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Name And Rate Movie You Watched (11th Feb - 17th Feb). Also Choose Movie Of The Week. Week 208.

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Padman (2018): 8/10 A subtle portrayal of what it takes to bring a change and break the stereotype of the society. The kind of difficulties protagonist had to undergo is very real and you feel that on screen. Yes, there's a fine amount of melodrama but that's exactly what makes our film different from western or European Cinema. The aroma of locality is there and that connects you with the story and the characters. And, for the people who believe there is something which is not meant to talk publicly, you need to watch the film. As the film represents data of 2001, the most recent data revealed that about 43% of Indian women still do not have access to sanitary essentials, while 36% feel uncomfortable in buying them. It's still a serious concern of awareness and unless you start talking, you can't hit a resolution.

The first half of the film takes to much time to establish the plot and events are quite repetitive, but in the second half it picks up its pace and ends on rather positive notes. R.Balki has dealt with the story beautifully and thankfully after giving two disastrous films Shamitabh and Ki & Ka, he is finally on his track. Have always loved his vision, but this time story is a powerful addition. More and more real life story should be picked up for the films. About Akshay, I'll quote what Raja Sen has said about him, "Films like this are why a new actor may someday mouth a song about how he isn’t Akshay Kumar. The cape is optional when the wings are built in." The way Akshay is re-establishing himself is remarkable and I love the version 2.0 of Akshay Kumar. Amit Trivedi music has magic, I mean, I'm murmuring song of Padman all the time nowadays. What else I need?

The film a light entertainer posses great intentions. Watch the film, take inspiration. Recommended.
asked Feb 17 in General by Ankit 007 Assistant Director (51,482 points)
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Rocket Singh -Salesman of the Year -7.5/10 .So it took me so long to watch such a Fine movie .It's sweet simple movie with lot of heart and portrayed in finest manner . Ranbir Kapoor was just 2 yrs old in the Industry and he gave such a nice performance and dare to took this movie .All applauds to him
Bhagham Bhaag -7 /10 -.When Comedy movies have story it makes the movie more fun to watch .Bhagham Bhaag may not have gags throughout the movie but it's the thrill suspense in the movie Which kept me hooked throughout .Akki was just doing some great comedy movies those days .Kudos to him
Garam Masala - 8/10 . One of the finest comedy movie of All Time .The situations are so funny and realistic for the Youths coupled with Fantastic performance of Akshay Kumar ( IMO one of his best .Comedy is very difficult to do and in this movie he had to show the stress with his antiques and he completely mastered it ). I have watched this movie more than 10 times and I still enjoy it a lot
Padmaavat - 8.5/10 . 2nd Time Watch
Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam - 8.5/10 .Salman Aishwarya chemistry is just magical. Aishwarya never looked so beautiful in any movie and may be no other Actress ever looked so beautiful on screen .Ajay was good and amazing in intense scenes but his role was not made to be loved by audience .
Baadhshaho -3/10 .Poor Movie . Nothing much to say about it . Everything was outdated
Dangal -8.5 /10
Movie of the Week - Rocket Singh -Salesman of the Year

answered Feb 17 by puneetshukla Producer (101,690 points)
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Movie of the week -

answered Feb 17 by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (205,725 points)
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The Great Wall (6.5/10):

Amazing scale and incredible effects mixed with a decent story and average characters. The second half drags a bit. But watch this if you want to see a spectacle on your screen.

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (7.75/10):

Wow! Take a bow Farhan Akhtar! This movie is overall a very affecting tale told over several decades and with a strong throughline. The most standout thing for me Farhan's acting and how he wins you over with the portrayal. I was not too fond of the scenes in the past, as I don't like to see tragedy onscreen, but it was still well done. A little bit of trimming here and there and this could have been an even greater movie.

Tiger Zinda Hai (5/10):

A very average movie where nothing is particularly good. If you understand what sort of movie this is before watching then you can enjoy yourself. What sort of movie is this? The sort where "Tiger Zinda Hai" is repeated 5 times onscreen in the most dramatic fashion.

Black Panther (7/10):

If you look through the hype and buzz, you will see a fairly standard MCU movie with some flourishes here and there. The best part of the movie for me was when it ventured out of Wakanda, and I loved that car chase scene. When it got back it told a fairly standard story, the likes of which we have seen several times. The land of Wakanda itself is beautifully designed and shot very well. The disappointment for me came with the lead actor, who wasn't bad but also not very good, outshined by the villain and the girl playing his sister (who was freaking awesome!). I also disked the accent he chose, as it made understanding him difficult and took some getting used to. But overall it is good and entertaining for pretty much everyone, with some good politics also making it heftier than the average MCU movie.

answered Feb 17 by mr.hola Assistant Director (41,262 points)
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The Way Way Back(2013) : 6/10
Three Colours:Blue(1993) : 6/10
Lady Bird(2017) : 7/10
Darkest Hour(2017) : 7.5/10

answered Feb 17 by Aashish Lachotraa Second Unit Director (78,889 points)
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Lucy 6/10
What can brain achieve if it works at 100%
The concept is gud so is the acting from scarlett johnson

Get out 7/10
Some films are very difficult to watch this is one of them there is a sense of creepiness in every scene
It takes on the serious issue of racism

Spiderman 7/10
Still the best spiderman for me is tobey maguire
Childhood memories refreshed

Theeveram 4/10
Most disappointing film of dulqueer salman so far
It is a completely flat film despite being a mystery thriller

Dawn of the dead 4/10
I don't get why is this movie rated so high
I fpund it to be below average with same cliched characters as other zombie movies

Movie of the week:GET OUT

answered Feb 18 by SSk Production Accountant (26,578 points)

Seeing Dawn of the Dead get 4/10 physically hurts me

Be it the 1978 classic or 2004 entertaining remake... For someone who doesn't just likes them but loves them.

Its for the 2004 remake i don't know
Maybe the mood just wasn't right
I will watch it again then lets see how the rating goes

+1 vote

5/10, 1 each for Flash and Wonder woman.

answered Feb 18 by God Father Production Accountant (21,745 points)
edited Feb 18 by God Father
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  1. Black Panther - IMAX 3D [2018] = 8/10 [Well made actually good entertainer that sticks to it's tone throughout. Not worth watching it in IMAX or on 3D.]

  2. Humble Politician Nograj [2018 - Kannada] = 5/10 [Fell way short of hype. Not totally bad but just the hype was too much. Danish Sait was good but I hope he delivers on much tighter writing.]

  3. 1st Rank Raju [2015 - Kannada] = 5/10 [Finally got to watch this after all the hype & positive response taking this film's name along with 3 Idiots. Concept wise I agree but execution wise it left lot to be desired. From the usual college comedy entertainer, the last 15mins took a serious plunge talking about the education system & relying only on marks. It looked too preachy & artificial.]

  4. Let Me Eat Your Pancreas [2017 - Japanese] = 6/10 [Regular tear jerker]

  5. Victor Crowley [2017] = 3/10 [Yawn.]

First Time Watches = All of them

Movie of the Week = Black Panther & Let Me Eat Your Pancreas.

answered Feb 18 by suhas All Time best! (258,605 points)

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