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Grossing 47cr with records set by a margin in TN and kerala, insane numbers at Karnataka and Vijays best in Ap/TS and ROI.. 

Already with a record 6.5cr in UAE

Singapore 3.1cr again record

Australia,France and UK records

Srilanka and Malaysia luking possible for record number, the overseas numbers are expected to be between 25-28crores.

Worldwide day 1 above 70crores..Vijay has set the taget high again for the rest.. 

Source Link: http://www.cinetrak.in/news_details.html?id=5be2b6c023d72957d5f902ed
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Thalapathy Vijay is the Numero uno of Tamil industry now.
I think he has successfully managed to cross Rajni in Tamil and his craze is unbelievable in Kerala.
I don't think petta will be able to cross Sarkar in Tamil Nadu though 2.0 can cross it but that's a far bigger movie and with Shankar who's a brand in itself.
Thalapathy Vijay has reigned supreme despite political conspiracies against him.

by Production Accountant (26.8k points)

True bro but 2.0 also will find it very very difficult to beat the TN figure considering the low hype and connectivity issue.. Else with Petta it is near impossible to beat TN figure. Everywhere else 2.0 figures woyld be high..


Yes bro Vijay has left behind everyone, Without Shankar I doubt even rajni can't beat Vijay in Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

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never heard of him either i need to broaden my horizons or he is not really famous in north india

by Location Manager (5.3k points)