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Q. Thugs Of Hindustan will also be releasing in Tamil & Telugu and Aamir Khan is a big pull especially in Chennai and Hyderabad so can that version of the film pull in 4 or 5 crore nett day one.
A. Bethi

A. When Dhoom 3 is only Hindi film has to go over 1 crore nett on day one then what chance is there for 4-5 crore nett. There is no market there for Hindi films even if dubbed. Padmaavat till date has done best but its only 13 crore nett apprx lifetime. The likes of Bajirao Mastani, Happy New Year and Prem Ratan Dhan Payo fell apart. A Hum Aapke Hain Kaun in 1994 has higher business than these lot in its Telugu version. Infact Hum Aapke Hain Kaun and Maine Pyaar Kiya are the only films which we can call SUPER HIT and HIT respectively in dubbed versions and both were Telugu only. Another point Aamir Khan pull is better in Bangalore than Chennai or Hyderabad.


Q. Also the Bahubali films are in the database so can you add other films or make a database for films in Telugu and Tamil or the collections not available?
A. Bethi

A. The databank is there. Just like Hindi cinema there is also a huge databank of numbers from cinemas and city figures and shares from the South since Independence. In Tamil there was actually very good reporting in the late 40's and early 50's especially from the Gemini studio. It went to such detail with reporting each and every footfall but this maybe as the studio had huge grossers. The cinema numbers are there from Chandralekha to Baghdad Thirundon to Billa to the Muthu's and Endhirans's in recent times. These films are mentioned as they seem big taking a general look at figures.

Its the same for Telugu from Balaraju to these Driver Ramuda and Advi Ramudu films to Gharana Mogadu to Indra, Maghadheera and Bahubali. Again these films are mentioned as numbers look big and stand out. But now the big question is to actually tabulate and even that can be done as it all requires is adding cinema numbers and some films have statements. Its easy to add and put a figure up for say Gharana Mogadu is x.x crore as all you are is adding the numbers up but there has to be someone who understands the past of these industries and the films only then the real picture comes out and this is is important as you are dealing with around 75 years of history. Also with Telugu films our reporting will be different and would be same as how we started with Hindi films but the Telugu market at present has a certain way of reporting and if at the moment even if we give a figure from that market it is as they report beacause otherwise it requires work. The Telugu side is something that Comscore should be actually taking on as they have resources which are a million times more than us.

The data is there and not an issue but it requires a lot work, knowledgeable staff and probably a sister website or websites to Box Office India. Here we are struggling to put up the Hindi data due to one major factor though it seems to cracked now. Tamil and Telugu is not a priority but if anyone reading this has a good understanding of Tamil and Telugu cinema over time then can email us at feedback@boxofficeindia.com. We are not looking at people feeding us figures for films as that side we know the data we have will be far vaster and more authentic but are looking for people who understand what a certain film doing well meant. How it changed careers be it actors, actresses, directors or studios and generally what that film meant at the time.

NOTE - The spellings on some of the films above may not be correct as they have been written as seen and spelling is not the strong point of the trade especially in the past.


Check pm ssk


Checked and replied

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Maine Pyar Kiya & Hum Aapke Hain Koun! the real hits in its telugu dubbed versions ....

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Bro 3.51 cr nett in tamil/telugu version in 1994 for hahk. If ATP jumped 10 multiple at that tine that means 32 lac. Footfalls in dubbed version. And dhoom 3 only 11 cr nett means 10 lac. Footfalls means see the craze of hahk.

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