his character look evil

Amitabh says ''kitnay mein soda keya hmara'', didn't expect this dialogue so soon.....comes as a little Aamir starts delivering those Over the top dialogues while fighting ''main aisa he hoon, nhn badal skta'' .....doesn't look organic n makes film's struggle apparent to now make Aamir Khan as a good character, but still they manage well in next scenes by showing Aamir saving Amitabh, Amitabh showing trust and giving that wristband to Aamir

Amitabh sets ship on fire n stands on a ship like a Hero, it strikes into another GORAs ship n Amitabh dies friend said ''yeh oper na bhi charh k marta, ship ny yeh kaam khud he kr laina tha'' making that scene stupid for me as i didn't think about that myself before.....whole scene here is too bad in terms of your face they tell you YES WE DID SHOOT IT ON A GREEN SCREEN, NOW DO WHATEVER YOU CAN AS AN AUDIENCE...all other mistakes aside, i will call this particular scene equal to cheating on audience, taking Bollywood audience for granted.....i agree with Victor/Aamir that Bollywood audience is stupid but itni bhi nhn.......260cr budget ki kya daaru pee saray crew ny?? kahan lgaye??

2nd half, Aamir's character becomes too predictable.....plays flute after giving wrong info to GORAs, Aamir turns around after playing flute n Victor tries to make him look evil reminds too much of Dhoom 3...actually many scenes in the film try to make him look like Sahir of Dhoom n he acts the same way.....even Aamir used Hat for Firangi Mallah, also almost same mannerism he uses for this film

And yeah, in between, Fatima delivers one speech after death of Amitabh to boost Azad gang's morale......not bad but i expected better acting from was jst a passable scene

Fast Forward to that point when Amitabh turns out to be alive (backstory of how he survived appears funny), here film takes another level of crappiness with Fatima starting that Baba song (so emotional ) and everybody breaks into a dance......dancing and all ends after a while, Aamir makes Clive character look stupid by that theory of CATCHING ALL AZAD GANG MEMBERS AT ONE TIME, Clive believes Aamir n that adds up to the misery of the film....not to forget that awsum ''Amitabh breaking shackles of slavery'' scene Victor was in full 1980s zone of Bollywood

Aamir now applies that Laddo-trick which was good for me, surprisingly one friend of mine who liked this film a lot didn't like that n only scene he mentioned as bad coming out of the theater.....then that GORA guy suddenly becoming a friend of Indians was a forced scene, didn't help

Fight sequence here starts with Amitabh-Aamir-Fatima making another entry and Amitabh throwing two gas shells/small bombs in a funny way (there are many action scenes, 2-3seconds scenes, where Victor loses his track) but then a good fight......liked that cage fight of Aamir-Clive.....then Aamir in between here does that Shoulder jerk in style, exactly like what he did in Dhoom 3 when he reveals himself to Abhishek as Sahir.....didn't they both (Aamir/Victor) know that it was a memorable scene? why repeat that......doesn't matter much but still

Fatima's childhood stands infront of her to confront Clive and kill, camera moves around......good scene.......young n old Fatima together, both scream......good scene.......and then that young Fatima disappears into old Fatima like a butterfly or whatever.....bad scene.....was Victor really doing it on purpose? Just for a moment he likes to have fun with audience? maybe i m too critical here, nobody will probably discuss this scene in a review......but i wanted to....why? was it to show there CGI effects efficiency? i really wonder

Fatima kills Clive in a good manner, setting Raavan n Clive on fire together......good one
Ending scene comes up........Victor here took some revenge from Zeeshan....Victor my darling!! that poor soul didn't get much to portray, why you made him hold that small knife in his hand, it wasn't funny but just an attempt to make his character more dumb.....Katrina n Aamir exchange some dialogues n when Katrina says ''usay dil nhn kehtay meri jaan'', i thought next moment will be blackscreen n The End but NO, Aamir's evil agenda and self-confessed desire to make you forget Captain Jack Sparrow grows by leaps and bounds, he tries hard to ape Now bring me that horizon (i love this even more cz Johnny himself wrote this dialogue) scene n fails miserably mainly due to poor dialogue

