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Note- Don't take it as a troll Aamir fans, neither Aamir fans nor boi (It's still the best we have)

For all these years Post Diwali day was considered as the biggest holiday of the year, can understand about pre Diwali effect on Theatrical collection but It will take just 2mins for advance booking, how it can hamper advance booking of a movie. Do they want us to believe that people don't have 2mins to book a ticket.

If it's really true then why it wasn't mentioned at the time of Prdp/Hny.

Some epic theory from boi i have never managed to understand

1-Whole 1st week of BB is on the verge of declared as holiday week though Eid was on Saturday

2-South Indian IT professional

3-Christmas Sunday is smaller than Eid/Diwali Sunday during Tzh

4-Aamir is successful in China as he looks like a Chinese

5-Akshay's movies aren't padded (Houseful3, Rustom, Gold)and he's a bigger crowd puller than HR

6-2 Child policy during Dangal's historic run in China

7-PreDiwali affects advance booking when TOH is going to release
related to an answer for: Thugs of Hindostan Advance Booking Update
in Box Office Related by Casting Director (16.5k points)
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4 Answers

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Dangal- 2 child policy how can you forget....... Muslim population in UK worked for Secret etc etc

by Second Unit Director (75.8k points)
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Yes yes, edited

+1 vote

I hate this whole pre-festival thing BOI started.

Soon they will start saying pre-Republic Day, pre-Indepedence Day.

And finally, pre-Saturday, pre-Sunday, pre-night shows.

by Assistant Director (43.5k points)

Bro uska kaha ek ek baat sach hua hai usne kaha ki Tzh ka collection sunday ko 45 cr paar kar gaya tha tab usne kaha tha ki Xmas holiday hai agle din to lag raha hoga ki collection uske aas paas hoga but Boi ne pahle hi kaha diya tha ki Xmas holiday par single screen affect hota hai aur wahi hua collection 36 cr aaya. Sab ne us samay bhi Boi ko troll kiya tha but next day Boi is right.

0 votes
  1. Because public busy in pooja and buying firecrackers and sweets. Don't think about seeing the movie so how they book the ticket? But after free of the festival than spot booking is there.
by Casting Director (16k points)
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Real reason is athugs is good to very good in advance sales but not any great or excellent

by Production Accountant (23.9k points)

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