Acting: Aamir acted really well, didn't make his character boring though repetitive scenes were written, Fatima did okayish......Amitabh, delivers dialogues like only he can but nothing much to portray here and especially that dance for Amitabh was a character-killer......Zeeshan Ayub did good......Katrina - acted better than what i expect n i saw her after a couple of years (last film i think i saw of her was Fitoor)

Direction: Victor is good in parts and really bad in parts........overall, not a good job as failed to make way for the emotions to get audience connected with characters

Screenplay: Story was not bad at all.....had revenge in it......but needed better writing to make it a good one.....more work on the emotional build up of Amitabh-Fatima relationship......Zeeshan's character demands omission without a second thought

Dialogues: some really good dialogues written especially that cultivation scene.......but that GOODY GOODY GOODNIGHT was a bad one......''1,2,3 Bloody Indian'' was an awsum dialogue n uttered by Aamir with panache

Songs: Not even one worthy song which i can add in my playlist........Ajay-Atul, i m worried that why you are selected for SRK's Zero if this is your current form

BGM: Good work.......especially that background score for Aamir's character, having tinge of comedy

Cinematography: Creating that old era n on such a grand scale must have been a difficult task.....did there job with honesty and frames were quite good.....i m not considering action sequences work here

Effects: When you have 260cr of Budget, you need to deliver......should have taken help from RedChilliesVFX.....still, it is much better than most big Bollywood films.......just that interval scene was too really crap......of same standards that were used in e.g. crap film like Dulha Mil Gaya (shot in a ship, you can see chroma work n curse)

Overall: Film which is long, needs some patience but is a grand one, watching Amitabh n Aamir together onscreen itself deserves a must watch.....yet to read critics reviews and want to know what made Raja Sen, Rajeev Masand hate this film

Rating:- 3/5

Additional Note For The Audience: Why so cruel? ........This film deserves to recover its cost or atleast 200cr.......when you can make cartoon Baahubali such a huge grosser of 500cr, i understand that Baahubali had better screenplay but VFX work was way poor and many scenes were KUCH BHI MATLAB written over it.......still you made that film so huge, revenge part was good but it's not that Chained- Maa angle of Baahubali was anything less than funny....had so many loopholes, why you weren't so judgemental at that time? Kindly raise your standards a little in terms of EFFECTS please, cz it's not a subjective thing, in your face Baahubali makers said that TMHARI AUKAAT HE ITNI HAI, CARTOONS DEKHO....but TOH gave you more respect, sadly you didn't reciprocate

by Unit Manager (33.8k points)

Glad someone else commented about "bring me that horizon" ending of POTC COTBP being copied here.


TB: bhai mjhe actually is trha film mein POTC baar baar yaad nhn ayi like how people reacted.....but this scene was too much for me, it was personal


What a review. I can bet even Victor hadn't read the scenes in such detail.


hahaha.....thnx mahn

+2 votes

I dont know how to review a movie but I personally Enjoyed Watching It For 2 reaasons

  1. Im Aamir Fan

  2. I love masala Films

by Assistant Director (43.7k points)

How much it can collect from now ...


Cant Say Bro With Surety
But I Expect Anything Between 250-300 crs

Bcz 4 Days Holiday Opening Weekend Will Be Huge And It Has 3 Weeks Free Run So If WOM Is Extremly Mixed Then 250 And If Its Mixed Then 300.

I Dont Find WOM Poor Atleast!

+2 votes

Not as bad as many reviewers were saying. 2.5/5.

The first half is solid followed by a poor second half and a messed up climax.

Aamir is good in the role but does overact in a few scenes.

Amitabh was good.

Fatima had not that much of a role and whatever she did in this movie was absolutely pathetic. I don't know what she'll do for the rest of her career.

Katrina should feel some shame before accepting a role like this. Literally there to be half-**** all the time and 2 dance numbers, and the dance is really bad in both of them.

The biggest issue with this movie is that it's unclear about the core story. It wants to tell the story of Fatima's character but chooses to focus on Aamir's character, thus leaving most of the movie without a story.

Aamir's character changes sides more than the characters in Race 2, and it gets unbearable by the end.

The action often gets bloated and the movie is too long by 30 minutes.

All songs are bad or mediocre.

Overall it's not as bad as we all thought at it'll do around 250-275 IMO.

by Assistant Director (52.8k points)

250-275 cr lmao


yup. apparently Aamir does not have the stardom to carry an average movie like Thugs.

+2 votes

Thugs of Hindostan - Satanical desi garbage version of POC

Contains Minor spoilers

Britishers are now ruling India but there is one kingdom which does not agree with British to do "Friendship", so One day British regiment visits this king to explain the terms and agreements of friendship, king says "nah not gonna happen" so British regiment shows king's kid tied on the tank and king says "well okay then lets do friendship". And he signs the agreement and then britishers kills his child with tank and they also kills king and his wife but a little girl when britishers try to kill her, Amitabh decides yeah lets save her and he enters from oblivion suddenly and action starts and kid girl jumps from balcony or something holding rope and lands straight to Khudabaksh's horse and the introduction ends there.

Then the introduction begins for Aamir khan's character, so after 11 years britishers are now taking tax from Indian people and there is a check post too, where there is a traffic jam with people waiting at toll-tax booth and a guy is explaining them details of tax and suddenly a guy appears on his donkey ride trying to go through without paying tax. Very bad introduction I would say, but in further scenes to establish his character they showed Aamir Khan "Firangi" trying to rob everyone, playing flute and then acting horribly, trying to do more than raising eyebrows and crying, Aamir khan looks horrible and pathetic because he cannot keep up with the pace of the written character, sometimes he tries to replicate the legendary johnny depp but it looks so unconvincing that you feel irritated seeing him, and when he fails to keep up with the pace, he becomes weirdly serious and looking all these scenes with horrendous acting, you cannot simply digest his character. Very poor.

Now after that scene ends, khudabaksh is trying to rob a ship, by the most childish way possible in our industry. So they attack the ship and the girl is also grown up now so in this mindless, unnecessary, nothing related to story scene which is just made to put there to spend some screen time. Now in this scene the girl is grown up now, she has some sort of a cheat code or whatever I couldn't understand because she keeps shooting unlimited number of arrows towards random britishers while it clearly seems that she is carrying hardly 10-20 arrows with her and simultaneously somewhere khudabaksh is jumping around in the same ship killing britishers with sword saying nothing, director puts close up scenes of khudabaksh just so we could understand that he is also doing something. Then they rob the ship.

Then introduction of Miss Katrina kaif, so some britishers are gathered at one place speaking hindi chanting suraiya suraiya because they are waiting for dance from suraiya, but suraiya just finished having bath, she takes her time but when she tries to open her wardrobe and firangi is in her wardrobe smelling rose, now How in the blue hell he got there and since how long he is sitting in her wardrobe nobody knows, and then they exchange some lines to pass further time before the item number starts. And boy I couldn't explain in words how that song takes this torture to whole another level. Its degree 3 torture. The words also say "Suraiya bas kar bas kar bas kar", you also say that director bas kar bas kar bas kar, because what you witness on the screen is plain horrible, no chemistry dance and horrible aamir khan shouting these words "suraiya bas kar suraiya bas kar". Its disastrous to see katrina doing weird aerobics move and unfocused aamir khan doing weird things trying hard to give expressions. God forbid you never want to listen to this song ever again.

Now, I wrote above things to make you realize how silly and childish the screen play is. There are scenes until 1 hour in the movie where they just do shits on the ships and look at each other and basically nothing happens. Basic premise is Britishers want to catch khudabaksh, and they hire Firangi to do the job. And you have to see the movie to find out what happens.

I don't understand why they choose to use ships and sea? there was no need, the makers might have thought to make something like Pirates of Caribbean but the premise is so silly that this doesn't match with the story at all. They could've use different premise where ships and sea is necessary.

Why would you want to write a character like Jack sparrow, desi jack sparrow fails miserably on all fronts. Aamir khan totally failed to portray the copied character, he sometimes tries to act like depp but he can't do it even once convincingly in entire movie. After story, Amir khan is the weakest part of this movie. I have never seen such pathetic attempt to do acting. He said, this is the hardest character he played so far, I agree because this character requires to do more that just standing there raising eyebrows and crying. And Amir couldn't do it. And no, I didn't forget jack sparrow after watching his character. Its better if Aamir just stick to Hirani written character where he can just raise eyebrows and cry. Other things are simply not his cup of tea.

Amitabh bachhan has close ups jumping around ships and shouting sometimes and there is nothing exceptional. I mean the story is such that he can't do anything. He has nothing to do in this movie. He speaks nothing till 1 hour in the movie. I mean why would you do that mr. director, you have a good actor make use of it.

The girl shoots unlimited arrow and she jumps here and there too, expressionless, I mean she has also nothing to do basically because plot and story is so silly. Its plain horrible.

Katrina is time traveler in this movie, she comes and dances with 21st century jewelry and makeup with 21st century clothes in 17th century, no wonder why britishers were speaking hindi in this movie seeing katrina kaif, they are amused with her fashion sense in 17th century. That was path breaking.

The VFX work is total amateur level, ships look cartoonish and water shots are pathetic. They should not have used ships and sea in this story in the first place. Its horrible to see poor VFX on screen.

On the whole, this movie is a total garbage, wastage of a good actor, wastage of time and money.

I will go with 0 out of 5 for this thugs garbage, flush it in the toilet and forget it.

by Production Accountant (20.1k points)

Director bas kar bas kar hahahahahaha lol.


Why even make a review @the rock? Since you have nothing else apart from zero to gift a movie?


No bro, I am not that harsh. I just expect too much from bollywood. I want it to be better than Hollywood. I know we can't match budget but we could produce something better story wise.


simultaneously somewhere khudabaksh is jumping around in the same ship killing britishers with sword saying nothing, director puts close up scenes of khudabaksh just so we could understand that he is also doing something. Then they rob the ship.
unfocused aamir khan doing weird things trying hard to give expressions.
''He speaks nothing till 1 hour in the movie. I mean why would you do that mr. director, you have a good actor make use of it.'' ....same thing i thought....he actually appears Mute for 1hr
Katrina is time traveler in this movie, she comes and dances with 21st century jewelry and makeup with 21st century clothes in 17th century, no wonder why britishers were speaking hindi in this movie seeing katrina kaif, they are amused with her fashion sense in 17th century. That was path breaking. .....oh my God......i m really ROFL right now.....path breaking

+1 vote

Aamir is decent to good
Amitabh good to very good
Fatima pathetic
Katrina no space
Screenplay. Boring
Verdict-- 2.5/5

by Location Manager (6.5k points)
+1 vote

Okay I’m back from TOH.
This contains HUGE SPOILERS!

One line review: They should have started with Firangi looting and fooling Englishmen instead of this patriotic hotch potch!

Detailed review:

The movie is not as bad people have reviewed it to be! Amir movies have not been exceptional with the story but its the execution that has made them into ATG and AtBBs. The execution of this one is not at those levels. Indian audiences want a Bahubali kinda cheesiness and this one does not have it. No scene really stands out that is the biggest issue probably because those are the scenes which propel you to watch the movie again. As a movie it is decent and definitely not one star material. My favourite bit from the movie is the last one where we are given a clear hint as to what’s Firangi’s next mission/adventure would be. All seems to br taken from the POTC book but I don’t mind it. I hope Amir makes a sequel and this time he really goes POTC way by having a larger than life adventure rather than the overtly used dehsbhakti angle.

Amir did shine but he has limitations when it comes to comedy. Amitabh’s days are gone and he’s a clean misfit. Fatima is decent and Katrina is a pain to watch.

I’d go with 2.75/5

by Unit Manager (35.6k points)
+1 vote

Pirates Of India - An Epic Boredventure..!!

First of all let me be clear, this movie is not an adventure movie, nor is it a movie related to Thugs Of Hindostan, if you read history then you'll know that there is only one scene related to Thugs, nothing else in whole movie.

Now coming to movie, well what can we say, Aamir Khan in order to make people forget Jack Sparrow forgot what made his previous movies work with those people. The movie lacks substance, and what's worse, it lacks style too. It is a story about revenge and do get some browny points, forced freedom angle was added, because one can clearly see that it is about revenge, I'll tell you how.

So movie starts with tragedy & becimes a tragedy itself for people watching it. We get Aamir Khan trying to copy Captain Jack Sparrow, but without a single ounce of charisma of Captain Jack Sparrow. We do get a tease of backstory of Firangi Mallah in between few scenes, but we don't get that, why tease it if you don't have anything. So what we get is Aamir Khan acting like buffoon & annoying the Fukc out of people throughout movie, what's worse, he ruins what could had been 2 good Katrina Kaif dance songs.
It seems that Amitabh Bachchan is in the movie to say heavy duty dialogues and he did succed in that, but his role, well what can I say, so short and what can we say about Fatima who is supposed to be lead character of movie, but she isn't and Katrina, lol, she's there just for 2 dance songs ruined by having to match steps with Aamir.

Now coming to movie, as I said, this movie has neither style nor substance, and while I don't wanna preach about logic, but I guess director thinks that audience watching this movie are brain dead. There is a death scene of a character who is found to be alive but problem is that the death scene is shot in a away that under no circumstances the character could had been alive, but he is. There are multiple shitty twists & turns, most of which are to show Aamir as a bad guy, oh yes, people are totally gonna buy that Aamir Khan will turn out to be a villain in this movie & this movie starts with Fatima's family killed by a British asshole, and this simple revenge drama is turned into freedom struggle, but what about at the end when Fatima regains her kingdom? Did they forget that there is whole India to be freed, or was the freedom struggle only for yourself? Apna kaam Banta, bhaad me jaye baki country ki Janta lol. So that's why merging revenge with independence struggle didn't quite worked well.

Movie does not seems like most expensive movie of Bollywood, it's more like a movie where more money was spend on samosa then to make the movie, VFX are cartoonish & it from any angle does not look like an epic shot with huge budget. It just looks like a normal period revenge/period/freedom/swashbuckling/moronic/idiotic/silly/illogical/piece of crap with ships. Only good thing about it was it's BGM, which while inspired from POTC, was still good.

Speaking of POTC, oh well, what can I say, they not just copied it, they took PKTC, put it in photocopy machine & released movie in theatre, from People's reaction to Aamir Khan's entrance to final scene of Aamir Khan, it's *** version of POTC.

At last only thing I wanna say is that Aamir Khan forgot that what made his previous movies such gigantic successes wasn't making faces, acting like buffoon or trying to copy some iconic character & director forgot the famous proverb "Nakal ke liye bhi akal chahiye"

In short TOH is nothing but an illegal love child between POTC & Kranti with a mutated gene of Baahubali mixed in it..!!

by Mega Star (216k points)

I would personally not name those good movies miles away from this. Najaayaj aulaad bhi achcha nikal sakta hai. With due respect to Amir's career, this one might be the worst one in his whole career.


It's funny that it's getting such horrendous trending, but it's actually better than DisgRACE 3, but it's trending is way worse.


Disgrace is a respectable word. Demeanour is too... Please don't attach it to race 3

0 votes

Watching 9am show (Delhi) with sold out crowd.

Believe me victor is definitely going to surprise you big time , it's full on paisa vasool entertainer.
Big b entry & fighting sequence are superb & he gets the big cheer with his entry scene.
Aamir entry scene was funny & simple - don't know what Aamir sir can't do , he is superb & with his comic timing gave many laughable moment.
Kat & Fatima have very limited screen time and both are just ok.

Songs are ok , manzure khuda will be hit.

VFX is looking very good on big screen & better than Baahubali , overall a mixture of action & comedy which will ensure that movie will be liked by neutral audience.

Rating 4/5

Go for this & i am sure after seeing this you will consider yourself a better movie critics than the jokers we have right now in the industry.

by Director (129k points)
edited by

''VFX is looking very good on big screen & better than Baahubali'' ....agree

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